Mastery of the Mamodo chap 3

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Chapter 3

After the talk that centered around his mysterious "journal", (aka, his spellbook), died down, we had a little small talk about different unimportant topics. After lunch was over, I went to the next period and was almost unable to pay attention. My mind was all over the place about Nathan Hart. What would his Mamodo be like? Would it be a fight to the death? How strong is his? How many spells does he know? Would he be friendly?

Those kind of questions continued to pester me all day until seventh and the bell rang and I rushed out to my truck.

When I got to it and I was hopping in, I noticed Nathan as he was getting in another vehicle.

I followed the vehicle that Nathan was in at a discrete distance. It was in the opposite direction of my house, but I needed to know. The vehicle eventually stopped outside of a house and let Nathan out. I marked the place in my mind and drove back home.

I texted Lily when I was outside of my house and told her that I had spotted a spellbook, but had no clue what the Mamodo was like.

I went inside and looked down at my phone when I felt it buzz from an incoming text.

"Do you know where the guy lives?"

"Yeah. What now?", I sent back as I walked into the living room, on my way to my room.

As I stepped into the living room, I stopped when I felt my shoes step on paper. I glanced up from my phone and my jaw dropped when I saw that my living room floor was completely covered in papers that had remarkable art drawn on them.

I picked up the one I had stepped on and saw that it was a pencil drawing of a snake that was curled up to strike. Frankly, if I had saw it before I had stepped on it, I would've thought it was an actual snake. It was so detailed it appeared like it would jump off the page at any moment and bury its fangs in my skin.

"Do you like it?" I jumped as I noticed Aaron sitting on the couch with a pencil and another piece of paper.

I nodded and said, "this is amazing! You drew all of these?" I picked up another paper by random and saw that it was a desk with a piece of parchment and a few other random objects laying on it. All in striking detail.

"Yeah. I tried to imitate things I saw on the tv the best I could. Are they any good?"

"Good? These are amazing! I feel as though these should have been taken by a high quality camera rather than drawn by pencil-"

My complimenting was interrupted by my phone buzzing.

I checked it and it said, "well you can tell me where the guy lives and I can go and take him out myself, or you can come along."

"Fine. Do you have a vehicle?"

"Yes. Why?"

I told her to meet me outside of a store that was a little ways away and we would drive there together once we had a plan.

She agreed and said that she would be there in half an hour. I put my phone in my pocket and turned to him with a serious expression.

"I found someone with a spellbook today. We're going to meet up with Lily and think up some sort of plan. You ready to go?"

He nodded and put his hat, that had been laying next to him, on. I had hardly noticed his horns, due to them being the same pure black color as his hair. He wore his hat in such a way so that the horns only poked up slightly through the hat. A detail almost no one would notice. And if someone did notice, they would probably just think it was his hair sticking up.

I grabbed my Aaron's spellbook out of my backpack and we got in the truck.

"Do you know the owner?", Aaron asks as we pull out of my driveway.

"Barely. I've seen him around my school the whole year but never talked to him. I only spoke to him for the first time today."

"So you won't feel bad if he gets hurt while fighting?"

I hesitated before answering, "I'll still feel guilty if he gets hurt while we fight. But if it's necessary, I'll bury my guilt and do whatever is needed to be done. But let's try our best not to hurt him, okay?"

Aaron nodded. "Yeah. I don't want to hurt any innocent people whether on purpose or on accident. Do you think we will be able to turn this guy into an ally like you did with Lily?"

I shook my head. "I don't know. We will just have to see how friendly and trustworthy his Mamodo is. If any of us don't trust the guy or the Mamodo, then we will fight. We're here."

I pull into the stores parking lot and park in the back where it would be impossible to miss us.

I had arrived about five minutes early and kept an eye out for Lily in every vehicle that entered the parking lot. I kept thinking about different strategies as we waited. Three minutes later, I saw a vehicle with Lily at the wheel pull into the parking lot and I waved her down. She parked next to me and all of us met at the back of my truck.

I had grabbed the map from my dashboard and lowered the gate to provide a flat surface.

"His house is here," I pointed at a road and wrote the address next to the spot.

Before I could tell her my plan, she fixed a glare on me and raised a finger while saying, "you better not do what you did to me, with him. That was pure luck and bad paying attention on my part. I don't think it would work again."

I raised my hands in a surrendering gesture and said, "alright, alright. I wasn't thinking of doing that."

