I was jogging down the sidewalk doing my daily morning run. It seemed too early to be running to most people, but it was perfect for me. Everything went by in a blur; fast running had always been a particualr talent of mine. Along with other things, of course. I couldn't always run this fast, but I had discovered it a few years before.


I had to get away from them. I had to get to the woods where I would be safe. I knew the woods like the back of my hand, and they didn't. I had to run. I began picking up speed, and before I knew it I was flying through a soundproof tunnel of light. I was moving too fast.

Suddenly I was in the middle of the forest, in a large clearing. Before me was a medium sized cabin. It looked safe enough. I walked up to the door, knocking a few times.

"Is anybody home?" I called. When I tried the doorknob, it was locked but it had a tiny arrow on it pointing towards the window. I looked in the direction it was pointing, and saw a slender slit in the rubber sealing at the bottom of the window. I carefully slid two fingers in and pulled out a key. So I tried it in the lock, and I was in.

I couldn't hear the men's voices anymore.

Maybe I lost them in the woods.

But I don't really care, as long as they're gone.

There was a mirror on the far wall; I looked into it only to see an odd reflection staring back at me. My hair was no longer its dishwater blonde color, and was now shifting between reds, browns, black, and other various hues.

My hair was a rainbow of colors.

When I looked closer to see if my eyes were still bloodshot from crying on my way here, I saw my once sappire blue irises shifting just as my hair was.

I knew then that I was special.

That I had something unique.

What some people would call

a superpower.

But that was childish.

I knew what was happening to me, but at the same time,

I didn't.

My whole body suddenly returned to normal at the sound of some one coming towards the clearing.

I could sense them.

(End of Flashback)

That was the day I discovered many of my abilities.

Invisibility, Telekenesis, Teleportation, ability to create forcefields, ability to change looks and voice and become somebody else, the list goes on.

I am capable of anything and everything.

Who am I, you ask?

My name is Cameron Ann Morgan.

AKA the Chameleon.

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