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Jellal jolted at Erza's shout.

"You heard me, Erza."

Erza stared at Jellal as he backed off a little bit "I bet I heard wrong." She shook her head "Repeat it."

Jellal sighed, "I didn't bring my car." He repeated.

Erza's eyes bulged. She bit her lips to prevent another shout from escaping her glossy lips. "But how in the world did you get here?" she asked with her voice getting higher and louder.

"Simon dropped me off," he answered.

"And how were you supposed to come back?"

"I'd ask Simon to pick me up."

Erza frowned. "And if he couldn't?"

"I'd figure out something."

Erza sighed as she shook her head. "You…" She stared at him "We… Ugh," Erza turned always as she unlocked her car "We really don't know what's going on in each other mind." She mumbled, but Jellal caught those words perfectly. And he'd think the same.

Jellal never knew what's inside Erza's mind. And hearing her saying those words, Erza must have been thinking exactly like he did. Maybe Erza never thought Jellal could do something reckless like this—not bringing car to a deserted place. Maybe Erza thought Jellal was more well-organized than this.

Or maybe Jellal knew Erza would come.

Jellal shook his head in denial of his own thoughts. He blinked few times noticing Erza was about to enter the car from the driver's side then Jellal stopped her, "I'll drive."

"No." She said bluntly, "You have explanations to do."

Right, Jellal thought. He didn't put up another fight as he sat on the front passenger's side.

Erza put on her seat-belt and so did Jellal. Then, she started the car and after a short pause, she stepped on the gas. At that time, Jellal swore he could've screamed like a baby if he had no dignity to keep. Erza's driving was, how do I say it? Crazy might be the best word. It was nothing near calm and safe. Somehow it just crossed his mind that if Jellal said something bad, she could throw Jellal out of the window and with this unsafe speed, Jellal's body could fly somewhere and never be found.

He could make it to the news.

Jellal Fernandes, CEO of Fernandes Inc is reported to be dead but his body was never been found. The police suspected his wife, Erza Scarlet of killing him knowing the problem that occurred between the both of them in these few weeks.

Jellal really wanted to bump his head hardly towards the window right now. Erza would never do that… Or would she? Sitting in this insane ride, his nervousness started consuming his sanity and if this continued, when they arrived at Jellal's house, Jellal would be 100% insane.

"Actually, maybe she do need to kill me."

Erza frowned, "You said something?"

"No, nothing."

Erza shrugged.

Insane, that's what I am. Jellal thought.

Then again, Jellal glanced at Erza. Her grips were tight on the wheel and her eyes were locked to the street. Jellal knew Erza was waiting for Jellal's explaination—that's why she didn't let him drive in the first place—yet Jellal knew Erza didn't want to ask before Jellal himself opened his mouth.

How could he know so much about her but at the same time know nothing about her?

Unconsciously, Jellal shrugged and he noticed Erza peeked at his sudden gesture.

And somehow it crossed his mind that both of them may not talk for all these days they spent together, but they do watch each other in silence.

Jellal took a deep breath. He closed his eyes, trying to calm the beats of his heart—He wouldn't like it if he threw all his heart up so suddenly. When he opened his eyes, Erza was again peeking at Jellal's behavior. Their eyes met as she started to divert her eyes back to the street with her hands still gripping the steering wheel tightly.

Slowly, he noticed Erza started to slow down.

Well, not entirely slow and still unsafe, but it's better.

Jellal sighed in relieve as he smiled.

Probably half an hour had passed.

Jellal never opened his mouth. The explanation never came out of his mouth. And somehow, Erza never seemed to ask. She just stayed there, driving recklessly. Jellal was thinking that he might actually escape this. He wouldn't have to explain everything to Erza because she never asked.

But, somehow he thought he's betraying her again. Again and again.

"I planned everything… From the very start when Ms. Clark came to our apartment up until when the reporter inside of my office." Jellal finally opened his mouth.