She nodded and crossed her arms, waiting for my plan.

"First off," I turned to Nate, "can you put that vine shield spell anywhere you want? Or does it only appear right in front of you?"

"I can put it anywhere I want, within a certain distance. Why?" He pulled off his hood and stared at me as he waited for his answer. I saw that he had short mud brown hair and amber eyes.

"It's part of the plan I came up with. I'm thinking that me and Lily will go and knock on the front door-"

"Wait, what!? Are you crazy? We'll be right in the line of fire if he happens to have his Mamodo with him!"

"That's why I asked about the vines," I say in a calm tone. "I'm thinking that we put Aaron and Nate in some bushes over here," I pointed to a spot the would be only about twenty meters away from the house, "and you will be prepared to use the shielding spell if he attacks."

I saw her debating the pro's and con's in her head and the pro's won out.

"Fine. Continue."

"Well, we will ask him about his book. If things stay peaceful, then we will try to make them our allies. If they get heated, then we will ask him where he wants to go to fight."

"But what if he starts blasting away then and there? What then?"

"Then we will need to run to here," I indicated an area that was clear of buildings and was mostly just a grassy field with a few trees here and there.

"This is where we can go to fight if he decides to attack us. And we can suggest it if he still wants to fight. Does this sound like an okay plan, or do you have any suggestions for it?"

She held a thoughtful look for a minute before shaking her head.

"No. It's a good plan. I'd hate to be the one to piss you off. You'd probably come up with some sort of ingenious plan for revenge."

I laughed and nodded. "Yeah well, let's get this over with and I can discuss all the revenge I have planned for my third grade teacher, who was the spawn of Satan. Which vehicle are we going in?"

"Yours. You know where he lives."

I nodded and we all got in my truck and I drove towards Nathan's house. When we got close, I asked Aaron, "you ready for this?"

Aaron swallowed nervously, but nodded with a smile.

"How about you two, you ready?" I asked while glancing in the back where Lily and Nate had elected to sit.

"We're ready. It's you two that should be worried. You've only fought once, and you have very little experience."

"Yeah. I'm hoping the plan will help overcome our little experience. But don't worry about it, we have two veterans with us." I added that last part for Aaron's benefit.

"Wait, won't the Mamodo feel us coming and be prepared?", Lily says and I facepalmed.

"Crap! I forgot about that. Do all Mamodo possess that ability?"

Both Aaron and Nate shook their heads.

"No. Very few actually," Nate says and I sigh in relief.

"Maybe we'll get lucky. Can you sense the Mamodo yet?"

They both nodded and Aaron says, "and it looks like they can't sense us. They aren't moving towards us or away from us at any speed."

I smiled and said, "perfect. Maybe we got lucky."

I parked on the side of the road a few houses away from Nathan's and we all got out.

After making sure everyone understood their part in the plan, we made our way to his house. Aaron and Nate took their positions while me and Lily went to the front door.

I rung the doorbell and whispered to Lily, "be ready to use that spellbook."

"I know," she hissed.

The door opened to reveal a woman that looked to be my mom's age.

"Yes?", she says when she opens the door.

I took over and smiled while saying, "hey, is this where Nathan lives?"

She nodded with a smile and asked, "yes, do you need him?"

"Yes please. We just need to ask him something."

"Okay, just a moment." She closed the door and I heard her call for Nathan. Saying that someone wanted him.

A minute later, the door opened to show Nathan, who shot me a confused look.

"David? What are you doing here?"

"Well, it's kinda about your grandfathers journal." I raised up my spellbook with a smile, "it appears I have the sequel and Lily here has the prequel."

Nathan's eyes widened and I saw fear in his expression.

"So you knew all along?"


"And you helped me get it back from a bully, even though you knew we would have to fight?"

"Well I'm hoping to avoid the fighting part. That's why I'm here with her. She tried to burn my book. With luck, I managed to take her book and we became allies."

"And you're here to offer me the same." His deadpan tone answered the question even before I asked it.

"Yes. I-"

"Screw off," he says suddenly, his voice unfriendly and full of anger. It surprised me so much that I stayed silent.

"You think just cause you beat her that you can bully me into joining your little group?"

I opened my mouth to explain that it was his choice, but he didn't give me the chance.

"Well you can go to Hell! I have my own Mamodo, and I won't let you push me around with yours!"

