I'm Logan McCall and I know my Mom and Brother don't really talk about me much. It's not because I'm like mine and Scott's dad Rafael McCall and I didn't run away with him. To explain my story and who I am I need to go back to when I was born. My Mom and dad were High Scholl sweethearts the big thing is I was born when they were 16, that's one of the reasons why our Mom has always warned Scott and me to not get anyone pregnant until were ready to have a family

Things were ok between my parents for the first few years of my life I lived with my Mom and Grandma on my Mom's side, actually my Mom and Scott still live in that house as when she passed away when I was 10 and Scott was 5 she left it to our Mom. When I was 4 my parents got married and about a year later they had Scott. I always liked being the older brother to him. Despite him having bad Asama I taught him to climb trees, fences, play catch and all that big brother stuff.

Well we were growing up dad became a sheriff's deputy well Mom went to nursing school, our grandmother pretty much raised us, and despite her trying to neither Scott or I actually learned Spanish. I picked up some sewer words though but would never use them in front of her. To say thing were good between them would be wrong, dad started drinking a lot. Some times when we were alone with him because Mom was at work he would sit in Scott's room and touch him in ways that made him uncomfortable, he never did it to me and for years I was the only one Scott told about it. Then came the night were Mom threw him out of the house she told me later she threw out a drunk and didn't intend for him to not be involved in our lives.

I remember I was in my room doing homework and Mom was putting Scott to bed, when dad had came upstairs drunk and said he wanted to take Scott out for a walk or something like that. I wasn't paying much attention to it, until I heard Mom tell him to let go of him or hill hurt him, then I heard a loud crash and came out of my room to see my Mom run down the stairs and saw her pick up my brother who was now unconscious, I thought to myself please let him be ok and not bed dead. A few minutes later Scott regained conscious and Mom just told dad to get out. She then told me to get my shoes on and come and help her with Scott. She put Scott in the back seat of the car and told me to talk to him and make sure he didn't fall asleep I learned later that mom was worried that Scott had gotten a concussion. When we got to the hospital Mom and I went to one of the family rooms where she called Stiles' Dad at home and told him what had happened. I knew somehow that Stiles was probably listening in, I don't know why, I've always had a sort of odd ESP sort of sense about things like that. Well we were there they did some test on Scot they got some X rays of him and even did an MRI, apparently he was very good during it and stayed still for it. When we got home we saw that most of our dad's stuff was gone and he'd left a note, saying that he was staying at a hotel for now and would be in touch when he got a place of his own. He ended up initiating divorce proceedings later on that month.

Over the next few years or so we would spend weekends with him and days when Mom had to work late or wasn't going to be home until early in the morning. Then when Stiles Dad became the Sheriff over him our dad decide to leave town and join the FBI, which left us with just Mom. By the time Scott had started High School I had left town and was working on becoming a vet.

Well I was there something strange happened to me during my second year it was late one night during a full moon I was out for a run by a forest and two guys grabbed me and threw me into the trees, they dragged me into the wood and stood beside someone who then bit me on my right side and said "leave him either he dies from the bite and bleeds out or he turns either way he's screwed." I watched as they left one of the two that had dragged me there looked to be remorseful about it. A friend of mine found mine found me and the next thing I remember is waking up lying on one of the exam tables in the vet's office were we would practice on animals. The Vet was there and said "just relax you were attacked by a werewolf."

I replied "werewolf, but they don't exist."

Jeff my friend who was there said "we do so and it looks like you might turn into one."

Jeff then told me how he had been born to a family of werewolves and he was the only one left of them so he was the Alpha. He also told me that our veterinarian teacher Doctor Mathews was his emissary and had adopted him. The two of them told me that they were going to help me through everything.

Over the next few months I learned to control being a werewolf, I decided not to tell Scott or Mom until I was ready to in person. For some reason I kept putting it off, something just told me to wait you'll know when. I ended up making excuses for why I wasn't coming home when School was out I took classes in the summer to stay away. Then something happened in October just before Halloween I heard this roar and felt something. It happened a few times after that as well the last time it happened Jeff was with me in my room and he looked at me as if I was herring things when I asked him if he heard it.

We went and saw Dr. Mathews who after herring my story then asked me if I had any family that was a werewolf. I told him as far as I knew I was the only one. When I got back to my room I went through old emails from Scott and started noticing things in them that I hadn't before, I also pulled up some newspaper reports from Beacon Hills. Jeff looked at them over my shoulder and said "the Hales are a family of werewolves."

I looked at him and said "then what does Kate Argent have to do with them, apparently she started some fire and burned their house down like 8 years ago."

Jeff said "well I don't know a lot about her, I do know about her family. Remember when I told you about families of hunters, well the Argents are one of those."

I then said "so what if a member of my family got bitten by a werewolf like I did, how would that affect me like this."

Doctor Mathews then came in and said "if they became an Alpha, werewolves are like regular wolves and family packs are important. When an Alpha howls their calling their pack, a wolf howl can sometimes be heard for miles were as a werewolf howl can only be heard by the members of the pack."

I then said "so what does that have to do with me?"

Doctor Matthews replied "I can't tell you that, but I think you know already. There are rare times when brothers are bitten and one becomes an Alpha the other will hear them."

I then said to them "I worried about my brother, if he's an Alpha then that means... "

Dr. Mathews then said "not necessarily there is also something that occurs rarely like once every 100 years and it's called a true Alpha, which means they formed a pack of their own and by sheer will power became an Alpha without taking a life."

I then said "so hypothetically if my brother is one then just because he's my brother I'll hear his howl?"

Dr. Matthews's said "yes you're his family and his pack. He may not know you were bitten anymore then you know he was bitten."

I then said "I haven't told him and he never said anything to me."

Jeff then said "I get it I never told you because I didn't think you would believe it, and he probably thought you wouldn't believe it either."

I looked at them both and said "I think I need to get in touch with him and I think I know where I want to do my internship. I think I need to go home for Christmas too."

I then sent an email asking Scott for Dr. Deaton's contact information just to confirm he was still a vet. The next day I got one back from him telling me he's still in town and that my baby brother works for him.