Jess enters her new job as an adults teacher for creative writing late. It was not her day! Cold shower, not knowing what to wear, car broke down trying to catch the bus and the lift in the building was broke so she had to run up three flights of stairs to get to the class room. She rushed in so quick mumbling about her stupid morning she didn't notice Nick sitting in one of the chairs as a student. She's looking down sorting her files out and introduced herself. She asks for everyone to introduce themselves from left to right so that she cant finish up everyone's enrollment forms. As she glances up from the paperwork she notices a certain scruffy roommate.


'Yes Ms Day?'

'What are you doing here?'

'Umm taking a creative writing course. Obviously'

Jess had a lot of questions. A lot. Why would he take this course? Does the guys know? How could he afford it? How is she not going to be bias against his work, which she has always wanted to read? This was just to start off with.

She could hear some of the students were chatting about how she knows Nick and if he was going to be teachers pet. Jess is nothing more than professional and fair so she came up with an idea to help solve the class tension.

'Okay. Well I have an idea. How about everyone's work is anonymous? Work needs to be submitted typed up anyway. Just use and individual marking on your work for you to know you receive your work. Sounds good? Great.'

Perfect idea! At least Nick wont feel uncomfortable with me reading his work too. Win-win situation. Jessica Day, you are a genius!

The two hours went by quite fast after introductions and everyone settled in to the lesson plan of descriptive words.

'Well todays homework is about descriptive imagery. Describe in detail anything you want. A chair, dog, food, anything. The worlds your oyster. You have a week till next class so that should be enough time for first drafts. See you all next week everyone'

Everyone started to filter out of the class except Nick.

'So the guys don't know. I don't want them to either'

'Okay, I can keep your secret Nick. But how? Why?'

'I thought it was about time I done something with my life. And you read my last novel! Thought I should try and get some help and experience. You need a lift back to the loft?'

'Yeah sure. Are you going to be fine with me as your teacher though? I know you don't like to listen to criticism, especially from me'

'Well now my work is anonymous I don't mind as much. Let's get home. I have some writing to do'

The following week went by fast. Jess wasn't too keen on the idea of taking the adults course as it was only two hours a week and just scrapped enough for the rent, but seeing though she gets to see Nick for an extra few hours a week she really didn't mind. Jess and Nick never talked about class, agreeing that it would make things unprofessional and uncomfortable. But she felt excited at the possibility of reading his work. She hoped his writing didn't suck as much as Z is for Zombie. He really did have potential to be great, he just needs the time and patience. It was late in the loft and everyone was out drinking, yet she stayed back to mark the first drafts of her classes descriptive imagery homework. There was a few good work about a fluffy cat and a fruit bowl. But one piece of work really caught her eye.

Her eyes were two big, blue oasis'. As the sun captured them they were almost turquoise from the glistening light. They usually sparkled, but when they captured the light they were emphasized, magnified and breath taking. They are framed by dark, raven curls that keeps falling down over her chest. If you were lucky enough not get drowned into those pools of mini oasis', then there is always the ruby red lips that stood out from her pale, smooth, creamy skin to get lost into. The way they crunch up into a pout when deep in concentration, or the way her bottom lip get sucked and dragged in between her teeth out of confusion and frustration. There is nothing more special than when she's happy and her lips are wide and reddened from her smile that makes her eyes gleam. That is when you are lost. It is as if you are being sang to by mermaids, calling you, drawing every inch of your mind, body and soul. You know your gone. Falling so fast and drowning into her. She is the air you need to breathe and you have wondered how you have survived before. Before you have laid eyes upon such perfection. The reassuring ruby red smile captures you and you know she will catch you. Save you, yet at the same time be your downfall.

She didn't understand why it really stood out to her. Maybe because it was really good. Honest. Beautiful. It was torture that she couldn't talk to the author of this piece because of the promise she gave her students that it will all be anonymous, but she really wanted to read more.