He grabbed his book and slammed it open.

Me and Lily both jumped back as Nathan and Lily screamed their spells at the same time.


"Ackinsta!" I saw a figure move in an open window a little ways away from us a moment before vines shot up from beneath us and blocked a giant stream of fire from barbecuing us to a crisp. Even with the shield blocking all of the fire, the heat alone from the attack made my skin feel like it was burning.

Once the flaming attack stopped, we both started sprinting in the direction of the field that we had agreed on and the two Mamodo joined us as we passed by them.

"Well, that didn't work!" Lily yells as we ran down the road and swerved to avoid another gout of fire from the attacking Mamodo.

"Well that's why we make contingencies! For when something doesn't work- move left!" I jumped left as another blast of fire melted a stop sign next to us.

We continued to avoid the fiery attacks until we got a little ways into the field. We caught our breath as we waited for the two to catch up. As Nathan and his Mamodo approached, I examined both of them.

Nathan appeared to be wheezing. I knew he was nerdy and had no extracurricular activities to help him keep in shape, so he would be even more tired than either of us from the run.

His Mamodo was about the same size as Aaron and Nate. I saw that most of his clothes were a red color that matched his skin color. He seemed as though he had a really bad sunburn that covered his whole body. But judging by the serious expression that was void of any pain, I assumed that he was like Nate in the strange skin coloring department.

Aside from the strange skin color, and overly bright red hair, I didn't see any other strange features.

They got on the field and walked the last few meters before stopping to catch their breath.

As they did, I shouted, "look! I really don't want to fight you! But if you insist, then I will!"

Both Nathan and his Mamodo made very rude gestures at us with matching sneers on their faces.

I shook my head sadly and opened my book.

"Aaron, please face them and get ready to fight."

"You to, Nate," Lily says and both of the Mamodo took their places in front of their spellbook owners.

I yelled, "Luxinar!", and Lily yelled, "Lefunox!"

I had instructed Lily to aim slightly to the left of them while I aimed a little to the right. Due to my spell having a wider area of affect and possibly hitting Nate's spell on accident.

The situation was perfect, the execution was perfect. If only they didn't use their second spell.

"Ickflosa!", Nathan shouts and I saw a giant ball of fire appear in front of them and block both attacks by burning them into oblivion.

Nate winced and retracted his arms. I saw that he had a few burns, but they were not serious. The shield faded the moment Aaron's attack petered out and Nathan wasted no time with a, "Ackinsta!"

Lily went to the left while I ran to the right to dodge the stream of fire. Once we skidded to a stop, I sensed my chance and yelled, "Luxinar!"

Aaron blasted his attack straight at them and managed to hit the Mamodo with a glancing blow that slammed him to the ground. Nathan barely dodged a few drops of the inky attack and fell on his butt doing so.

"Lefunox", Lily screams and I saw Nathan's Mamodo get wrapped up in Nate's spell.

"Hurry up and burn that spellbook, David! This spell doesn't last for long!"

I sprinted to Nathan as he tried to crawl away as fast as he could and snatched his spellbook out of his hands.

I threw the spellbook to Aaron as Nathan screamed obscenities at us and said, "Luxinar," without my usual vigor and I saw that the spell was much weaker than usual. It hit the edge of the spellbook and I saw purple flames begin to devour it.

"No!" Nathan screamed and tried to beat out the flames. The fire didn't even seem to register his efforts and continued to burn. I saw Nathan continue to beat out the flames even as they burned his fingers.

Nate's spell ended and released the fiery Mamodo, who had become translucent.

The Mamodo sat on the ground with his head hung in defeat as he stared at his burning spellbook. While I felt bad about sending the Mamodo back to his world, my guilt was alleviated by the rude things that Nathan was still screaming at us.

Once the spellbook fully burned and the Mamodo faded into nothing, Nathan just laid on the ground and cried. I felt mild pity for him then, but I waved for Lily to follow me and we left him with the burnt spot on the ground where ashes should have been.

We went back to the truck without talking and avoided several police who were inspecting the damage that Nathan had caused with his spells.

After we got into the truck, Lily smiled and patted me and Aaron on the back.

"Good job, you two. You won your first real Mamodo battle against a strong opponent. And good job Nate, strong as usual."

We all smiled, Nate included, and I jumped as I saw my spellbook, that was set on my lap, begin to glow.

