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He sees her with her friends. There is a smile on her face as she listens to her friend telling jokes. But the cobalt orbs he loves lack the warmth he's used to. Black eyebags mar her beautiful ivory skin. Her luscious mocha locks are lank, unlike the soft silkiness it once was. Even though she looks tired, she looks every bit the angel she is in his eyes. An icy cold hand grip his heart as she never spares him a glance.

He turns back to his table, hand reaching out to reach for a scone, forelorn expression on his usual proud face, his grey eyes devoid of any emotion, when just days ago it was like a storm raged in his eyes whenever he looked at her. His friends glance at each other, unbeknownst to him, worry etched on each of their faces. His mind is too caught up to notice.

They had been perfect together. Their hands fit into each other's like they were made for each other. Their kisses, while short, were filled with as much passion as they both could muster. They never spent a day without thinking of the other. They had been so happy together. Until that day. He'd found out. She was a mudblood.

He'd never had a clue. He just assumed she was from an unknown pureblood family. She'd broken down in tears when he'd left her standing there, too shocked at the revelation to actually say anything to her. That was their unofficial separation.

Now, his heart ached for her. He knew he had made a huge mistake, but his pride refused to allow him to even make a step towards her, to apologise. He cursed his pride, but was too weak to overcome it.

While he had skipped class the days after their separation, he knew she went to classes, because his friends mentioned her at points. Why did she not feel the same misery as him? Had she been toying with his feelings?

Did their love mean nothing to her? All the stolen kisses in empty corridors, all the comforting words hidden in snide remarks when they passed each other in the hallways, not to mention the midnight strolls by the Lake and hiding from Filch after curfew.

He'd seen her smiling at another boy, with just a hint of the love she used to show him. Had she forgotten him that easily? Had their love been just a game to her? All the things he'd did just to go out with her, had those all been one big game to her? Had he been just something to show off to her friends? To capture the Slytherin Prince's heart and then shatter it?

Had she ever really loved him? Or had he been too blind to see it?

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