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Dead. My family is dead. My beautiful wife of 3 years Jeanne has died in a car accident with our son who was only 2. She fell asleep at the wheel and drove off a bridge. I can't believe they are gone for about a month now.

Gibbs gave me 2 months off. Says I need to get my head straight. Which really means "I'm sorry for your loss. I understand." Abby just cries every time I see her and hugs me. McGee just gives me a sympathetic look when I look at my family.

This morning, I am at the coffee shop. I needed to get out of the apartment. As I was going out I wasn't really paying attention and I bumped into somebody shorter than me.

"Umph." I grunted as I felt the hot coffee hit my skin through my shirt. I heard a gasp and I looked up into somebody's big chocolate eyes.

"Oh my goodness I am so sorry. Oh gosh I ruined your shirt!" The short woman said. She was beautiful and has a slight accent and I only heard it once before. Ari Haswari, who killed my partner Kate Todd a few years back.

"Are you Israeli?" I asked the mystery woman suddenly. She looked up from where she was cleaning my shirt and narrowed her eyes at me.


I couldn't exactly tell her the reason. "Uh, just wondering. Making sure I'm on top of my accents game." I laughed nervously and she raised her eyebrow.

"That is a game? Never heard of it. But very good, I am Israeli." She smirked and crossed her arms as she saw how uncomfortable I was.

I gave her my best 'DiNozzo smile'. "I'm Tony DiNozzo, by the way."

She nodded her head in recognition.

"Ziva. Ziva David." I looked at her and my jaw dropped.

"Eli David is your father?! The director of Mossad?" She rolled her eyes.

"Unfortunately. So, I am going to buy you a new shirt." She said taking out her wallet and I put my hand out to stop her.

"Miss David, I can not ask you to do that. That would not be fair." She looked at me with confusion.

"Why would it not be fair? It was my fault that I spilled your coffee on your shirt-" I interrupted her by putting my hand out

"I have plenty of shirts. However, maybe there is one way you could pay me back." I gave her another DiNozzo smile and she squints her eyes and tilts her head.

"I am not sure if I want to hear this." She teased and I laughed.

"Go out with me to dinner one night." I told her softly that she was actually shocked at how genuine I sounded.

Ziva looked nervous, she seemed like didn't trust people so easily, and quickly. But maybe I made her think otherwise. "Yes." She gave me her card. "I will see you soon Anthony." She smiled sweetly at me and walked in the opposite direction.

I was never a big fan of my name but when this gorgeous Israeli said it, I suddenly wondered why I disliked my name so much.


Tony walk back to his apartment and for the first time, He felt like as if he was finally going in the right direction in life. He looked at a picture of his deceased wife and son. "Am I moving too fast? I know you would want me to be happy. But, you all were my world." He started sobbing "I love you both. With all my heart, forever and always."

Tony woke up out of my slumber when he heard his phone ringing. Tony somehow manage to get back to his bed. He grabbed his phone from the nightstand "DiNozzo." he answered tiredly

"Hey Tony, how are you?" McGee replied hesitantly. Tony smiled, because he haven't heard from him in a few days.

"Hey McGoo, I am ok. What's up?"

"Wanna go out to coffee and catch up?" McGee asked

He checked the time. 4:30. "Sure McGee. I will see you in about an hour? I want to tell you something."

It took McGee a few seconds to respond. "Tony, is everything alright?"

Tony nodded his head even though he knew McGee couldn't see him. "Everything is fine McGee. I think it is good news."

"Ok Tony, i will see you at 5:30. I am excited about your good news." McGee replied with a smile on his voice.

"I am excited too McGee. I am excited too."

"Hey Tony, how have you been, I haven't seen you in a week or so." McGee replied sitting down with his coffee and donut.

"He McGoo, I have been ok. Just trying to make it every single day." Tony said to him giving him a sad smile.

McGee shot him back a sad smile. "I know it has been hard. Drinking?" He asked quietly.

Tony shook his head. "Heavy at first. But, now I don't do it as often. I am tired of waking up with a hangover McGee."

"Abby misses you. She really wants to visit you and talk to you but Gibbs told her to give you some time."

Tony smiled. "She can call me now. I miss my crazy little sister too."

McGee decided to change the subject. "So, what were you excited about earlier on the phone?"

Tony grinned and it was genuine. "I met this women. Ziva, that's her name. Ran into her at the coffee shop, literally. She was beautiful. And guess what? Eli David is her father."

McGee almost spit out his coffee and his eyes bulged out. "Eli? Director David of MOSSAD?! Tony!"

"I am not quite ready for a relationship. But, I wouldn't be mind being friends with her. She is independent, strong, and caring. I am not ready to move on from Jeanne." Tony told him honestly. McGee nodded his head.

"Does she know that?" McGee asked and Tony shook his head. "I think if she wants to be friends with you Tony, she will stick around. No matter what."

"Thanks McGee." Tony patted McGee on the shoulder. "I don't want to go too fast and I don't want to ruin this. If I am going to move on, I have to be serious about it. Now, I am going to take her out to dinner for ruining my shirt."

"I hope it will work out for you Tony. I can't wait to meet her." McGee replied to him with a smile.

"I think you will love her McGee. She is great."

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