"This is madness! Who does he think he is!?" A bunch of highly ranked Marine officers and officials from the World Government are now arguing about the recent news that has arrived.

"This will be our downfall, we must arrest the Devil Child now!"

"I agree! If she could grasp a small yet important intel, she'd definitely sold it to pirates, or worst.. Dragon"

The mere name of Dragon had made them twitch, they fear that name, the name in which even the unity of one hundred and seventy countries couldn't arrest. He was the man who could end to their so called 'justice'. He was an enemy worth to be feared by the world.

"People, I think if we play our cards right, we could even have the advantage of this so called 'Devil Child'" A noble spoke, as everyone was intrigued to hear this.

"Call a meeting with the Shichibukai, and the Elite of the Marines" everyone agreed to the proposal, Luffy recently entered as part of the Elites after successfully stopping the underground organization called 'Baroque Works', and though Luffy has failed to capture the Ex-Shichibukai, the ups forgave it after gaining a new asset.

"Hm... yeah ok!" was what Luffy said after Robin said that he should allow her to join, and take responsibility of the life that he had just saved.

The crew was arguing on three sides.

Luffy agreeing on what Robin said

The crew didn't want an enemy to join them, not to mention this one specializes in assassination and subterfuge.

And last but not the least, was Sanji and his 'passion'.

Zoro kept on talking to Luffy that day till it was time to sleep. Luffy kept saying "It's fine" doesn't really made him feel fine, instead it made him more uncomfortable that Luffy and Robin was acting like they weren't enemies in the first place. Luffy doing his duties, passing out the report after the events on Alabasta, checking on the now higher ranked Smoker and how his attempted capture against Coby has gone.

Robin on the other hand, she had already befriend Usopp, Chopper, Kaya, Valentine, and Nami. Nami being proud that she won't be friends with Robin, yet she was the first to fall after Robin giving her a bag of gold. Robin got Kaya by talking about their books, though none knew what kind of books is it that they read. Chopper well... Chopper, she just had to tickle the little reindeer and call him 'cute and adorable' at times. Valentine, well being the two working for Baroque Works they could already feel that there was just this invisible bond between them, and as much as Robin shows no sign of emotion she still knew that she's not as bad as they've heard. For Usopp, well the boy was simple, after being friends with Kaya, Usopp managed to accept her as a friend too.

Should some consider Sanji... well that's 'automatic' as some would say, all you need is beauty and one hell of a body, and Sanji will always be your 'friend'.

"For the last time.." Zoro yelled in a whispery voice "She's just using you"

Luffy sighed, again with this "I just don't think she's a bad person, that's all." in that room was Zoro, Vivi, Tashigi, and Luffy. He was handling some affairs of Alabasta having a 'lost princess' scenario, not that he can't handle it but let's say even for a strong Marine, it's hard.

"That doesn't mean she can join us" cold as ice, Zoro was starting to act like a child, failing to understand the comprehension of his Captain.

"Will you relax, have a drink, or get Franky and drink some cola" Luffy said, he was starting to feel irritated by the three styled swordsman's constantly repeating the topic that they've just discussed. "She's not going hurt anyone, I promise." he said.

"Fine." storming out of Luffy's cabin, the young swordsman went to his room and did what he's best with other than swordplay and drinking, sleeping.

"Okay, after you've signed up, you will announce especially to your father that you're safe and have joined us." that was the best option Luffy could think of, if he'd announce that Vivi is here now they could be branded as kidnappers, as much as the whole of Alabasta will not believe that after they've just been saved by him, but the whole world is a different thing.

The ship has docked on an uninhabited island, there was no mission and they were far from civilization, and with a lot of supplies and food still on the ship a vacation wouldn't hurt them so bad.

Out on the beach, Sanji fainted.

Everyone was cheering since they'll have three days of non-stop vacation and party, not that every dinner they had is a party. The girls went out with their swimsuits, and that's when Sanji almost went to heaven.

Everyone was having fun, except for a familiar raven haired woman, whom Luffy owes his life to.

"Let's swim" Luffy asked, giving her his usual grin.

"I can't, I'm a devil fruit user" she said, smiling while her face remains devoid with emotion.

"...!" she almost gasped, Luffy was carrying her as he runs down towards the sea.

Chopper was on a small boat, a boat like toy which is made for children, in this case by Franky.

She felt weak, as the sea water touches her skin, but his grip on her it made her feel safe, it made her feel alive. Though she remained with her poker face, she was happy inside, she's never had fun like this ever since she could remember. It was dark, everything was, that was until this moment. She chuckled at how her entire life no... her feelings change in a single moment of fun.

