Prologue 1

Galaclava sat on her throne, miserable. Her chin rested on her clenched fist as her mind churned with furious thought. She looked at her minions, the followers of the crime syndicate, Crios of whom she was the leader with disgust. "You idiots!" She shrieked suddenly, startling the sycophants; one of them very nearly died from fright. Their reaction made the crime lord smile.

The source of her consternation was as usual, her nemesis, the Exceptional Inspector, Danzaiver. Over the years, he has thwarted her many plots successfully. Try as she might, she could never liquidate the determined hero; he had eliminated many of her minions she had sent to destroy him over the years. The very thought of him was enough to make her blood boil and she slammed her fist into the armrest of her throne.

Her eyes turned toward the ground in deep thought as she wracked her brain for some way, any way to put her foe into the ground. Again her eyes fell on her minions and it dredged up their many failures in her mind. The most recent one that came to mind was their attempt to destroy Danzaiver by duplicating his most powerful and trademark weapon, the Tactical Frame and using it against him. She would've applauded the effort if didn't know in her guts that it would've ended like every other plot. Danzaiver was just too skilled, too cunning and too determined to be beaten by the mere application of a cheap knock off Tactical Frame.

Despair washed over her as she drew yet another blank. Isn't there some way to rid the galaxy of Danzaiver? She thought, her mind wailing. She shook her head which made her mane full of snow white hair shake. She was strikingly beautiful with high cheekbones and a pointed nose. Her eyes were always narrowed in an expression of evil.

"Mistress Galaclava, something on the main viewer that you should see!" One of her black robed henchmen said as he rushed into her throne room. She didn't seem to react to him so she was either ignoring him or didn't hear him. He knew better than to raise his voice, lest she vaporize him right on the spot; he had served Crios long enough to know when his leader was in a foul mood which was ninety-eight percent of the time . He repeated himself again but this time in lower tone of voice.

"Yes I heard you, bootlicker. What is so important that you must disturb me out of my musings?"

"O-our probes have revealed something interesting going on inside of another galaxy, mistress!" He replied with a tremor in his voice. He hoped that the information was good enough for his life to be spared. Then again, she might as well as vaporized him anyway out of boredom and frustration.

Fortunately for him, a well-defined eyebrow raised slightly. "Oh? Did you say another galaxy? And define the word 'interesting' will you?"

"I cannot your awesomeness, for I am too stupid to interpret such matters. I only know that it is extremely interesting. Your wisdom is the only thing to make sense of it."

At first Galaclava wavered between waving the minion away or lashing out with a disintegrator beam from one of her elegant fingers, turning him into dust. But since she had nothing better to do she decided to investigate what got her sycophant so excited. If anything else, maybe it was a good show she could watch. "Very well, take me to the viewing room." She followed the hired hand to the main viewing room of her ship, sighing in boredom as she walked. She wasn't expecting much at all.

What she saw on the viewer made her change her mind. Her jaw fell open in surprise and that was something that almost never happened. The viewer was split into twenty different screens and each screen had a different image on it. The different images varied from sights of small fighter ships having epic dogfights with each other, starships engaging each other in fierce combat with gigantic laser weapons to individuals clad in robes, wielding strange powers and trying to kill each other with energy swords.

"This... this is going on right now?" She said, still staring at the screen.

"Yes Oh Great One. We sent these probes to the wormhole in Sector Sigma Six. The sensors said that it was a stable wormhole so we decided to shoot multiple probes through it to see what was inside it, test its stability and..."

"Spare me the technical details!" Galaclava snapped. The minion sufficiently cowed, obeyed and so did everybody else the room. "Is this in another part of the galaxy?"

"Un...undetermined, Mistress. The instruments become uncertain due to the phenomena inside the wormhole; physics become all bent and twisted. It is amazing that we...we could get any kind of signal whatsoever. This could be in another dimension, another galaxy or even another time. Or, all of the above. All we truly know that it is not in this galaxy."

Galaclava continued to stare at the screen when she said, "Leave me." Her henchmen obeyed and left her alone in the viewing room. She watched the events, taking into account everything that she saw. She could determine right away that though this place was new and possibly could be plundered, it was not ripe for plunder due to the many different factions and powers competing against each other. She estimated they were either equal or greater in strength to her and her organization.

What really piqued her interest were the individuals clad in brown robes. They were apparently called "Jedi" and served to keep the peace in galaxy, just like her hated foe Danzaiver. As she watched them and all of the galactic powers interact with each other, Danzaiver kept floating through her brain like a maddening gnat that would not go away. Suddenly that annoyance turned into inspiration. A diabolical plan began to form in her demented mind. Maniacal laughter burst from her mouth and filled the viewing room and echoed down the hallways of her lair.