Jellal looked at Erza. Her face was straight, focused on the road not even bothered turning her face or eyes to Jellal—No reaction.

"It was all because I wanted to push you out of my life."

No reaction.

"I wanted to make you hate me."

Still no reaction.

Jellal bit his lips hard as he heard Erza started to inhale deeply "What are you trying to do just now?" She asked. Erza finally started to turn her eyes to meet Jellal's. But he refused—he turned his head away facing the window.

Somehow he's scared.

Of all people, he's scared of Erza's reaction.

Of all people, he's scared of Erza judging him.

"I was luring you to react," He said. Even though I'm scared, Jellal thought.

"React like what? Do you want me to scream and slap you, Jellal?" She asked sternly. "Been there, done that." She continued. "You want me to hate you much more? So much that I'd kill you?"

"Exactly." He answered Erza's rhetorical question—A question that he wasn't supposed to answer. Jellal could see clearly Erza's shocked face from its reflection at the window. Jella noticed that Erza said that to be sarcastic. But then again, he thought it was a great idea. "Hate me, I'm a sinner."

A deep silent filled the car. A sensitive subject, both of them are aware of that. But wasn't it the reason they need to talk at the first place?

"It's about your ex-wife, isn't it?"

Sharp as ever. Jellal thought. All Jellal could do was smile weakly.

Erza stunned and Jellal swore she didn't have the heart to ask another why. Maybe it was her hunch speaking to her again.

Jellal pressed his head on the window, letting the coldness of it crept into his body. He wanted to feel numb. He always wanted to feel that way.

So he can never feel pain again.

"You won't ask anything?" Jellal said, not moving from his position. "It was you who lured me into talking about this. And why aren't you interrogating me?"

Erza took a deep breath. "Because I want you to tell me when you're ready." Erza put her elbow on the window and leaned her head towards her left palm while her right hand still steering. "I don't want to sound cheesy, but I bet it's your darkest secret that you had kept for a while. I'm sorry I brought that up." She paused for a while as if she was thinking. "I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious. But then, if it means opening up your wound again, I rather not talk about it."

Jellal smiled but it stung on his heart. Very.

"You're too nice to be with the likes of me, Erza."

"I was just being rational." Erza shrugged.

"Ultear." Jellal suddenly said. "She was my wife. Married when I was 22 and she passed away… A year and a half later."

Jellal turned to face Erza. She looked like she was having hard time processing everything down, even though he hadn't told her the 'best' part. She lost her focus to the road and that might be bad, but it wasn't their concern as they now staring at each other with a deep stare. Jellal tried his best not to avoid Erza's stare again, and he finally noticed the look on her. She was scared of asking more.

"Go on." Jellal said. "Ask."

Erza decided to focus back on the road, but deep down she was thinking about what to ask, but it was no use. There was only one question that came to her mind.

"What happened to her?"

Jellal shut his eyes as he fell into another deep silent for a solid 1 minute. When he opened his eyes, he took a deep breath and simply said, "I killed her."

Erza didn't know what to say. She didn't even try to look at him.

"Jellal," She didn't want to sound so irritated, but she couldn't help it. "I might not look like it, but I've read too many novels to know where this is going." She grinded her teeth, "It's cliché, even for someone like you." She said. "The MC thinks he did it even though it was purely an accident. It was due to his traumatic experience of losing his loved ones." Erza explained. She turned her head completely to Jellal and narrowed her eyes in disbelief "You only believe you did because of the trauma. Stop that."

Somehow, Jellal smiled at Erza. He tried his best not to look hurt, but he couldn't. "No." He shook his head, still smiling. "I honestly wish I can live in a world like that, where I could find someone that could convince me… That it was all just a scary nightmare. That… I didn't do what I believe I did. And then I'd fall in love with her. And it ended with a happily ever after." Jellal looked deeply at Erza. "That comical theories don't apply to this world, Erza."

