There weren't quite the words to describe just how convenient this was.

A girl who had no emotional attachments aside from family. The same family that had moments ago condemned her to death. Ready to die, resigned to death, but not quite wanting it, still wishing in the depths of her heart that things could just be different.

Here he was, simply looking for someone he could mold into the perfect vessel, yet... he wouldn't have to rip apart her pretty little head, wouldn't have to put it back together in just the right way to make sure should he ask her to jump, she would respond with 'how high?' in midair.

And even better, she had mist flames. Potent mist flames. She'd be a strong illusionist in her own right one day, provided she had the chance.

And he'd be damned (again) if he didn't give her that chance.

Even her soul was young. Malleable. It would make things just a bit easier.

Who was he, to say no to a pretty illusionist being bound to him in such a way, one that would follow him even through his death, her death? Though perhaps not both their deaths - should one of them die, he'd have to ensure the other would be careful in the time it took them to resurface, and performed maintainance on the bond as soon as and as much as they could.

And while it might require a little bit of effort on his part, to keep her alive for now, the long term benefits far outweighed the short term cost, even overlooking his... predicament.

So, with a warning - this will hurt, Nagi - he reached into her mind, deeper and deeper, until he reached the point he could begin to unravel her soul itself, weaving it through his own while being careful to leave as much of the two unique personalities intact as he could, before reinforcing the link by carving channels meant to contain psychic backlash, to allow both the illusion of remaining somewhat separate.

Two sides of the same coin. A link so close to the core of his being it cost nothing to maintain it. Blocking it out would take far more effort.

His Nagi (because she really was his, now, in the same sense he himself was his and no one else's. Except perhaps Nagi's, because he belonged to him and she was him, to some extent, so he might just belong to her, too) would make the perfect vessel in the years it took him to escape his prison, without any of the interference and effort needed to force another to house him. And after, he could make her something of her own right, more than just the near extension of himself he needed for now.

But for now... for now, he merely created the illusory organs needed for her to survive, and began to instruct her in creating simple illusions - nothing that would hold against someone so much as expecting an illusion, but enough for now.

He created illusory organs, powerful enough to fool reality itself, and began to instruct her in the first illusion she would ever construct - that of her own corpse.

When she was concealed in a motel under a false name some distance away, he would rest for a time.

For now, there was work to be done.

A/N- A bit short, but say hello to another one-shot. I'm simultaneously happy and not happy with this one. It's not quite as shippy as I'd like at first (6996 is the only pairing I actually ship in KHR), and it seems to make a one-eighty about that about half-way through. But I think that's reasonable, given that Mukuro crosses me as the sort of person who loves himself, and if Chrome is to whatever extent him... well. You get the idea, I'm sure. I could probably ramble here for quite some time. Alas, I'm sure this is long enough as is.

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