Author's note: I have created a Warriors Club. There are three clans. Spiritclan, RippleClan (mine) and River clan. I used to be the leader of my clan before I gave up my place to become a medicine cat. So my name used to be Runningstar(Runningshadow). And now my name is Mistcloud.

Borage:for fever

Burdock: for infection and rat bites

Comfrey: for broken strained or wrenched limbs

Catmint (catnip): for coughs

Dock: soothes pads, sore wounds

Feverfew: for chills

Honey: soothes throats

Juniper berry: shortness of breath, strength and bellyache

Lamb's ear: for strength

Tansy: for coughs, to be given in small doses

Thyme: for shock

Wild garlic: draws out poison

Celandine: soothes eyes

Dried oak leaf: for infection

Watermint: for bellyache

Chervil root:for bellyache

Chervil leaf: for infection

Goldenrod: for infection

Horsetail: for infections

Lavender: for fever

Yarrow: gets rid of poison

Nettle seeds: for poison

Poppy seeds: for pain and brings sleep

Marigold: best remedy for infection

Coltsfoot: for shortness of breath

Sorrel: a travelling herb

Chamomile: a travelling herb

Nectar: sweetens herbs

That's all for now! Thanks for reading. I hope I will receive lots of reviews!