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Arrange Marriage.

It's an extremely old-fashioned tradition that was still carried out by the Scarlet Family. As one of the Scarlets, Erza had no rights to reject the tradition that was never failed to occur before. But, one thing she knew for sure, that she had to live her life to the fullest, so she wouldn't regret it later when she finally had to marry someone she didn't even know.

After doing a life as she desired, she became successful. She's now the president of a very well-known, famous and big company in Fiore. And finally, the letter telling about the meeting with her fiancé came. And she knew that she could only nod in resignation.

And when the wedding took place, everything seemed okay, just like a normal wedding where two people who were madly in love with each other joined in marriage. But the truth was, Erza met her husband, Jellal, one day before the wedding. The kiss they shared at the altar was their first and last kiss. The first night they spent together didn't really happen. They slept next to each other in their new apartment just like no one was sleeping next to them. They never talked or even touched each other. More importantly, both of them were the presidents of companies that never had a good relationship before.

Finally they decided to make a line that they cannot even cross; a line telling each other to mind their own business. No, they didn't hate or love each other. They were just two people who had a weird relationship. They were less than friends but more than lovers. They were two strangers joined in marriage.

From now and then, that's just how their life is…

Yes, it's only the prologue.

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