He put his hand on his pocket, a small gesture, but Erza thought the otherwise. He took a deep breath, closing his eyes yet again. "I killed her." He repeated it, stressing every word. Erza didn't dare to look to other places, she stared deeply at Jellal. "I killed her with my own hand, and also with this."

She repeatedly looked at Jellal and the item he just took out. She gazed at it deeply and worries started to consume her. Jellal couldn't handle seeing how Erza looked like now, so her turned his face towards the street.


Without them noticing, the car already strayed from the path and almost fell into a cliff. Jellal reflexively turned the wheel to the opposite direction and Erza quickly stomped on the brake as fast as she could.

They notice that they were barely safe. But still, they were safe.

Jellal didn't hesitate as he worriedly turned at Erza to check on her. She was trembling and her stare was blank.

"Erza?" Jellal started to panic, he was worried sick. Not again he hurt someone dear to him…

Wait… Is he thinking what he thinks he is?

"And then what happened?" She returned Jellal's worried gaze with almost the same one. "And then what happened to her, Jellal?"

She didn't even care that she almost died. Jellal thought. She wasn't thinking that she was about to get killed because of me. But even now, she had her worried expression. Not for herself, not for her life.

But for me.

"Let's switch." Jellal gently put his hand on Erza's. "There's too much surprise awaits and I'm not risking another life because of my ego."

"What ego?" She frowned.

"I might not show it, but I've always wanted someone to listen."

"Even though it's hard?"

"Even though it's hard." Jellal nodded.

"Really, Jellal?"

Jellal looked at the man in front of him but he didn't budge. Jellal quietly took a sip of his coffee calmly and when he finished it, he just gave a simple shrug. "What else can I do? It always ended the same way."

"You never be able to keep a girl, like this, Jellal."

"She's not my girl, Simon." He denied "She's just a secretary. And if she wishes to run away, then I can find another one."

Simon shook his head in disbelief "I pray for your next secretary."

"Do whatever you want." He shrugged.

At the age of 20 Jellal managed to work at a well-known company. But this is nowhere near his dream. All he wanted is to make his own company, and for him to build it from 0. This is his way to do things, gain experience and then start it when he saw fit.

He managed to be the one of the higher-ups in the company, and with that he earned himself a secretary but none of them seemed to like him.

Indeed, working made him crazy. He was ruthless for both himself and his secretary when it comes to work. Deadlines, projects, everything must be done perfectly, and his secretary should not be the one to ruin that. Jellal was never one to socialize anyway. Simon was good enough to be his friend for all these years. If anyone ever wanted to be like Simon, they could. But they chose not to. Jellal didn't even think that he should change the way he acted. It's other person's choice whether to like him or not. He was in no place to please anyone than his boss.

"Jellal." Jellal stood up from his seat, seeing his boss suddenly entering his office room with a tall woman standing behind him. "A new secretary just came. Her name is Ultear."

Jellal took a look on her from head to toe, and he had to be honest, she looked more mature and sophisticated than any other woman in the office. Even in the 5 seconds their eyes meet, she already captivated him.

And as time passed, working with her always been pleasurable.

"I'm going to have overtime." Jellal said "And you—"

"Have to stay until you're done? Got it, sir." Ultear smiled

Jellal shook his head. "The data in the archive, could you get that for me?"

"Oh, are you asking me politely now?"

Jellal snickered "Do you want me to not act politely?"

"Well…" Ultear chuckled "Yeah, being nice doesn't suit you."

"Just get me that."

Ultear nodded. "That's better."

Never even once Ultear complained how annoying it is to work with Jellal or how bossy he was when he's stressed. Never even once she said how cold-hearted he was when he made her work pass midnight.

And never even once Jellal felt that the company of someone could calm him so much.

Jellal took off his glasses while messaging the area between his eyes gently. "What's that?" Jellal asked, seeing a cup of something on the table, with its steam clear to be seen. He put his glasses back on and saw that it wasn't the usual coffee, but it's a tea.

The smell soothed him so much, it made his headache disappeared into thin air.

