"How, how am i suppose to feel

When everything surrounding me

Is nothing but a fake disguise..."


"She cannot go... It must not happen... Stop her... Kill her..." Voices murmured eerily as a young girl walked down the alley way. She had shoulder length chocolate brown hair and brown eyes. Her skin was too pale and out of place in the Arizona sun.

"She cannot... It must not... Stop... Kill..." The voices spoke angrily as the swirled around the girl. She panicked and spun around as she swiped the air, swiping at nothing. Then suddenly, the voices leaped at her and she crumbled to the ground. Unconscious. Paralyzed. Comatose.

As the girl on the cold floor lay motionless one of the beings, that the voices belonged to, went to her. She gently rolls her onto her back and brushes stray hairs away from her face. The beings touch was that of a mothers, yet the gesture was sad and remorseful. "I'm sorry, but the stars had foretold of the wars your presence will cause. Of the power you will hold... everything beyond that is uncertain. What will you do with that power? How and if your presence will district the balance? We do not know, this was the only way."

The being spoke, its tone soft and kind. It was unsure of whether the girl could hear her but she had to do something for it was not just the girls life they were changing...

"If there is any sign that your power is destined to be used rightfully and that your presence will not disturb the balance of the supernatural, then you shall awaken. I promise, you will awaken..." And with that the being vanished into mist, leaving the girl where she lay.

Chapter 1

3 years later.

"Amias, it is time. You have seen the stars and the revelation they bring. The girl... she must be woken. If she isn't, I dare to think what may happen." The woman stressed. The answers to the questions that had worried her people have been seen and much to her relief the answers where good.

"Hannelle, what is your fascination with this girl? Ever since we first saw she in the stars and heard about her from our prophets you have been entranced." And elderly man said and then shook his head, as if dismissing his thoughts. "But you are right, she will be a salvation for many. However now I am worried about what our interference has caused. What if we had changed her path, whatever it may have been?"

"That is a chance we will have to take for breaking our most treasured law. You should have known the consequences if you were wrong about her..." Hannelle scalded.

It was true, the one law that their kind prioritized above all the rest was not to interfere in what they saw. However they did and, in doing so, they may have altered the future.

"Yes, you are right. Go now and wake the girl up... and hurry!" Amias ordered as he began to pace.

Arizona Hospital. Bella's POV

Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.

What was that? Beep. Beep. Urg, what the hell is that? I shifted my body gently, feeling numbness weigh down my limbs. Suddenly, I was no longer tired, my eye snapped open and I stared at the unfamiliar white tiled ceiling.

The Cullen's. James. Victoria. Her wedding. Edward. Renesmee. Where were they? What on earth happened?

"Oh my God! You're awake!" Exclaimed a loud voice that I didn't recognize. "Wake right here Miss Swan and I will go and get Dr. Small." I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. What was the nurse expecting her to do? Jump up from bed and parade around the hospital like... like she legs weren't numb and weak from unused? By the nurses reaction I had been here a while...but how long exactly is a while? Where was Edward and Renesmee?

"Ah, Miss Swan. You don't know how wonderful it is to see you awake. I'm Dr. Small." Despite the name Dr. Small was far from small, in fact he was huge. As in Jacob huge.

"Hi." I whisper dryly. My throat suddenly felt like I had drank desert sand and my tongue was heavy, making my word slur.

"It's okay Miss Swan. Try not to speak. I will get a nurse to bring you some water soon but I just wanted to do some vital checks first." Dr. Small thought for a second before adding, "If that is okay with you?" I nodded my head and let the doctor do what he had to do. As he did he told me way these check ups were so important, even though to me the felt pointless.

Apparently, I had been in a coma for 3 years and said that it was protocol to check my body's functions. This meant him shining a light in my eyes, tapping my knee and doing a CAT scan or two. However once he was done I was finally alone to consume as much water as I could.

A week later.

"Well, it looks like you are finally ready to go home." announced.

I couldn't help but grin ridiculously at him. The last week had been touch. First I had to accept that it was 2005 and not 2008 and then I had to accept that Edward, Renemsee and the rest of the Cullen's didn't exist. That everything was a dream. A reality that my brain, in order to protect me, created and that no matter how vivid it seemed it was absolutely not real.

"However..." went on and I felt my grin drop. "We have been unable to find your mother. It appears that she has remarried and... moved somewhere." I could tell the the doctor had been putting off telling me this information but was now forced to share it with me. Tears burned in the back of my eyes but I refused to let them full.

"So we have turned to the next eligible person to become your carer. Your father, Charles." I sat up a little straight and memories of Charlie passed through my mind. Charlie was nice, the best father a girl could ask for. We were so similar to each other and our personalities naturally got along together.

No! I shouted they were not memories, they were fiction. They were just a story my mind made up! "Are you willing to go live with him in Forks?"

I simply nodded my head, but I was silently screaming in my mind "It's not real. It was a dream. A stupid, meaningless dream. Vampires don't exist. Werewolves don't exist. Edward doesn't exist!"

Oblivious to the chaos going on in my head, continued, "Excellent. Now when you get to Forks you will need one more check up from one of their doctors, I will be sure to call and set up an appointment. Mr Swan has been informed of the situation and has been told that you no longer have any possessions since they are with your mother..." I kind of zoned out after that. I had nothing. No clothes. No money. And no Edward. This was nothing like my dream because in my dream mom never left and I was never in a coma.

This was reality... and unfortunately it sucked.