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CH 2- The Mother We Share

Dressed in her overalls, James followed Addie around the house like a little duckling.

"Go away." Addie said as she pushed the toddler away from her. "I don't want to play."

"Addie!" James giggled as she followed after her big sister. "Addie!"

Addie glared at the little girl, "Stop! You're being annoying." She pushed her away.

James fell backwards on the floor with a soft thud and a grunt. "Oh." She said in her toddler voice and looked up as Addie left down the hall. James picked herself up and ran after her.

Addie hurried to her room where she shut the door closed behind her. James came running around the corner of the hall and bumped in to the door. She reached for the doorknob and jiggled it.

"Ahhh-deeee!" She called through the door, "Open door!" She patted the door with her tiny hands.

"Go away!" Addie called from inside.

James got down on her knees and looked under the door. "Ahh-deeee." She repeated her sister's name. "Less play!"


James fell back on her bottom and looked up at the large door. "Addie?" She called out. When she received no answer she frowned and her little eyes began to water. "Addie, open!" She patted the door again.

Addie didn't respond.

James became frustrated and jumped to her feet. She began to pound at the door calling her sister's name over and over.

"Ey, what's going on out here?" Came Tate's voice as he opened the door to his room and peeked his blond hair out.

He was surprised to see James standing in front of Addie's bedroom door. "Jamesy? What are you doing out here?" Tate exited his room and went to his little sister. It was strange that she wasn't glued to their mother's hip.

Tate picked James in his arms. James whimpered and wrapped her arms around Tate's neck. "Where's Mom?" He asked.

James only whimpered again.

Tate took James to his room where he made his way to the window. There on the lawn, speaking with his mother was a man Tate had never seen before. He was a tall and thin man, simple enough. Tate watched as he smiled nervously as Constance faked a laugh and brushed his arm. Constance was at it again. Trying to real in an innocent man only to use him. Tate scoffed in disgust.

"Come on, Jamesy. Let's go get Addie." Tate said and pushed away from the window.

"Addie!" James called out.

Tate went to Addie's door and knocked, "Addie? Addie, open up. Come on."

"No!" Addie called from inside, "I'm not coming out!"

"Why is James out here all by herself? Did Mama ask you to watch her?" There was silence. "Addie." Tate said in that tone that meant business.

Addie then opened the door. She was obviously upset and very annoyed. Constance had dumped the toddler on her when the man arrived and asked her to watch over her sister.

"You watch her carefully, you hear?" Constance had warned.

"I'm not her baby sitter." Addie said as she frowned at James.

Tate sighed. "Addie, don't be mean. James is your baby sister, our baby sister. We have to watch her and take very good care of her."

"Why?" Addie asked.

"Because that's what Dad would want." Tate said, "You, me, Beau and James have to stick together. We're a family and we got to watch out for each other. James is little, she doesn't understand so we have to teach her. We can't let her turn out like Mama. Ya hear?"

Addie looked at her little sister. Addie loved James, she really did but she was often jealous of her because Constance coddled her so much but she knew Tate was right.

"You're her big sister, Addie. She looks up to you. Remember that." Tate smiled.

Addie smiled too. "I'm sorry, James." She said and kissed her sister's cheek.

"Come on, let's go watch tv." Tate said and took his sister's downstairs where he flicked on the TV and let the cartoons drown out the voice of their mother.


Constance carried the child through out the house from morning to night the following day. She went on and on about the man she had met at the bank, his name was Larry Harvey and how nice it was of him to give her the loan she needed to pay rent with. She had invited him for dinner that night to thank him for his generosity.

Tate sat on the couch; his eyes on the TV but his ears were set on his mother's words. He knew Constance was full of shit. She was just going to use Mr. Harvey like the man before him. Tate didn't approve at all.

Addie sat on the floor completely entranced by the cartoons. She didn't really care about what her mother was talking about. James on the other hand watched Addie. She squirmed in Constance's arms wanting to go with her sister.

Constance sighed and set the girl down. "Tate, watch your sister. I'm going to get dinner started."

Tate ignored his mother but kept an eye on James. He watched as James hurried to Addie and sat at her side. His sisters were so innocent. They didn't deserve to be exposed to such things.


They all sat quietly during dinner. Constance had made a marvelous meal. She had really outdone herself that time.

Tate kept his cold brown eyes on the new man his mother had brought home. Mr. Larry Harvey sat in his father's chair; he was a simple man who at first glance appeared to not have much to offer but apparently he was a very influential banker. Tate didn't know what Constance saw in him but there must have been a pretty good reason as to why Larry Harvey sat at their dinner table, in their father's chair whilst Constance wore her most expensive perfume.

Little did Tate know, Larry owned the home that used to belong to them before their father left which Constance later lost. The house was been repossessed and now Larry lived there with his wife and two children. However, Constance kept that little detail to herself.

"You have a very lovely home, Constance." Larry said nervously as all of Constance's children held their eyes on him.

"Oh, this old shack?" Constance said, "Nonsense. This house isn't as big or as beautiful as the one I lost."

And it was true. The home that Constance had managed to obtain was not as big or as beautiful as the Victorian home she had lost to the bank. How she missed that house terribly.

"And what beautiful children you have." He said as he looked at each and every one of them.

Tate glared slightly at him. Addie smiled and James kept her curious green eyes on his. She sat in her high chair between Tate and Addie.

"Why thank you," Constance said with a grand smile, "They are my life."

"And Beau?" Tate challenged.

The smiled wiped off of Constance's face. "And Beau." She said.

"Bo?" James said barely able to pronounce her brother's name as she looked around the dinning room for him. "Where Bo?" She asked Tate.

"Beau isn't feeling well, sweetheart." Constance answered her.

"Your other son?" Larry asked.

"Yes." Constance answered, "He is…a bit unwell." She chuckled nervously and quickly changed the subject.

"Where are you from, Larry?" Tate asked boldly ignoring his mother's new topic.

Constance gasped and laughed nervously, "Please excuse my son. He let's curiosity get the best of him."

"Oh, that's alright." Larry smiled, "I'm from right here in Los Angeles."

"You married?"


"Constance, it's fine." Larry looked to Tate, "Yes, I'm married."

"Does your wife know you're here?"

"Okay, that is enough young man." Constance warned. She knew what Tate was up to.

Addie only continued to smile at Larry whilst James watched with wide eyes at the bickering between Constance and Tate. She didn't like it when they fought.

"Do you have any kids?" Addie asked innocently.

"Yes." Larry smiled, "Two girls."

"Oh! Maybe then can come play sometime." She said with a brilliant smile.

Constance turned to Larry, exasperated, she put on a brilliant smile, "I apologize for my children's never ending questions."

"No need to apologize. I don't mind." Larry put on a smile just for Constance.

Tate watched the way Larry looked at his mother and instantly knew that the man was a goner.