Little by little the crew learned to accept her more openly, though they still did not trust her completely, but it's a start.

How can she trick and use this crew? How could she, they're all fun regardless of her not the 'active' one, she's still having lot's of fun just by watching them.
'Ugh...' is what she would like to express, she was floating on the sea water, rather Luffy was helping her float by using his one hand on her back.
Yet, she remained smiling, which may have been a bad move since most of the girls were glaring at her, Tashigi was the worst. She giggled, which made Luffy laughed suddenly, their laughter was contagious as the crew swam started laughing as well. Even the pissed Tashigi was.

Everyone was sitting be the bonfire that they've made, save for three people; Zoro, Tashigi, and Robin.

"What are you planning?" Tashigi glaring eyes at the woman who's emotion seems to be non existing.

"Don't play games woman, our captain may seemed to trust you but I won't hesitate to slice your head off" Zoro said, same as Tashigi both of their voices were as cold as ice. The two were interrogating Robin, who have started to sweat a little.

Sure she was 'planning' something, it always has been her way. Use or be use, that was the law she lived in even when she was still a child. Though things may have been a bit different, this crew was... unique.

'One day you'll find friends whom you'll put your life to as much as they will put their life for you' she remembered the words of her giant yet gentle friend. However right now Luffy was the only person who's going through her mind. He was different, he saved her because he wanted to, he didn't asked for anything in return so far heck it was her who had joined the crew, and not for a single second did he had doubts for her.

"Our captain... I-I'll ask her" she stammered, what was that she was feeling, never did once in her life did she care for what others might think of her, yet she was afraid, afraid that like all other crews out there they are just going to use her and dispose once done, and for some reason they didn't need anything from her, they were protecting their captain.

"...!" A few steps and she found two swords on her neck.

"Where do you think you're going?" Zoro hissed. He was close to break this woman, and when that happens he'll know what's her plans.

"Zoro! Tashigi! Robin!" hearing their captain's voice, the two sheathed their swords and walk away from Robin.

A few days, just for a few god damn days, she was feeling all sorts of emotion that some would call 'weakness'. No she had to stay strong, she was given another chance, she just had to hang on, for her dreams.

"Robin..." Luffy exclaimed, seeing the now smiling woman. He sees her, her body language tells otherwise on the face that she was showing.

"Neh, Neh Robin.. Taste this, Sanji made this" Luffy said, trying to cheer up the woman beside him. Everyone was gathered, as they've started to chow down the dinner that Sanji made. Like always it was top notch, everything was just perfect, hell everything that he makes is perfect regardless of what animal or sea monster that is.

Subconsciously biting her lip, her body just went for the food that was about to feed her. Then she smiled, for the first time of all the smiles that she had showed them, this was genuine. It made her more beautiful that what she was, it made her herself. Luffy returned the smile back, and soon everyone was about to sleep, except for the alcoholics; Zoro, Nami, Kuina, and Franky... well it was colas for him.

"They just need some time." was all Luffy said, as he escorted Robin to her tent, which she was sharing with Kaya.

"It's okay" she replied, walking in the tent "Thank you" she muttered, before closing it.

There was no reply except the sound of a smile. She liked it, those tiny moments of happiness that she had just from a few days of spending with them.

Morning came and everyone was excited, it was the second day of their 'unofficial vacation' and the women had many activities on their mind. That is until a huge marine ship arrived...

"Luffy" an old man's voice was heard, as it echoes in the open area on where their camp was sited.

"Jii-chan" Luffy replied, his hair was still messy after the sleep which he had just woken up to.

"Walk with me" Garp said, as he put an arm around Luffy's shoulder "We need to talk" with just four words that he added, Luffy started to sweat bullets.

"I hope you know what you're doing" Garp exclaimed, the boy already knew what was it they were going to talk about after hearing that.

"I know."


"I don't know, I just do."

"You're causing some troubles amongst the higher ups"

"Why would they care?"

"Let's say some asset of yours is... dangerous" with a sigh, Garp continued "What if everything turns around"

"..." looking down on the ground, Luffy didn't counted that part "She won't... I just know it"

"Alright. I'm going to trust and support you with this." scratching his head "You're needed, a meeting with the Shichibukai and the Elites had been announced"

"Everyone, stay here. I'm just needed elsewhere." Luffy said, trying not to explain and reveal too much information.

Everyone whined and complain, they probably all thought it was gonna be some adventure and they were too weak to join, yet little did they knew that they were already considered as one of the best Marine crew out there. One of the best, not that best... yet.

