Good day! I figured I'd write this down since the idea had me giggling earlier. I adore Hikaru no Go (but I don't own it, sorry) since it's about the only manga I've read that can make me giggle, cry, and all the emotions in between in 23 short volumes.


It Was So Intense

Hell had surely frozen over and pigs were definitely beginning to fly, or so Waya thought as he watched Shindou and Touya battle it out over a game of Go. Normally, if Waya and Isumi accompanied Shindou to the parlor their group was minus one little prick by the name of Touya Akira. Unfortunately Yoshitaka was not aware that he'd be accompanying Shindou that day, but also the dark-haired bane of his existence. In truth he'd started to get over the higher Dan's arrogance, unless his hyperactive friend was involved. When the "Dream Pair" of Shindou and Touya were playing Go together, neither were even aware of what was going on around them.

Waya wasn't so lucky in that aspect. He knew exactly what was happening, not that there were any complaints about location. They'd gone to the Go salon Hikaru had adopted so he could introduce all of the old geezers to 'The Touya Akira' and treat the salivating old men to a game the likes of which none of them had ever seen in person. Waya and Isumi just happened to be the opening act, having completed their game over an hour before.

It wasn't very often that two Pros ended up in the parlor at any given time, let alone four, so the owner was ecstatic and phone calls were made. Various individuals showed up and packed the place before anyone had a chance to think. Thus, the stench of body odor and cigarette smoke permeated the air like a cancer. Waya was actually surprised when the owner had banned cigarettes whenever Shindou was around. The boy with two hair colors had just smiled and thanked the entire establishment for foregoing their disgusting habit while he was around. Oh well, he'd never really had all that much tact to begin with.

The game was intense, of that Waya could see. Out of the corner of his eye he watched Isumi, who had a hard look in his eyes; obviously his older friend hadn't been witness to such a game either. All of the watchers seemed to be focused as well, since the murmurs in the background were at a minimum. A gun could have gone off and no one would have noticed.


Okay, maybe thinking a gun wouldn't have made a dent, but that definitely had to have roused some suspicions. Waya was surprised that no one moved. He couldn't keep quiet though.

"Good god, Shindou, tell me you weren't so into the game you didn't feel that coming on?" he all but barked at the crudeness of his friend's bowels.

His outburst did cause a stall in the game and the intensity died down for a second.

"What did I do?" Shindou asked, perplexed. Waya watched the boy look at Touya who shook his head, indicating he too didn't notice anything. Then Shindou seemed to notice the stench. "That wasn't me!" he all but shouted. Waya had to stifle a laugh at Shindou's embarrassment as Touya, forever the calm individual, crinkled his nose in revulsion.

"Really!" Shindou argued. "It wasn't me!" Yoshitaka put his hand over his nose to avoid the offending smell as he watched his friend scan the room. "Kawai-san!" Shindou snapped, causing everyone to look at the man directly behind the Pro. "You did that, didn't you?"

"I guess I was too caught up in the game," the cab driver admitted meekly. "It was so intense."

A roar of laughter filled the place as conversation started. Who knew that a game of Go could get so intense someone wouldn't even feel a fart coming on. The brown-haired Go Pro surveyed the room and suppressed a giggle at Shindou's red face, Touya's discomfort, and Isumi's failed attempt at hiding mirth. Okay, so maybe spending time with Touya wasn't all that bad, especially if Shindou and Kawai-san were in the same room.