A/N: Luffy here is well, wiser, stronger, more charming, added with a bit of seriousness.


Ace left to become a pirate, a wrong move for him to leave Luffy. Few months after Ace left, Garp, hero of the Marines, has learned of what Ace has done and has decided to put Luffy into the Marines, fearing that he may follow the footstep of his son or become a pirate who's crazy about becoming a Pirate King just like Gold Roger was. Even though Luffy retaliated he had no choice, Garp was the only family he's got beside Makino. Makino tried to reason with Garp only to fail.

"I will not let him become like his brother, Ace" he said, Makino had no rights for Luffy which made her argument with Garp pointless.

At first Luffy was shouting "I'll be a Pirate King!" while he was training to become a proper Marine. The others laugh at the child wanting to become a Pirate King in which the said treasure in Raftel was now believe to be only a myth. Months had passed , Luffy has obeyed yet the orders, the training, yet he still wished to become a pirate.

"What am I going to do with this kid" Garp sighing, Sengoku laughed at the same time he was relieved that a "D." wasn't going in a wrong path.

"Show him the world, Garp" Sengoku puts his hand on his friends shoulder and nods. Garp had no other choice but to agree.

Garp took Luffy into a ship and sailed, for the first time the kid had smelled the taste of freedom, he was more determined to become a pirate now, but that all change. Stench of death had taken over, black clouds of smoke was rising into the sky from a small little town, dead bodies everywhere. His eyes saw things child... no he saw things that no man must see, it was a massacre.

"A pirate raid" Garp said, gripping into the rails of the ship while Luffy held his coat tightly "pirates, Luffy... pirates" he said.

The boy didn't reply but stood there watching as the Marines, save the few people that had survived from the attack, while others fought the raging fire.

Bending down in his knees, Garp hold Luffy's shoulders with a tight grip "I'm not gonna say we are the good guys, but neither are they"

"Not that I don't want you being free like a pirate is, but I don't want you or Ace turning into monsters like that, do you understand?" Luffy nods, hugging his grandpa, crying at the sight he saw, he may have to live with it.

"I'm gonna become the best Admiral there is!" Luffy said, few weeks after returning from their trip.

"Garp..." Sengoku said, pity was in his voice.

"I made a child look into the aftermath of a raid" Garp said, starting to break, his eyes were now teary.

"For the good of all, Garp, for the good of all..." Sengoku stood beside Garp, both men looking into the window, seeing the trainees train.

Eight Years Later...

Luffy was now of aged, under the supervision of his Granpa, Monkey D. Garp, he was instantly promoted into Captain and been given a private small ship at his disposal, the ship wasn't his crew it was simply when he has business to other Marine base. To formally celebrate it, the Marines had a graduation ceremony of the people who were instantly chosen as officers, others were righteous, others because of their mind and ability to think strategy, others because of the strength they've showed, and a few others like Luffy who was all of the above.

"Will I get a crew of my own?" Luffy asking his Granpa after the graduation.

"You can either recruit them, or choose from the graduated Marines" Garp said

"Recruit? you mean I can ask a person to join me?" Luffy was a bit confused.

"There are only three requirements, and only officers has the ability to do this. One: That person must have fighting experience, Two: That person must be psychologically normal, meaning that person must not be crazy about anything at all that can harm civilians or disobey direct orders"

"Well, what's the third?" The boy anxiously waited for the third requirements.

"Their history, if a person has committed a crime, or didn't abide the law, then he.. or she can't be allowed to join"

"What if they were force to do such things? like their families are in danger or they were simply protecting someone?"

"Then a trial will be held, and it will be up to us to decide if that person can join"

"I see..." Luffy said.

"Captain Luffy, orders from East Blue headquarters that trouble has stirred up in a place called Shell Town, people saying that Captain Morgan or rather his son hurted a woman and a man protected her and hurt the said son in the process, you are immediately needed to that place"

"Okay, please tell them to prepare my ship, I will set sail to Shells Town"

"Yes sir!" another Marine saluted and ran towards Captain Luffy's ship.

A/N: This is just a experimental fic, I always wanted to see how Luffy would be if he was a Marine.

Would he fight Ace? What of his nakama in the canon, would he be able to save them? now that he is a Marine?

Please tell me if I should continue this... oh.. Enjoy reading :)