"Chamomile tea," Ultear appeared next to him while placing another cup on the table. "It calms you down, isn't it? Drinking coffee too much isn't healthy, you know."

Jellal smiled. "I guess it really does." Jellal took a sip of it and it closed his eyes. Ultear wasn't lying, it really calmed him down. When he opened his eyes, the first thing he saw was Ultear, smiling kindly with a cup of tea on her hands.

He suddenly thought how happy he'll be if the first thing he sees in the morning is her.

He's going to blame it all to the headache, the stress and the chamomile later.

But now he's going to do this. No matter what happens next.

Jellal's hands kindly reached for Ultear's cheeks, and he kisses her.

It tasted like chamomile. He'll never forget it.

"And, the meeting is over." The boss smiled. He stood up, followed by the others. Everyone bowed and shook hands with one and another.

The boss, not long after that, approached Jellal with a big grin. "You did a great job on this project, Jellal." He gave Jellal a hard pat on the back. "You should really expect a promotion anytime soon."

Jellal lit up. "I won't disappoint you, sir!"

The boss nodded and he left the room like everyone else.

"I see all the hard work has paid off, huh?"

Ultear appeared behind Jellal, smiling. She gives Jellal a light punch on the chest and Jellal held her hands before she did, and pulled her into a deep kiss.

"H-Hey, mmn…" Ultear tried to break it, but Jellal wouldn't let her. "We're in the meeting room."

Jellal didn't budge. He kept kissing her until both of them are out of breath.

"Seriously, you." Ultear glared at him. "Keep that when we're not at work."

Jellal laughed and pulled her into a tight embrace.

He couldn't believe he could be so happy.

A long time had passed, Jellal was ready to quit his job to fulfill his dream even though it hadn't even been a year since he's there.

He knew this was the right time to quit. But quitting meant leaving Ultear there.

Marriage never crossed his mind before, but now, it was all that he had been thinking about. Jellal was not the romantic type, he couldn't prepare anything creative or unique to propose to her. On the day he quit, in his office when he was cleaning the place up, he thought that this was his only chance to propose.

But he never came up with the right words.

"So, that box is your stationary. And that box is…"



"Will you still be with me when I'm not here?" Jellal sat on his table, a thing he never did when he was officially still working there—he called that unprofessional. Ultear tucked few strains of her hair to the back of her ears and approached Jellal.

"What a silly question," Ultear reached up to him and caressed him. "Of course I will. I'll always be with you. Now and forever." Ultear smiled and put her hands on his cheeks. "I will always be the one you seek when you need something, I will always be the one to listen to your every worries, I will always be the one you see when you wake up in the morning, I will always be the one you see when you're about to sleep at night, I will always be the one to take care of you when you're sick, I will be the one to ensure that you eat your every meal carefully and I will always be the one, the only one that makes your favorite chamomile tea, won't I?"

Jellal laughed. "That sounded almost like a proposal."

"It is."


"What, am I not allowed to propose because I'm a woman? Is that what you're suggesting?"

Jellal pulled her into a big hug as he burst into a big laugh.

He never ever laughed like that.

He thought he couldn't be any happier.

Ultear, for him, was magic. A miracle.

"You really are something, Ultear." He said. He pulled out a ring from his suit pocket. "I was about to propose to you, but you beat me into it."

"Now I feel bad." Ultear smiled.

"I don't think you do." Jellal kissed her forehead. "And I'm actually glad you did that."

"Because you think you'd fail?"

Jellal shrugged. "Pretty much." Jellal stood up from his sitting position at the table and knelt down with one knee. "Ultear, I knew we haven't even known each other for a year. But those months are my happiest time in my 21 years of living. So, will you marry me?"

"That's your best line?" Ultear crossed her arms, frowning.

"I guess it is."

Ultear giggled, "Well, then. You need to work on that at the altar later, Jellal." Ultear crouched down and kissed Jellal.

It was a beginning of Jellal's most faithful year.

The year that going to break him.

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