Authors note: This is letters written for fun by me and a friend, I have received her permission to post them here, and I will post each letter for themselves in different chapters.

This chapter is written by me and rewritten by my friend to look much better, so credit goes to her for making it look awesome. I find her to be so much better at writing then me although I seem to be improving slowly. (English is my secondary language.)


Dear Sister,

I finally reached the Barrens a few days ago. While adventuring through the Barrens I had the chance to kill a few large cats – Although they did taste rather yummy when cooked, one managed to chew my foot. Apparently I taste just as good!

I have to say, while it the Barrens I did notice the nature was odd; the plants seemed to have mutated and become alive – And one even tried to eat me at one point. I must say I am thankful it was short, although my rear will be sore for some time, but not to worry really.

While I am on the subject of the Barrens, I found your friend out here. She looked really sick and seemed to be lead up some mountain side that was occupied by warlocks and demons. I think they might be trying to sacrifice her or something – Who knows?

Anyway, I just thought I would let you know that I plan to move on. I'm getting bored of the Barrens. My next stop is Tanaris.

Best regards,


P.S – You better have healed up and rested as you promised, otherwise I will tie you down to a bed and force feed you medicine.