Chapter 21: Breaking Point

"We don't discuss this. I tell you to do something, Amy, and you do it." - The Doctor

Martha was pissed.

Amy could read it in her body language as she moved from person to person, seemingly on autopilot as she tended to the wounded. She was tense and her jaw was stiff, giving orders tarted as she made her way around the camp.

"It's not as bad as it could have been," Carrick mentioned, looking around with his arms crossed. He didn't look too bothered by the damage, but his eyes kept flickering back to where the Doctor had vanished with the Daleks like he expected them to return.

Tallulah was staring at him, "What's wrong with your eyes?"

He looked down at her dryly, "birth defect," Then he looked over at Amy, "Let's go."

"Excuse me?" Amy frowned at him. She was crouched down near the ground, helping clean up some of the damage the Daleks had caused.

He straightened, "Your Doctor's gone, there are Daleks running rampage through the city. I think it's time for you to go now."

Amy stood up, narrowing her eyes, "I'm not going anywhere until those Daleks are dead."

He scoffed, "It's suicide. Your Doctor is dead, and if we don't leave we will be too."

"This isn't the first time I've come across them," Amy argued.

"Well same here." He countered, "Doesn't mean I'm willing to go against them again!"

Amy rounded on her, rage filling her, "They have my friend! And I'm damned well not going with you until I get him back. I am not losing someone else."

Carrick almost reeled back at the pure furiosity in her voice. Her eyes had teared up against her will and there was a tone of desperation in her voice. Before this, he'd been confused. The girl was strong yes, but rather innocent. He hadn't seen anything inside of her that could result in a crime worthy of the punishment the Shadow proclamation sought.

But now he saw it. It wasn't evil, it was desperation that was driving her. And that could drive her to commit whatever crimes she was apparently going to commit.

He clenched his jaw, "What do you suggest we do then, Mrs. Pond?"

"Mrs. Williams." She snapped, before taking a calming breath. "So you're just gonna help me now?"

"You're not giving me much of a choice," Carrick growled.

Amy watched him warily, "You could just...I dunno, grab me and pop off."

"Don't give me any ideas." He grumbled, before shaking his head, "I'd need a bit of time to fix this stupid thing." He raised the hand holding his vortex manipular that the Doctor had disabled.

"So we're going after him."

Amy turned to look at Martha, who had her arms crossed and was looking at them with angry eyes. She was very cross.

"Of course we aren't." Amy shook her head, walking a bit further from the camp so people couldn't hear them chat. The group followed her. "The Doctor can handle himself. But at the moment the Daleks are focused on him and we need to figure out whats they're planning."

"And how're we supposed to do that?" Tallulah asked.

Amy didn't argue with the 'we' in that sentence. If Tallulah wanted to come she could come. Instead, she held up the Psychic paper, "The Doctor gave me this when I was arguing with him. Obviously, he wants us to do something with it."

"What's that for?" Tallulah looked at it curiously.

"Psychic Paper." Amy explained, "Says whatever you want it to say."

Carrick reached for it and Amy smirked as he read it. He rolled his eyes and handed it back.

"Mature, Pond."

She snatched it back and grinned, "With this, we should be able to get in anywhere we need to in all of New York. So the Doctor wanted us to go somewhere. The problem is, where did he want us to go?"

"Wait a minute." Martha started, her eyebrows furrowed in concentration, "Down in the sewers the Daleks mentioned this…energy conductor."

"What does that mean?" Tallulah frowned.

Amy shook her head, "Dalek technology is advanced, probably needs more power than what you have here. "

Martha was thinking, "Could be a lightning conductor or…." She snapped her finger, "Dalekanium!"

"What's that?" Tallulah asked.

"it whats Daleks are made out of," Carrick replied.

Martha nodded, "They said the Dalekanium was in place."

"Any Dalekanium that they used would have to come from their own bodies." Amy pointed out, "So it must be important."

"But where?" Tallulah pointed out.

Martha shook her head but then paused. "Frank might know."

Desperation clung to them as they searched for Frank. They finally found him with a small group of people, trying to calm everyone down and keep order in Hooverville.

"Frank?' Martha called. He looked at her with a grin and she continued urgently, "That Mr. Diagoras, he was like some sort of fixer, yeah? Get you jobs all over town?"

