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So, in this world nobody have their powers, just some side effects (depends on which side they are on) that everyone have. Which side the characters are on depends on what I think, but the reason Diana is good you´ll see sooner ( PLAUGE SPOILERS: she is NOT pregnant).

Parallel universe.

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Angels and demons



No one knew how, but after you turned fifteen, you didn´t get older. It just kind of stopped. They knew that you could die or be killed, that had happened way too many times. But when you were fifteen, you could go out in the world and live. You were an adult.

They knew why their world was like one big city. It was a forest around (they needed the air it was making), but also a neutral zone that surrounded them. After previous people that walked into the zone disappeared, no one ever walked in there, if they didn´t have a death wish.

One other important thing they knew, was why their clothes always turned white or read, and why the toddler´s clothes were grey. Okay, knew was not the word, it was more like a theory.

The thought was based on what people before them had learned, and what their generation had, and still, learned.

The best explanation they had, was this: when you´re young, and have your whole life in front of you, you´re neither good nor bad. So then you have grey clothes, but at one point in life, you either turn white (obviously good) or red (evil). Which color you ended up with came down to your actions and The Two Big Powers.

The Two Big Powers were something very special, it was something that people questioned but that had been proven time after time. And they were the ones that controlled their world.

The two big powers were like gods, just that they were not something you prayed to. They were the opposite of one another. Good and evil.

The good power had the name (lame enough),The Light Power, mostly called LP. The evil power could be called Dark Power (DP), but the ones naming them, wanted to use one of the greek name for an evil force, Gaiaphage, that means world eater. Most people called it The Darkness.

The two forces were kind of the ones who made the "transformation" from innocent, to good/evil.

People stayed like that, well, most of them. Unfortunately, Diana Ladris was not one of them. She used to be one of The Doomed Three, until she one day quitted. She just left Caine Soren alone, just like Drake Merwin had left them a few months before.

No one, unless Diana herself and maybe Caine, knew why. The theory almost every person believed in, was that she didn´t want to be like that anymore, and that she maybe felt bad for what she had done.

In the second she started being good, a white light started going upward from her feet, and her clothes turned white. She was the only one in the history that had changed sides. That was something to remember.

But even though it was The Two Big Forces that decided most of the tings (including witch side you were on), and even though they were as strong as the other one, things were about to change.

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