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Redkit woke up to the pale dawn light filtering through the branches of the den. She got up and stretched, thinking the day was just like any other, and hoping the voice would help her fight better.

The clearing was already bustling, with cats padding off to patrols, eating, sharing tongues and there was a loud sound coming from the elders den that sounded suspiciously like Greystripe snoring.

She walked over to the fresh kill pile to get something to eat. Bramblestar called the clan over to the rock and she wondered what it was about. She was about to go over when her mother came over to her and wailed " Redkit it is your apprentice ceremony and you have miss all over you pelt!"

Bramblestar then said she had to come over now." Dawnkit, from this day until you receive your warrior name, your name will be Dawnpaw. Your mentor will be Blossomfall. Blossomfall, you are a brave and courageous fighter, and I trust you will pass on the skills your mentor (that I can't be bothered looking up because I am writing this at 1 in the mourning because I saw reviews and could not sleep) tought you. Redkit, you will be Redpaw. Your mentor is Ivypool. Ivypool, you are a skilled fighter and I hope you will pass on your skills to Redpaw."

Redpaw licked Bramblestar's shoulder as the clan cheered "Dawnpaw Redpaw Dawnpaw Redpaw!"

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