MMC: Year One

Disclaimer: Harry Potter Characters belong to J.K Rowling; that is not me

NOTE: This story is written by four different people, but it is under one account. All four of us have different styles of writing, so the chapters will vary in length, voice etc;...

Chapter 1

Summer's POV

I lean over to my best friend and neighbor, Hannah, so as not to be spotted. I whisper, "What house do you want to be in?"

I am (of course) referring to the four houses at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry: Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff and Slytherin. Hannah answers back in a sort of cocky voice, "I think Gryffindor would suit me; my dad was in Gryffindor, even though my mom was in Hufflepuff. You?" I hesitate, consider and reply," My dad was in Gryffindor, my mum was in Ravenclaw; I really can't decide." Hannah laughs, "Then let the Sorting Hat do its job!"

I look up to make sure that no one heard us even though me asking that really wasn't a secret. It's a good thing that we have a big car. A REALLY big car, I suspect my dad enlarged it a bit…. It has to fit 11… no, 12 people in it. So, let me list our family members.

So there is:

-Hannah's parents, Quinn and Edward

-My parents, Allison and David

-My twin older brothers, Jackson and Oliver. Some people mix them up, though, truth be told, sometimes they switch on purpose. Me, Hannah, my parents, and the twins' best friend, Nick Kinkle, are the only ones that can tell them apart. I have a trick, though. Oliver has a scar behind his left ear from when one of our experiments went wrong. Jack and Oliver grew out their red-brown hair to cover it up. They always do things together. But, sometimes, I can see the edge of the scar on his neck. Mum wouldn't let them grow their hair out that long! Jackson and Oliver are going into their 3rd year.

-My younger sister, Samantha, is 9, and I am told she looks a lot like me, although her hair is a shade lighter, with blond highlights. Her eyes have a tinge of green to them, also.

-Hannah's younger brother, Luke, is also 9. He has Hannah's red hair, but he has brown eyes, unlike her blue. Samantha and Luke are best friends, just like Hannah and I.

-Hannah's younger twin siblings, Korrine and Kody, are 5 years old.

We are on our way to Hogwarts. I push my trolley with my owl Puff, my luggage, and of course my wand (12 ½ inch Rowan wood with a Dragon core) towards platforms 9 and 10. I of course, know the secret to getting aboard the Hogwarts Express. I run along with Hannah, making sure there are no Muggles present, before I get to the barrier. I brace for impact, but of course none comes. Instead, I find myself staring face to face with a marvelous red steam train.

My face flushes with excitement. Jack (Jackson's nickname) and Oliver run in behind me. They run off to their friend Nick. I hear Jack saying, "Summer, we'll meet you before the train leaves!" The rest of our family comes into the station. Samantha and Luke look giddy and miserable at the same time, giddy because Oliver and Jack (those troublemakers!), and, okay, possibly me are leaving. They were miserable because they have to wait a few more years. Korrine and Kody don't really know what's going on. They keep wandering off and Hannah's mom has to go after them. The train leaves in a few minutes, so my dad yells, "Jackson! Oliver! Get over here!" They simultaneously pop their heads out of their window and say, "Yeah, Dad?" "Get down here and say bye to your family!" They roll their eyes but comply. They give Mum and Dad a quick hug goodbye. Mum says, "Now, Jack, Oliver, you boys better watch over your little sister. It's her first year at Hogwarts, you know."

"Yes, Mum, "Oliver sighs and then says, "We'll take care of ickle Summie when we're away." I blush, and look over at a middle aged, red haired man staring at us curiously. He looks like he's not here, but in the past. He shakes his head, blinks, and looks a bit sad, then walks away.

I turn my attention back to my family. "I'll miss you!" I say. We exchange hugs. I board the train at the last second, and blow one last kiss to my family.

I get anxious, as it seems like all the compartments are taken. But, after a few minutes of desperate searching and a few misunderstandings, we settle into a lone compartment at the back of the train with only two first years (we could tell by their robes). Hannah and I plop down and make ourselves at home. "I'm Summer," I say as to not get off on the wrong foot. I kick Hannah, who snaps back into reality. "Wha-oh. I'm Hannah". Hannah, a girl with amber red hair, and tons of freckles tries to kick me back. Yep, that's Hannah for you. A girl with brown, wavy hair gives a shy sort of wave. "Samantha" she mutters almost to herself before returning to her book. Another small, black- haired Chinese girl says energetically, "I'm Sherry, by any chance are you a gymnast?" "Hi Sherry, what's a mymcast?" Hannah says stupidly. "A gymnast is a person who is trained or skilled in gymnastics, and usually engages in competition of said sport," Samantha explains quietly. When we look at her, she ducks down and says behind the pages of her book again, "Sherry's a Muggle-born." Now I have nothing against Muggle-borns, but they have a seriously hard time adjusting to magic. I thought about asking the two girls what house they wanted to be in, but those thoughts were pushed from my mind when suddenly, the compartment door slides open. "Anything from the trolley?" the trolley lady asks. We each buy a couple cauldron cakes and chocolate frogs. "Whoa!" Sherry's eyes open wide when she sees the moving picture of Helga Hufflepuff.

"So where are you from?" I ask curious. Samantha answers, "Ottery St. Catchpole." Sherry replies, "Privet Dr." Hannah, as I already know, says "Godrics Hollow" I reply "Ditto." Hannah and I change into our school robes seeing as we haven't yet. Suddenly, the train comes to an abrupt stop. I smile we've reached Hogwarts!