Angels and demons

An endless emptiness

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Dekka's POV:

After Dekka had walked through, she expected Caine to soon follow because there was no way Sam (or Edilio for that matter) would give Caine the chance to get away. But he didn't, nobody did. She and Brianna waited for a couple of minutes, and the red-haired girl grew inpatient.

The two girls had tried many times to go back, but there was one problem, a big one. The entrance was gone, and with it, the out-way. All that was left, was grey fog. It was thick and made it impossible to see where you were going. Another problem was that they were surrounded by it.

So together they decided to do the most logical/ignorant thing ever: walk without knowing where they were going.

Dekka was leading the way, but she could almost feel the restlessness flowing of Brianna. And she was concerned too. Not about Breeze, but rater about Brianna. Brianna was full of energy, but couldn't let it out, so she became a little grumpy.

And Dekka didn't like that, she wanted a happy and energetic girl challenging her to a race! That Brianna she liked, but now, everything was quiet. Not a sound. The zone was empty, no sound getting inn and she had a rater unwelcome feeling that no sound reached out either.

But in the end, what she should be concerned about was the fact that they had to find a way out of there, or they would be trapped forever.

"We should set up a camp."

Sam's POV:

He was almost running in his fanatic hurry to find somebody. He had lost them, no Brianna, no Dekka, no Edilio, no Caine, and for all he knew, Drake could be a foot away!

Sam's heart was racing, pumping faster and faster for each step. Not just because of the exercise he was getting, but he was also afraid. He was lost in a fog that seemed infinitive.

He was so occupied that he ran straight through the bird that was flying towards him. That is right: through. The animal had the same color at the area around him and flew soundlessly straight forward. It connected with his face, but all he felt was a gust of wind.

He turned his head around, only to find it continuing on its journey like nothing had happened.

Sam stared at it in a short moment before it disappeared into another layer of grey. He blinked, turned to look where it had come from, and wondered what the thing was. Then he sprinted after the strange bird.

Connie's POV:

It was very unusual for Connie to be visiting her son, even though they only lived half an hour walk away from each other.

After her sons had been split up, the bond between the tree of them had lessened. Sam had quickly found a job and someone to live with, even though Connie didn't like Astrid very much.

She had lost all the contact with her second son, but heard he had been making trouble for Sam. It didn't surprise her much. She had, in one way or another, always believed Caine would end up as Red.

Their last day at school had just showed that she was right. How long ago was it? How long ago since they had last been together as a true family, 24 years at least. But then again, time didn't matter much.

Still, she knew the way to his house just as well as she knew the back of her hand.

Connie was walking peacefully alongside the road, where some flowers still were left, not yet eaten by animals.

The sun shone, but it was getting colder and stormy clouds were gathering in the east. She thought rain may be coming, but it didn't quite reach up on her top priorities as a horse (with no rider) was running from the forest on her right side.

And before she knew what was happening, she was offering it some grass. Connie saw it as a kind of responsibility to return the horse to its rightful owner. At least it seemed friendly.

She reached her hand out and stroke it, before reaching for its reins. "That's right. I'm not going to hurt you…"

Her first reaction was to go to the nearest horse-renting place, but then he was reminded that she could ask Sam if it was anyone he knew that owned the creature. But she still had some distance to shorten, and she couldn't stop herself from setting herself on the horse-back.

And as if the animal had read her thoughts, it started galloping towards Sam's house. Well, mom always said I would be happy for the horse-riding she thought me, Connie thought, just as she passed her supposed destination.

Brianna's POV:

A horrible couching fit rocked her body.

Right after the two of them had settled down, Brianna had felt the headache increase, then she had become dizzy, and now she felt like she could couch up a lung.

And the couching and headaches was not the only symptoms of sickness, Brianna was also cold. And Dekka had noticed, because right now Brianna was sitting with the other girl's jacket over herself, still shivering, while Dekka seemed unaffected.

As she sat there, she tried to ignore the quiet, concerned glances Dekka sent her every now and then. She tried, but could not ignore it as Dekka sent a sideways glance from Brianna's left side.

"What it is?" she asked, a little more sharply than she had intended. The following look from her friend was darker. "Nothing, I'm just concerned." "What is it to be concerned about?" Brianna asked, not so sharp.

Dekka turned fully so she could look at her without turning her head, still, from that angle Dekka could only see half her face, Brianna guessed. "doesn't you think it's a LITTLE suspicious that you showed no signs of sickness, and then suddenly got sick when we came here?"

Brianna looked down at her lap for a second before raising her head again. "I think you're right, but it's still JUST a cold." And at that Brianna wished they could just slip into silence again. Then she could concentrate on how to punish Drake for hurting and stealing Breeze!

But not all wishes come true as Dekka commented right before they went to sleep: "You never know when it comes to the Neutral-Zone."

No one's POV:

The little group that had entered the zone was now split up. As if they had been thrown away from each other in a labyrinth that was changing under their feet. Now the possibility of them meeting again was very slim, and no one knew what might happen to them in there, as there was no documentation of anybody ever returning from the deep fog.

And even through two of the people that were far away from each other couldn't see nor hear the other, two boys couched at the exact same time.

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