Chapter one
Marlee's pov

"Mom I can't just move with you, I have school here and it's where my friends are!" I yelled at my mom who said we were moving for her job... Nearly halfway around the globe! I sat and pretended to listen to my mom's lecture, but there was no way I was moving to Australia with her.
"Mom" I said interrupting her, " I just don't want to be the new girl again. I finally made friends here and now we're moving again. I know it's for your job but it's just not fair!" She looked at me and just shook jet head," I'm sorry Mar, but we're moving and that's final"
I stood up and walked to my room and slammed the door shut and locked it. I walked over to my bed and sat criss cross on it and opened my laptop. I messages my friends that I was moving and there wasn't anything to do about it.
Just as I hit send there was a knock on my door, I sighed and went to open it, but instead of seeing my mom there were boxes. I groaned and reluctantly pulled them into my room. I walked back to my laptop to see that my closest friend Kendall had sent a message back saying," on my way to your house now, because you're not leaving me!"
I rolled my eyes,"she's always so dramatic" I thought. I started putting things into boxes when my door I forgot to re-lock burst open and Kendall walked in and over to me and slapped the box I was holding out of my hand and to the ground. "Kendall!" I yelled ,"what the heck!" But she wasn't listening, she was to busy pacing the floor. "That's it!" She said suddenly. I looked at her for a second then continued putting the things back in the box she'd knocked down. "If we can't get your mom to let you stay... Then I'll just have to go with you!" I actually laughed out loud to that," you're mother will never agree to that and you know it!" I said pointedly, but she wasn't listening. "My mom loves your mom, she'll go with it, or maybe she'll come too or something."she said, but I was still looking at her like she was completely crazy. "I'm calling my mom, get yours and we'll see if we can get them to say yes." Kendall said confidently. I nodded doubting that it would work. About 15 minutes later we sat in my dinning room. " what's this all about girls?" my mom asked and Kendall launched into some speech of some kind and I nodded and agreed when Kendall looked at me, but stayed mostly quiet. When Kendall was done the moms sent us to my room so they could talk. We sat in my room talking nervously for nearly half and hour when I heard my mom call us. I looked over at Kendall, who nodded and grabbed my hand and we walked back to the dining room where our moms say smiling," okay" they said. My eyes widened and I looked at Kendall and we started jumping up and down screeching and hugging each other. If Kendall was going with me, maybe this wouldn't be so bad.