Chapter 5 of: Mad ruler going crazy

Bonniebel moved from side to side in the bed. A nightmare was crawling over her dreams. Cold sweat formed on the neck and down. Her dream was dark, horrifying, and she felt powerless in there.

"Remember me? I am the reason to why you are here. I am the reason you had to leave your loved once behind, even that vampire Marceline. I shall take over that pitiful body of yours once more, and when I do that, I will destroy everything! Don't forget that wherever you go, I will follow."

With that she woke up, spotting a person over her. In the air above her was Marshal. A picture of a beautiful woman with pale blue skin, pearl white teeth and comforting red eyes flashed before her. She resembled Marshal at the finest. Finding a way to prevent her from more nightmares, Bonniebel, with her life on the line, took a hold around Marshal's neck, tugging him into a suffocating embrace. He gasped from surprise. But before he could do anything about it, she had already fallen into deep slumber.

Marshal groaned at the discomfort on his side of this position, but while looking up at her crazy light pink lips, he couldn't stop wondering what they felt like. Daring to steal a kiss, he wiggled a bit loose from her grip, being able to move up face to face with her sugary breath. It was amazing that he had just met her, only a stranger to him really. Still, he felt like they have met before, almost like if they had met in another life. Bizarre was what he thought about this hypothesis.

Maybe he was just craving the blood from this girl. He nodded to this thought. Indeed it made more sense then the other. He freed himself from her light hold. Walking to the exit, he pulled on a long dusk-black coat and a pair of almost worn out leather shoes. Giving the sleeping princess one last glance, he silently closed the old door.

It was around midnight, barely any living soul to be seen. Knowing just the place to grab a snack, Marshal Lee headed towards his favorite place, the orphanage. There lived his favorite toy. Only she had survived his brutal blood lusting fangs. Often when he felt hunger, he would visit her at night. Maybe after an assassination was done. He could never think of sucking his target, such filthy blood, they were nothing more then rats he killed for money. No, she was pure and had a strong soul. That was his favorite.

Many years ago, when she was still a small lad, he had gotten a mission to assassinate a serial killer. The killer had kidnapped her, to eat her. In his opinion there was nothing wrong with this action, but money was money, and he sure liked to have that. Well the killer was about to open her stomach, planning to eat the liver, but he never got to that stage. Marshal had thrown a dagger at his victim's skull. The girl had seen it all, yet when he looked into her eyes, there was no fear in them, only happiness. Ignoring it, he was on his way out.

"Mister, thank you for saving me. I am in your depth now, in the name of honor and my life, I will repay you. Just say what you desire and I will do my best." She gave him an innocent smile. Sadly she didn't know what she had gotten herself into. Her promise will be worse then death. Marshal with lightning's speed ripped her free from the puny ropes around her hands; digging two sharp fangs into her bare throat. Her blood was different from any blood he had tasted before; he could hear her gasp in surprise. He stopped not long after, believing he could feed on her more. Later. As he pulled away, he saw a smile.

"I'm happy, that I could be of use for you." After that she fainted.

Marshal stood in front of a rusty gate. On a barely recognizable sign it said, "Monsters not allowed". This always made him laugh, people from the 1500s were so funny with their superstition, or used to be. It was still clear in his memory, but that was over 2000 years ago.

Even so, the spell around the orphanage did work against demons. But Marshal was no demon; he was just a creature on this earth.

The sound of a creaking gate opening brought him back. Hiding half the part of her body behind the gate, Fionna stared at him. She was clad only in an oversized shirt, showing a set of long curvy legs. He smiled. This would be fun.

Bonniebel felt a cold breeze running past her, sending shivers down her spine. She could feel a presence by her side, radiating coolness. It was staring at her. She tried to ignore it, but when a heavy substance crashed onto her, she woke up.

Marshal had thrown a big dress on her, her and her torn dress. She looked at it, not understanding why he gave her this? Marshal brought a hand to his face, chuckling silently at her unawareness.

"Stupid you, don't you remember?" he slipped a glance in between two fingers. Through his vision was a clueless expression.

"You really don't remember, do you? Let me refresh your memory. You shall assist me in killing a person. That dress is how you shall infiltrate into the persons room with him, and before you know it, wuala, hi is dead." The girl stared at the proud being. She knew that she would help him, but did she have to do something like flirting?

"I knew I was going to help you, but why do you think the person would find an interest in me?" He smirked at that, eyeing her from head to toe.

"You are an attractive person, you got impressive looks. I would think you are his ideal woman after what I've heard." She blushed at the, compliment?

"Don't let me stand in your way, hurry, go dress. I measured your body while you slept, and I found, I mean know a person with the same size. Except that your bosoms are a lot bigger. So I did some finishing touches." He winked at her stunned face. For in her pale hands was the lovely baby blue dress with a neckline way to low.

Bonniebel was on a balcony in a big mansion. Marshal had flown up there with her in his hands. The dress came along as well. He had explained that she would have to make the target invite her to his room; there he would be waiting. He promised that nothing really serious would happen to her. All Bonniebel felt was nervousness crawling on her by the task.