"Yeah." Frank nodded, looking a bit surprised at the question, "He could find a profit anywhere."

"But where, though?" Martha demanded, "What sort of things?"

"Well." Frank turned towards the city, pointing, "Mainly building that."

They all turned and saw was he was pointing at, and Amy sighed. Of course.

The Empire State Building.

Getting into the building wasn't a huge hassle, thanks to the Psychic paper. The guards had given Carrick a weird look cause he'd refused to go back into the human eyes. He argued that his weird black eyes were better, and they weren't something he wanted to give up when Daleks were on the loose.

"I always wanted to go to the Empire State," Martha said as they all ushered into the service elevator. It was a bit of a squish, but they all managed, "Never imagined it quite like this, though."

Amy cleared her throat. Honestly, she could have gone her whole life without once going to the Empire State Building, or even to the city of New york. This city had ruined her entire life

"Let's just figure this out and get out of here," Amy grumbled.

"Where are we headed anyway?" Frank looking at the lift button.

"Lightning conductor?" Carrick raised an eyebrow, "Probably the top of the tower."

Tallulah was still caught up on the psychic paper, "Those guys, they just us through."

"As Amy said," Martha nodded at the ginger, "Tells you whatever I want them to. According to this, we're 4 engineers and an architect."

"Who's the Architect?" Amy joked and Martha rolled her eyes, looking extremely tense. Amy dropped her smile and patted her shoulder, "Hey..." Martha looked at her and Amy gave her a reassuring smile, "It's gonna be alright. I've been in tougher jams than this."

The elevator stopped and Martha gave her a slight nod and a tight smile before wandering off, the others coming behind her.

It looked like a makeshift office, but the room was unfinished. Tarps and pieces of woods and wire were scattered around the room and there was a wind from where the room was open to the world, the windows not yet in place. Amy shivered, it was freezing.

"Look at this place." Tallulah gasped, looking out the open wall, "Top of the world."

"Over here," Carrick called from the desk. Amy walked over and saw him looking down at some architectural plans.

Amy stared at him, frowning slightly, "Why are you helping us. You could have stayed back at Hooverville."

He looked over at her, "And let you out of my sight? Don't think so. And maybe because I hate to see a Dalek live." Amy continued to frown, not quite believing him. Finally, he sighed and shook his head, "Believe it or not Pond, I'm not a bad guy. I'm just doing my job."

"You're pretty desperate for something doing their job." She whispered under her breath before Martha and Frank made their way over to the table.

"Blimey." Martha looked down at the paper, "This is good."

"Look at the date." Frank pointed, "These designs were issued today. They must've changed something last minute."

"You mean the Daleks changed something." Martha mused.

"Must have something to do with the Dalekanium." Amy frowned.

Martha shifted through the pile, "The ones underneath, they're from before. That means that whatever they changed must be on this top chest, but not this one. We need to check one against the other."

"The height of this place." Tallulah gasped, looking down, "This is amazing."

"Careful!" Martha warned, "We're a hundred floors up! Don't go wandering off."

"I just wanna see…" She mumbled. Amy got up and wandered over to her, looking out over the city. In the distance, she could see the statue of liberty, looming over the harbor and she winced.

The last time she was looking over the city like this she had jumped. She wondered what would happen if she jumped again. How many times could you die in the same city before time decided to do something about it?

But it wasn't soon enough. About eight years too soon. She could jump off the building, and she would fall fall fall and die. She wasn't immortal, no wonder how much traveling with the Doctor made you feel that way.

"Come on." Amy lead her away from the window, "It's not safe here."

Tallulah nodded and moved over to stand by Frank, who was watching Carrick and Martha as they studied the plans.

"Have we got anything?" Amy asked, kneeling down beside them.

"Not yet." Carrick grumbled, "Whatever it is, it's small."

"I'll go and keep an eye out." Frank told them, "Make sure we're safe up here. Don't want nobody buttin' in."

He moved out a side door, and Tallulah looked out the window again, further away from the edge this time, "There's a hell of a storm movin' in."

Martha sighed, rubbing her eyes, "I wish the Doctor was here. He'd know what we were looking for."

"So tell me." Tallulah wandered over, looking at Martha with a smile, "When did you and he first hook up?"

