Jess creeps out of the door unsure where to head. She couldn't believe she ran away from Nick after hearing everything she wanted too. She was so stupid. She could hear Nick talking to Winston in his bedroom but couldn't understand what was being said. The loud ringing in her ears were drowning their words out. As she approached his bedroom door she gave it a slight knock to get his attention. He was sat at the end of his bed, face in his hands which was causing the sound of his voice to be muffled slightly. Winston looked up at Jess then back to Nick, who still hasn't moved an inch. He mumbled something out like I'll leave you two alone or I'll see you too later and walked passed Jess to CeCe who was waiting in the living room. Both staying in the loft out of protecting their friend and out of curiosity.

She tries her best to move slow and not to spook Nick. He looked as if he's about to have a nervous breakdown. Rubbing his hands over his face and rocking back and forth slightly at the edge of the bed made Jess' heart break, she was the one who caused this and she felt really guilty.

'Nick.. I'm sorry I ran away. That wasn't cool of me to do so'

She waited in silence for a response but nothing came from him. Unsure if he heard her or not she tried again.

'Look Nick, I'm sorry. Everything happened so suddenly and..'

Nick got up and moved slightly in front of Jess. He was looking at the ground avoiding her gaze, but she can tell he's been crying slightly.

'Look Jess I get it. I freaked you out and I'm sorry. Just forget anything happened tonight. I'll quit the class if it makes things weird for you and pretend none of this has been said. I'm so sorry to put you in this position. I hope you can forgive me someday about this stupid situation I've put us in'


'It's okay Jess honestly. I thought it was a good idea to express my feelings through writing. I didn't think you were going to figure it out seeing as thought it's anonymous and all. Obviously I wasn't thinking tidy and it was stupid. I'm sorry'


'And if everything gets really awkward around the loft just let me know and I'll move out. It's my fault anyway not yours. I'm so sorry I screwed up. Typical'

'Omg Nick just shut up and listen to me!'

The tone in her voice suddenly shocked Nick out of his ramblings and he finally looked up at Jess confused. She can see in his eyes a mix of emotions. Fear, Regret, Sadness and a shimmer of something else.

'Nick, if you had shut up ages ago I was trying to explain why I should be the one to apologize'

'You don't need to Jess. It's my fault not yours'

'Yes it is my fault Nick. I'm always telling you not to run away from your feelings and that you should talk about them, yet I'm the one who did exactly what I have been telling you not to do. And for that, I am truly sorry. Just after hearing say that you love me I got scared, really scared. The last person I thought I loved hurt me really bad and my feelings for you are just so much more than what I felt with Spencer. I didn't want to be hurt again'

'What are you saying Jess?'

'I'm saying that I love you Nick. I have done for a while now'

She locked her eyes on Nicks and saw the emotions change across his face. It lit up slightly, still with caution. He still had fear in his eyes.

'You love me Jess?'

'Yes Nick, I love you'

'Umm can I.. can I umm kiss you Jess?'

He sounded unsure. Not knowing her response. She nodded slightly and he smiled before leaning in and capturing her lips with his own. It was a really soft kiss with loads of feelings behind the tender embrace with just enough passion simmering underneath the surface. It was breath taking. When they eventually pulled back from each other Jess could see the happiness across Nicks face. She has never seen him this happy before.

'That kiss was amazing Jess. Umm, I'm not sure what to do to be honest with you'

'I have no idea either. I mean we are not even together yet we have declared we love each other. That's really not normal is it?'

'We aren't normal Jess'

'Yeah I suppose that is true'

'So do we date or?'

'I think dating is the right step but I think we need a repeat performance of that kiss though'

'Of course'

Nick leans in quickly and crashes his lips against Jess'. Passion taking over the kiss he slowly leans her down on the bed and pulls away to look at her. She has the biggest smile on her face so he leans down and carries on.

Winston and CeCe have been waiting in the living room for one of them to run out of Nicks room. Its been a while when they started to hear a few moans.

'Oh hell no! I am not listening to that. Bar?'

'Too right Winston'

After a few hours of fun activities they were laying in bed together entwined in each other and Nicks sheets. They had so much to talk about both having questions that needed to be answered.

'How can you not know those stories were about you?'

'I'm not sure. The first one you wrote it captured me. I don't know how to explain it, it clicked with something inside me and intrigued me into what was going to be written next. I thought it was because it was so well written. I guess not. And reading the novel about Julius and Jessica something made me fall in love with the story. Maybe it was the lack of background knowledge of Julius. He's such a grumpy mystery, like you'

'Well I guess if I said he was a law school drop out from Chicago then you would have known it was my story and maybe would have seen the parallels'

'I knew you were going to be an amazing writer and that you just needed a confidence in yourself to make that happen. You should be proud of what you have written. It really is amazing and maybe you should think about publishing it when its finished'

'You really think it is good enough for others to buy'

'Hell yeah! Your amazing Nick. Just believe in yourself once in a while'

Jess gave nick a small sweet kiss on the cheek, whispered goodnight and fell asleep cuddling into his chest. She really was grateful for Winston being nosey. If it wasn't for him she wouldn't be lying in Nicks arms. Arms that felt like home. She thought about the first piece Nick wrote about her and how wrong he was. He was the one who would save her, yet at the same time be her downfall.

The end.

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