But one knew better, she knew it was going to be a discussion about her. It had to be, why else would the Hero of the Marines call for his grandson. She was afraid, she's causing more trouble that she's worth. She had decided, after Luffy leaves she's gonna stay inside her tent all day long, well she was friends with some of them but not all of them.

"Robin, have some fun" was his last words to her.

[Few minutes before Luffy left]

"Tashigi, you're in charge" Luffy said, as the two had a private conversation away from the camp.

"Of course, Luffy-kun."

"Keep them safe" Luffy said, and she nodded. "All of 'them'" emphasizing 'them', she knew who did her captain meant. She hated it, why? why would you trust her? Why not me? I'm here for you, always... So Why? is all she could think of, her captain truly was a gifted man, he sees what others failed to see. She just hopes that he'd trust her more and maybe one day she could see 'her' as a nakama.

Everyone was gathered, Marines, Admirals, Nobles, and the Royal Seven Warlords (A/N:Okay, I'm not going with Shichibukai, I don't know if I should just add 's' for its plural form or not) who were acting like they owned the place.

"Dracule Mihawk"

"Gekko Moriah"


"Donquixote Doflamingo"

"Bartholomew Kuma"

"Boa Hancock"

They sat as their names was called upon.




The three admirals entered as their names was also called upon.

Three other Marines were called before..

"Captain Hina"

"Monkey D. Garp"

"Monkey D. Luffy"

"You people are gathered here, after Crocodile has been expelled to the Shichibukai. As you all know, Captain Monkey D. Luffy and his crew single handedly saved the Kingdom of Alabasta, one of the most important kingdom and family in the World Government-" Sengoku was cut off by Doflamingo.

"Yet, he let him escaped Hm... wonder what could be so important that he had let that idiot go" this weird guy who's wearing a cape made of flamingo feathers was mocking him. Wonder what would feel like should he drive his sword up his throat, just by one look this guy was sick.

Jinbei the Sea Knight, was looking at him like he is some sort of traitor, what did he do to let that fishman glare at him... probably it was Arlong, is what the young man thought.

Same for Bartholomew, he was just staring at him, like he's... well what the hell. Why should he care.

Dracule bowed his head slightly, not wanting to draw attention. From a swordsman to another, there was this so called 'honour' between the two of them.

As for the others they weren't listening much, except for Boa who seems to be truly disgusted by this place.

"Luffy-kun" Aokijii called out, the meeting was over and he was glad that it was just a meeting for the next candidate of the Shichibukai. It was boring but he'd attend a hundred of them just so his crew wouldn't be mention in there.

"Admiral" he smiled and nodded.

"I think Nico Robin is in your possession" there was hidden intention in his voice. "What is it that you plan to do with 'her'?" with Aokijii emphasizing the her, a shadow began to watch the two Marine's conversation.

Luffy was silent, yet to the Admiral's eyes he wasn't planning anything at all, rather he's being a bit scared right now.

"I think I'll arrest her fo-" Aokijii ducks just in time as Luffy swings his blade with blinding speed.

"Nobody touches her! Not you, not anyone!" he growled "Nobody hurts my nakamas!" he was glad, truly he was that it was Aokijii and no one else was watching. He didn't know what got into him, his blood simply boiled after hearing the admiral talk to her like he was some inanimate object.

They walked their separate paths, one was scared, and the other was smiling.

'Seems like I didn't kill you for no reason at all' the admiral thought, remembering that it was he whom froze the giant and set Robin into that dark side of the world. He was happy, she might have found her place... finally.

The shadow also smiled at the events that she saw, yes she was a she, and she's the one person whom 'men' should fear most.

He arrived back at his crew, everyone was about to go to sleep. It was night and it was a good thing that the winds were with him, the meeting was ended two hours after it was finished, and almost eight hours each was their travel time, thanks to the sea train it was much faster.

"Luffy! We had so much fun today! not that I'm happy, you idiot!" Chopper said, he might have to work on that mouth of his.

"Robin played with us! She's really fun! W-Well, not that I like her, you idiot!" the reindeer added, causing Luffy to laugh.

Everyone was in their tent, sleeping. Luffy was watching the waves crash towards the sand, what he did today it wall pay him back somehow, he's just hoping it will be just him who would pay the price.

"Hey" hearing a gentle voice that sent ice towards his spine.

"I heard you had lots of fun today" he said, his voice soft as the breeze of winds right now, and gentle as the night was.

"Yeah.." she said, however like her usual self it was her poker face that ruined it. But her voice didn't lie.

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