"What's happening?!" I asked in a panic. I hadn't said any spells. And if Aaron did anything in my truck, we would all get harmed.

Lily waves her hands for me to calm down and said, "relax. It just means that you've learned a new spell. Which is so unfair! It took Nate and me weeks to learn our second spell!"

I smiled and opened the book. Whether by luck, or by some other force, I opened it up on the exact page that some symbols had turned silver and were glowing.

I read the word in my head, making sure not to say it out loud.

Obvenzi. It was strange sounding and I wondered what it would do. Would it be an improved version of Luxinar? Or would it be some sort of shielding spell? Or maybe something entirely unique.

"Who wants to go try this out?", I asked while starting up the truck and pulling onto the road.

Lily and Aaron raised their hands while Nate gave a small smile and nodded while rolling his eyes. I drove us to a relatively private spot with a field of corn being the only thing nearby.

We all got out and me and Aaron faced the field of corn while Lily and Nate waited by the truck.

"Okay, here we go. Obvenzi!" I watched Aaron as his arms flew up and a giant rolled up scroll appeared and unrolled itself in the direction of the corn we were facing. After almost a full minute of nothing happening, the scroll rolled itself back up and disappeared.

Aaron glanced at me with a hesitant look and I said, "I think it's some sort of shield. But I'm not sure."

I heard Lily come up behind me and she said, "only one way to find out. I'll have Nate attack the shield with a weak spell and we can see what happens."

I nodded and asked Aaron, "you okay with that?"

He nodded his consent and faced Nate as me and Lily went a good ways out of range.

Lily nodded that she was ready, so I shouted, "Obvenzi!"

She waited a moment after and said in a low tone, "Lefunox."

The giant scroll unrolled a moment before Nate's spell hit. Instead of ripping through the paper, or being rebounded like we all expected, the scroll instead absorbed the spell. The vines continued into the scroll until Nate stopped the spell and let the vines return to his arms. I noticed that the vines were a lot shorter that they usually were and saw that the scroll was no longer blank parchment. It showed an exact picture of Nate using Lefunox in the direction of the looker. The scroll rolled itself back up and disappeared.

"So it's a shield that absorbs attacks instead of blocking them. Nice," Lily says as she makes her way to the two Mamodo.

"Wait. Let me try that spell again. But this time, use your shielding spell at full power."

She stopped and looked at me with a confused look, "why? We already know what it does."

"I have a theory. Just humor me, please?"

She shrugged and everybody got in their position again.

I shout, "Obvenzi!", as she shouted, "Lefishield!"

The scroll appeared and unrolled much faster than before and instead of just opening and closing, I saw a giant vine, easily five times thicker than Nate's original weak spell that it had absorbed, appear and fly at Nate. Nate's shield spell had barely enough time to appear before the reflected Lefunox spell slammed into it. The giant vine came back into the scroll and I saw it fade from the parchment before the scroll closed. I saw that Nate's shield had nearly been breached by the powerful reflected spell and smiled.

"That is why I wanted to do the spell again," I said to an openmouthed Lily who closed it with a snap.

"No fair! Why do you get such a powerful spell so soon after meeting your Mamodo?" She didn't sound angry, just slightly annoyed.

I shrugged and gave Aaron a high five as we all got back in the truck. I drove us all back to where Lily had parked and we said our goodbyes.

We headed home and arrived just in time to see the window repairman leaving. Both me and Aaron seemed to eat more than usual when supper came around. A fact that mortified my mother when she considered that she had two growing boys to feed.

She mentioned a circus that was in town for the next few days and she managed to have me agree to take Aaron without me even realizing it. Thankfully, it was a Friday, so I knew I could sleep in tomorrow. That, more than anything, stopped me from arguing.

Once supper was over, I went straight to my bed and wondered why I was so exhausted. I remembered Lily mentioning that using spells affected the spellbook user rather harshly and that exhaustion was going to be a real issue after a battle. I wondered if it was like a muscle that would affect me less with practice, or if Lily would be feeling the same way, despite the numerous battles she had been in.

I decided that I had pushed sleep back for long enough and let its soft hold overcome my mind. I fell asleep with the spellbook beneath my pillow and dreamt of burning books and scrolls that opened to reveal strange and wonderful sights. I didn't remember any of the dreams when I woke, I just had the strangest feeling of contentment that seemed to revolve around the fact that I had burned Nathan's spellbook.

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