Chapter 1 of Mad ruler going crazy

Princess Bubblegum was righting down some hypotheses for how her new invention in making would function. As her wide grin widen from her results, Peppermint Butler was walking Finn and Jake to her. Peppermint Butler had an off feeling by the princess's actions. He told them that she would start using weird words she found in an ancient dusty book. Bad that the kingdom didn't understand her anymore, but she spent more and more time in her lab then outside her kingdom. Finn and Jake understood that they had to help their friend out of her trance.

Princess Bubblegum was about to put in the last piece for her project. Carefully she placed the tip of the test tube containing an electric blue liquid into her machine. But right before a drop could go in, someone knocked at the door, destroyed Princess Bubblegum's concentration. It surprised her so much that she let go of her test tube onto the cold floor. The test tube shattered into small shards of glass, surrounding it was her special liquid. Finn heard the shattered glass. With adrenalin pumping through his vanes, he kicked the door open. Inside was a devastated Princess Bubblegum, staring down at the electric blue liquid. Her eyes wondered up to the tree male subjects who ruined her perfect experience. With speed of a Chita, she punched the closest being. Finn.

" What is your problem? Are you trying to fume me? Because of you, I have to procrastinate the project I've been working for a whole year!" Jake ran to his unconscious friend. With an angry face, Jake stretched an arm, rapping it around her.

" How dare you hit a friend, and worst, say weird words as foam and procasume!" Princess Bubblegum rolled her eyes to his comeback.

" It is not foam or procasume, but fume and procrastinate. And just so you know fume means 'to be in a state of anger' and procrastinate means ' to delay; to put off'." She tried to slip free from his grip, but it was to late. Her vision became black from lack of sleep and little food. Only voices could be heard before she lost all senses.

Her eyes slowly opened, revealing pale walls. Memories flashed in front of her, making her jolt up. Regretting it as a pang of pain forced her to move her hands forcefully to her scalp. Slowly the pain drifted, but another pain shot through her empty belly. She groaned as she placed a hand on the pale wall, supporting her up. Her nostrils were filled with a heavenly smell. She looked to her right; there in the corner of the cramped room, was a plate of tofu-chicken and mashed potatoes. Like a hungry beast, she attacked the poor plate with food. Forgetting her manners and the pain in her body, she ate everything in one go. Next to the plate stood a glass of water. Without hesitation she grabbed the glass containing fresh H2O; swallowing it all down.

After letting the food digest, her majesty saw a piece of paper next to the empty plate. With one arm she took the paper, unfolding it, and started reading.

" Dear Princess Bubblegum,

We are sorry that you had to end up in a place like this, but for the safety of the Kandy kingdom, we free you from the job of a ruler. This is temporarily of course, when you show that you are again capable of ruling again, we will give the throne back to you. We placed your favorite dish and a glass of water. We noticed that you had fainted from lack of food and sleep. Hope it is to your liking. If you have any questions, you may pull the string to your left. This is for your own good Princess.

From yours truly, Peppermint Butler"

Princess Bubblegum felt like shouting, but kept her calm. Instead there was a voice in her head, telling her a plan to escape.

Her hand grasped the string, tugging it down. There was a sound of a bell ringing. Soon after, a bananagaurd came to the door. Her plan was to lull* him. She came closer to the door.

"Bananagaurd, you have done such a great job for my kingdom, if you give me the keys for these ridicules and empty cells, I will promote you to a general. You will always be a menial*, so you must listen to me." She smiled at him sweetly. Stretching her hand out the small opening. The bananagaurd looked skeptical.

"Peppermint Butler told us that we shouldn't listen to you anymore." Princess Bubblegum felt her hand twitch from annoyance. Still she kept her false smile on.

" Peppermint Butler doesn't tell his queen's guard's to not listen to their queen. That is stupid. Right?" but when she finished, the bananagaurd had already ran of.

Minutes after the bananaguard event, Princess Bubblegum heard footsteps closing in. she hurried up to the small opening on the door. A crazy smile crossed her lips as the voice in her head gave her another plan.

On his way to visit his first crush, Finn walked down the white corridor. He wanted to try and talk some sense into her. It had bean half a year since he had seen her normal self. He remembered that she started to see him less and less ever since she started on that invention. He though she only needed time. And as soon as she would finish her machine, she would come back to him.

Finn stood in front of the door in between the princess's freedom. He felt a blush creep up his white cheeks. He never got tired of seeing the beauty in front of him. Ever. He saw her stand up from her corner; closing in on him. She placed a hand on his now pink cheeks. She stared into his blue eyes.

"My dearest Finn, I need you to derive* a special electric blue liquid from the Ice King. I will give you anything if you do this one thing for me. Do it because I love you." She placed a kiss on her hand, placing it on his nose. Finn became even redder.

"P.B, I will do anything to make you happy, but will you promise me to become more social again?" he gave her his puppy face. Even if Princess Bubblegum was loosing it, she could never stop adoring that face. She nodded.

"But I can only promise you this if you let me finish my project." Finn understood, he asked her how to obtain the special liquid, and she told him. With that over, he ran to the Ice King.

A/N: this is only the start of a big adventure. Also, the words that have a star next to it are words that (in my opinion) is just words that are unnecessary, but funny. Lull= to soothe or calm; to deceive into trustfulness. Menial= servant-like or lower ranked. Derive= to obtain form a specified source. My cousin has these cards with complicated words. She's going to have a test everyday with 50 of these words. Oh well, see you in the next chap, and don't forget to review^^