Marshal did something at the lock, and wuala, the glass door opened. She stood there in astonishment. With silent moves they walked in, the dress in her steady hands. Marshal stopped, making her almost crash into him.

"Hey… why did you stop?" He turned too face her; grabbing the dress.

"Strip right now, we only have 135 minutes until the party starts. I'll help you dress. It would be more effectively." Bonniebel blushed madly, what the heck was he trying to do. But she obeyed when he gave her a death warning.

With quick motions, Bonniebel undressed herself to her undergarment, specially designed for the dress, revealing her chest. They hurried to put on the corset; he tightened it, leaving her with small gasps for air. He pulled on the dress. It was a perfect fit. Just like he had imagined.

He was never the one to really notice outer appearance, yet he couldn't help but think that she was a feast for the eye. No one could be better bait for a filthy man like his target then a rare beauty like herself. As the finishing touch, Marshal placed a small sized white wig on the top of her head. He didn't need to do any makeup, considering that she was almost as pale as himself, only she had cherry red lips and rosy cheeks.

At the ball room, hosted by the Duke, was Bonniebel with an astonishing dress. Many men hungrily stared at her. It was quite unnerving. She did not like this sort of attention. Didn't like that whenever someone approached her, they would have a conversation while staring at her cleavage. Yuck was all she could think off these filthy men. Without really paying attention to where she was going, Bonniebel bumped into someone.

"Hey, watch where your goi…" the person stopped his sentence. She could feel his eyes at her bare neck. Another one. She looked up to see the admirer of her two lumps. Crazy enough, the person in front of her was the target. He stopped looking downwards, instead looked upwards at her sparkly midnight blue eyes. In his eyes she could see the lust burning bright. He placed an arm around the young woman, guiding her towards the drinks.

"My apologies, my lady. I didn't pay attention to where my feet were going. As an apology, let me accompany you to some drinks." She was utterly disgusted. While they were walking to the drinks, he kept staring down. With all her might she swallowed the rest of her pride down, or else she would die.

"Well thank you for being so kind. I would love to have a drink with such a handsome man." One of her arms went behind his back; pressing her body closer to his, letting sadly a part of her chest close too. And the man smiled hungrily. For he had found a pray to eat up afterwards.

He handed her one glass of the strongest beverage the party had. They drank one, two and tree, and finally he was getting drunk. Remembering her mission, Bonniebel leaned her whole body over the fellow drunker, playing with the inner corner of his jacket. With half closed eyelids she would go the next step.

"Don't you think this party is a bit boring now? Don't you want to show me to your room? This is your mansion after all." He didn't hesitate at all, as if his life depended on it, he speed walked to a hidden door, dragging her with him.

It had been a few hours, and Marshal was considering that the beauty had bailed on him. He was about to come out from his hiding place at the top of the victim's king sized bed. But luck was on his side, for the door flung open, welcoming an ugly man and his play toy. He led her to the bed, and Marshal had a great view from the sealing over them.

The duke started ripping of her garments, leaving her bare at all places. What she was doing was just shameful. The duke grabbed a hold of her chest and started kissing her mouth, slowly with sloppy kisses; he went for her big bosoms while gliding his fat fingers down her slim waist. A shiver was what she was now. She really couldn't handle any more. She tried getting loose, but his grip was strong. A sudden pain came from her shoulder. Turning her attention to the duke and his teeth that were engraved to the edge of her shoulder.

"What the heck are you doing!?" her mind was going wild with fear. Was she going to die now? Did Marshal leave her to die?

"Well didn't you know? I like to eat my lovely woman's. You are so young and tasty. So be quite while I feast on your delicate body." He was aiming for her other shoulder. She tried to struggle against him, screaming and shouting, but she wasn't strong enough and he silenced her with one big hand.

She closed her eyes in fear, still fighting the losing battle. The man's grip loosened, fallowed by a silent groan. There was a sound of someone falling. Cowardly Bonniebel opened one eye, on the floor was the duke, and in front of her was Marshal. Without thinking clearly, Bonniebel jumped at the vampire. He gladly caught her, as he was in a good mood after a successful assassination.

"You did great Bonnie." A memory of a woman flashed in her mind, she said the exact same thing. Tears filled her eyes as the woman's face decorated the person in front of her.

"Marceline!" She kissed the person similar to the woman. Wrapping both legs around the person, she pressed her body forcefully at them, kissing every visible spot on the face.

On the other side of the situation was Marshal, just standing still, being kissed by a naked lady. Strange as it was it actually felt comforting in a way. This had never happened before.

He had tried to fill this emptiness in his soul with women, but ever since he was born into this world a thousand years ago, nothing could fill it. It was like this girl's passionate kisses filled the emptiness, but why? He had never met her before recently. It was strange.

Her kissing stopped, Bonniebel had lost consciousness from blood loss, and Marshal wrapped her in a blanket before carrying her out the window. Doing his best not to give in to his hunger for her bloodied shoulder.

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