Amy looked over at Martha sharply. Had she told Tallulah they were together? Or had the girl just assumed...

"It was in a hospital, sort of," Martha said, not correcting Tallulahs mistake.

"'Course." Tallulah nodded, "Him being a doctor."

Tallulah knelt down and Martha grinned at her, "Actually I'm a Doctor." She said proudly, "Well, kind of."

"You're a physician." Tallulah said skeptically, "Really?"

"I was in training." Martha nodded, "Still am if I ever get back home."

"You could be doctors together!" Tallulah giggled, "What a partnership. Oh, it's such a shame. If only he wasn't so...different. You know what I mean?"

Amy snorted, realizing what Tallulah was getting at. "You have no idea."

"He..." Martha cleared her throat, lowering her voice a bit like she didn't want Amy to hear, "He had this companion a while back, other than Amy. His...friend. And every since then it was just him and Amy and I think that sometimes he looks at me, sees me and Amy, and he's not seeing me…he's just remembering."

Amy wanted to argue, but she understood what Martha meant. More than one the Doctor had referred to Martha as Rose in private conversations with Amy. She had gently corrected him those few times and both had made sure never to mention it to Martha.

She sighed, "Martha, you're not a replacement for Rose. Rose isn't even the first companion he's has, not by a long shot. But she was with him for a long time and he's probably gonna take some time to adjust."

"I'm not going to be here for a long time." Martha pointed out sadly, "He said one's been three."

Amy winced, shaking her head, "The Doctor...he can't travel alone. Or rather, he shouldn't. He's...there's a darkness in him. A rage that you have yet to truly see. The things he's seen...he's done. He needs someone with him to ground him, keep him center."

"He has you."

Amy paused, looking up at her. She pursed her lips, "I don't count. I'm one step out the door already."

"Aw, listen sweethearts." Tallulah cut into the awkward silence that followed, trying to lighten the mood, "You wanna get all sad? You wanna have a contest with me and Lazlo."

"No." Martha shook her head, a small smile on her lips, "But listen, if the Doctor's with Lazlo now, there's every chance that he could get him out."

"And then what? Don't talk crazy. There's no future for me and him. Those Dalek things took that away. The one good thing they had in my life and they destroyed it."

Carrick stormed up from the map and walked over to the window so suddenly it made Amy jump. He had been so silent that she had actually forgotten he was there. She frowned, narrowing her eyes at him suspiciously before she turned back to Martha.

"Just keep checking the maps." She urged, "Remember, Dalekanium has to come from their bodies. Look for anything that comes from a Dalek body. I'm gonna go see what's wrong with Greedo over here."

Martha gave her a strange look but nodded as Amy stood up and walked over to Carrick, who was standing stiff as a board and staring straight out with a blank look.

Amy sighed, remembering what Tallulah had been talking about moments before, "Daleks killed someone you care about, didn't they?" Amy asked as she approached.

He snorted, leaning against the metal structure, "You really think I'm gonna do the personal thing?"

"No." Amy shook her head, "Honestly, I'm just trying to understand your hatred for them. The Doctor's got it too. The look of someone who's lost someone to the Daleks. You won't see that look on my face. Fear maybe, but not that hatred."

He nodded, "You're right, I don't." He turned to look out into the city, "I see it on your face every time you look at the Doctor."

Amy faltered at that, "Excuse me?"

He smirked, looking thrilled that the tables had turned, "The Doctor's wronged you something terrible. I don't know how, but it must be bad that you look at him with such hatred in your gaze. It's hidden, deep in your eyes but it's there. I wonder if he's seen it?"

"You're wrong." Amy snapped, "I don't hate the Doctor. He's my best friend."

"Then why does he look so guilty every time he looks at you."

Amy felt a bubble of anger rise up in her throat, and she realized for the first time that it wasn't at Carrick. It wasn't at Martha or at River or at Rory. Carrick was right. It was at the Doctor.

"That." Amy hissed, "Is none of your business."

He smirked, and leaned in to whisper in her ear, malice dripping from every letter "And what I lost to the Daleks is none of yours."

"Gotcha!" Martha called from the other side of the room, "Look!"

