Author note: This chapter have I and my friend written together, credit goes to her for making it look great.

Letter from a Drunk Elf.

Dear Sister,

I thought it would be wise to write to you once again, despite silence from you. So, how are you doing? I hope you are doing well as my threat to nurse you back to health is still in play - I don't care if it ruins your 'reputation'.

Mild threats aside, I have recently arrived in Tanaris as I planned; I decided to stay within the Goblin town. Gadgetzan I believe? Ah, anyway, I must say I am enjoying myself – They really know how to throw a party and their drinks are actually really tasty. I think I had one to many the other night as I forgot what I was doing. I am pretty certain I was—

*It appears alcohol has been spilt over a section of the page making it an unreadable mess.*

-But, don't worry too much, I had been reasonable with the gold I spent and I promise in a few night's time, I will attempt to win you back. They said something about needing a new brawler for the night time entertainment. That sounds like something you would enjoy, considering you're all about, well, violence. Perhaps I should try and sell your friends too. That'd be funny.

*There is a wine stain near the bottom of the page, making some of the ink smear and run.*

I will write soon,

Best Regards,


P.S - I will send you a bottle of something. It's good stuff.