The next morning I got up for my morning run as usual. I always liked to run in the mornings to clear my head and stuff, I used to run a lot in high school mainly thanks to coach making the lacrosse team join the cross country team in the fall. I stopped for a little while well I was doing rehab after I'd ruptured my Achilles tendon. It happened when I was in my last year at Beacon hills High during the championship game I was shoved from behind by an opposing teams player as I was close to scoring the winning goal for us with only seconds left in regulation. The ball went in and I got the goal but it was a victory no one felt like celebrating as I was on the ground in pain. The player who hit me got a suspicion for the next season and someone else for us got to take a penalty shot, some of the team say he missed on purpose because he didn't want to take the winning goal from me. After the game I was rushed to the hospital where my Mom worked she had been off that nigh but came with me in the ambulance so did Scott as Mom didn't have anyone to take him home and dad was working, it always seemed to come first to him, sometimes I wish he was like Sheriff Stilinski even after his wife died he still made time for Stiles. I often wonder what his real name was I know my Mom knows it and his Dad knows it and I think he swore Scott to secrecy on it. I just wish our dad was there for us more, and especially for Scott who barley had a relationship with him, outside of him touching him bordering on rape.

Anyway back to my Achilles tendon I ended up needing to have surgery on it to repair it, one of the things I'm greet full about being a werewolf now is I'm not in pain from it anymore when I run, It used to cause me some pain when I did it wasn't anything too bad and I'd never need anything more than Tylenol. I still have the scar though apparently scars that you had before being bitten don't heal and disappear like an injury you get from being a werewolf. I even still have the one from when I had my appendix out when I was 13.

When I got back from my run I turned on my computer to check my emails I had one from Scott who had gotten back to me with Deaton's number and one from Mom saying that it was great that I was going to come home for Christmas . I looked at the time and realised I only had an hour to shower and grab breakfast before heading to class. One big thing I've noticed being a werewolf is I can't really skip meals like I used to before I was one, it must be the whole werewolf metabolism thing. After showering I made my way to the cafeteria and then to class calling Doctor Deaton would have to wait until later.

By the time I got back to my dorm room that I shared with Jeff it was 4"30 in the afternoon, I thought to myself were has the time gone. I picked up my phone a called Dr. Deaton's office I figured if I didn't get him I could leave a message.

My brother was the one who answered the phone he sounded so professional. I said to him "hey little bro I didn't except to have you answer it."

Scott replied ""hey big bro, I would have thought you would have called earlier, Deaton's busy doing an exam on a dog right now."

I then replied "that's ok I can wait a bit to talk to him plus it gives me some time to catch up with you."

Scott then said "cool so you're thinking of coming back here then?"

I replied "yeah it feels like something is almost drawing me back there, maybe I'm just home sick but it feels more than that sometimes."

Scott thought about what his brother had said and was almost going to ask him if it was anything supernatural, but instead said "why don't you come home for Thanksgiving as well?"

I replied "yeah sounds good bro, I'll have to talk to Mom about it first, but I should be there."

Scott then told me that Deaton was there and wanted to talk to me. I heard Deaton tell Scott to help someone called Ethan give a dog a rabies shot. It made me think do werewolves get rabies I made a note of it to either ask Jeff or Dr. Mathews about it.

Dr. Deaton then talked to me a bit about school and who my teachers were he had actually had one or two of them. He basically told me that unlike a normal internship he would be willing to pay me and also train me to be an assistant to him. He told me that there would likely be some times when I might be on my own as sometimes he had other things to deal with away from the clinic. That last bit made me wonder if he also worked with the supernatural like Dr. Mathews did.

After I hung up with him I called Mom who was at home getting dinner ready apparently Scott was having some friends over and Mom said "you know how teenage boys are always hungry, she also said it was great that I was going to be there for Thanksgiving and Christmas and she told me that she couldn't wait to see me again. I apologised and said "I know it's been way to long since I've been home but now it almost feels like something is drawing me back."

When I said that she then said "is there something you need to tell me? You know you can tell me anything."

I was silent for a moment and said "nah I just feel like I want to come home I miss you and Scott, plus I want to see him play Lacrosse."

Mom then said "that's good too but if you need to talk about anything I'm here for you."

I then said good bye and that I would see their next week for Thanksgiving. The more I think about it the more it begins to make me think that my brother is an Alpha and it worries me who else is in his pack. I also though Mom has to know something as when I said I felt like I was being drawn back home she wanted to know if there was something she wanted to know if there was something I wanted to tell her maybe it would be easier then I thought.