Carrick moved away from her and wandered over to Martha while Amy tried to compose herself silently. She took a few deep breaths then moved over to where Martha was pointing, while everyone huddled around her.

"What've you got?" Amy asked, looking over the plans.

"There, on the mast." Martha pointed, "Those little lines? They're new. They've added something, see?"

"Added what?" Tallulah frowned.

"Looks like a side panel." Carrick frowned, "That a pretty vital part of a Daleks casing. Whatever this is, it must be important."

Before they could continue a ding echoed around the room and they turned to the elevator. They all stiffened in fear, staring at the door, waiting for it to open.

But it wasn't Daleks who came through, it was the Doctor.

"Doctor!" Martha cried, looking relieved to see him.

"First floor, perfumery." The Doctor said, walking into the room with Lazlo running out behind him.

"What?" Amy asked, before shaking her head, "Never mind, what's happening?"

Tallulah rushed over to Lazlo where they were hugging and whispering to each other, but the Doctor just moved past them and over to the group around the plans.

"I'm fine." The Doctor waved Amy off, "I'm good, what did you find."

"We worked it out!" Martha cheered, "We know what they've done. There's Dalekanium on the mast. And it's good to see you too, by the way."

"Oh, come here." The Doctor grinned, hugging Martha. Amy was glad he didn't try to hug her too. She was happy he was safe, but the conversation with Carrick was too recent and her emotions were all raw.


Amy whipped around to see the elevator doors closing and let out a sigh of relief. She had thought someone else was here.

The Doctor was less pleased and released Martha before running back to the elevator, trying to stop it from leaving, "No, no, no. See never waste time with a hug."

He pulled out the sonic and used it on the panel before hissing.

"It's a deadlock seal. I can't stop it."

"Where's it going?" Martha asked.

The Doctor frowned, "Right down to the Daleks. And they're not going to leave us alone up here. What's the time."

"11:15," Frank said instantly.

"The Daleks are gonna take the lift?" Amy frowned, "Why don't they just fly up here?"

"Six minutes to go." The Doctor said, "They've removed too much of their own bodies. That new Dalekanium up there is stopping them from flying. They need to come up the long way." He rushed over to the window, looking up, "I've got to remove the Dalekanium before the gamma radiation hits."

"Gamma Radiation?" Tallulah wriggled her rose, "What the heck is that."

But nobody had any time to answer her. Instead, Amy and Carrick followed the Doctor and Martha outside. Amy was hit with a burst of wet wind and knew that the storm that Tallulah had spotted was about to start.

"Oh, that's high." The Doctor swallowed, looking up, "That's very - blimey, that's high."

"And we've got to go higher." Martha nodded, "That's the mast up there, look. There are three pieces of Dalekanium at the base. We've got to get 'em off."

"That's not 'we'. That's just me." The Doctor confirmed.

"Like hell!" Amy narrowed her eyes.

Martha agreed, "I won't just stand here and watch you!"

"No." The Doctor turned to look at them, "You're gonna have your hands full, anyway. I'm sorry, but you've got to fight."

Martha looked back at the lift and a look of realization came over her face. She nodded and turned back into the room.

Carrick moved to follow her, but the Doctor grabbed his arm. He turned back and the Doctor glared at him, "Stun only."

Carrick rolled his eyes and switched his gun to stun, and then followed Martha into the room.

Amy stayed behind.

The Doctor looked out the window again, letting out a deep breath, "Amy..."

"I'm coming with you."

"I need you-"

"There's five of them in there!" She snapped, "That's enough!"

He turned back, "And if some of them die because there weren't six?"

"What if you die because there weren't two!" She snapped back. "You've been careless recently Doctor! The Daleks earlier, the Witches, the Plasmavore. Damnit you keep running into danger without care! It's like you're trying to get yourself killed!"

"Amy I don't have time to argue with you!" He snapped, "Do as your told!"

"I'm not a soldier Doctor!" She growled, "I'm not your pet, I'm your friend. And I'm trying to help you!"

"I don't need help on this!" He hissed, "I need you to stay back here and help Martha!"

"Fine!" She growled, "But don't you dare think for a second that we aren't going to have some very strong words she this is over."

And before he could snap back she stormed into the room, where the others were trying very hard to pretend they couldn't hear.

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