Jaime was a little surprised when he first found a can of peas hidden under the kitchen sink.

He shrugged it off as one of the side effects of his boyfriend trying to clean the house at super speed before they had visitors and put it back in the cupboard.

The second time he was looking for his flashlight in the garage and instead found a box of instant raman.

He spared it a puzzled glance before returning it to its proper place in the cabinet.

It wasn't until the third time when he was pulling out their winter clothes and coats from the closet that he began to get a little concerned.

Under his winter jacket was enough non-perishable food to feed the two of them for the entire winter without any worries.

Jaime glanced at his watch to check the time and then got a towel from the linen closet to cover up the food.

Bart arrived home at his usual time and found Jaime waiting for him in the doorway like always.

"Bienvenida a casa Cariño" Jaime greeted him.

Bart flashed him a grin before tackling Jaime onto the couch like always.

"It's good to be home Jaime."

The taller teen hugged his boyfriend close and kissed his cheek.

The two sat like that for a long moment as Bart let himself finally slow down for the first time all day. He could only ever be still for Jaime and the other boy appreciated that.

Once Bart's heart was beating as calmly as it could Jaime cradled him to his chest and trailed his fingers down Bart's spine like he knew the younger boy loved.

"I found something interesting in the closet today." Jaime muttered casually.

Bart hmmed quietly in response, only half listening.

"It would seem that someone's been hiding food there without my knowing. I wonder who it could be."

Bart lazily shrugged his shoulder and pressed his face deeper into Jaime's chest, completely unapologetic.

"Anything you want to tell me Cariño?" Jaime prodded lightly.

Bart pulled back slightly and blushed.

"I might have been stockpiling some stuff, just in case."

Jaime ran a hand through his lover's hair.

"Just in case of what?"

Bart sighed and nestled back down against Jaime's chest.

"Just in case Jaime. Just in case."

Jaime nodded his understanding and cradled the smaller teen to him gently.

He knew how hard it was sometimes for Bart to believe that they would always have basic necessities like food and water.

He'd seen too many people in his time period waste away to ever take things like food or water for granted.

So Jaime didn't judge him as harshly as many others would have.

Instead he held his red head to him and whispered in his ear.

"We can have a garage sale next weekend and make some room in the basement for some shelves for you to pack some canned goods and water on. You don't need to hide things away anymore. Okay?"

Bart nodded against his shirt and held Jaime tighter.

"Thanks for understanding Jaime. For accommodating me instead of asking me to change."

"You never need to change Cariño." Jaime assured him fiercely.

He remembered all too vividly how Bart had tried to be whatever Jaime wanted him to be when they had first started dating. The Hispanic had quickly shot that idea down and explained to Bart that Jaime loved him exactly the way he was. He never had to pretend to be something he wasn't or hide things he didn't think Jaime wouldn't want to see.

"Relationships are about compromise and understanding. I want you to be happy Bart and if having a little extra food around makes you feel calmer than I'll make you enough shelves to store a feast."

Bart sniffled at that, nearly moved to tears by Jaime's devotion and acceptance of him.

He'd come to the past expecting this boy to destroy his world.

He never dreamed that Jaime Reyes would end up being the center of it.

Dedicated to the most amazing person in my life: Bramblerose4.

I'd be lost without her.