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"Thanks McGee." Tony patted McGee on the shoulder. "I don't want to go too fast and I don't want to ruin this. If I am going to move on, I have to be serious about it. Now, I am going to take her out to dinner for ruining my shirt."

"I hope it will work out for you Tony. I can't wait to meet her." McGee replied to him with a smile.

"I think you will love her McGee. She is great."

Tony looked at the card Ziva gave him earlier. "I don't wanna move too fast. I just want to be friends with her. She seems cool to talk to."

McGee nodded his head. "Tell her that. Just hang out, you know. Not anything romantic or anything. Two innocent friends." He tried convince Tony and Tony smiled.

"That seems cool. Thanks Tim. I will call her tomorrow and tell her."

Tony stared down at his phone and Ziva's card with her number. She works at Foundation School, a school for emotionally disturbed kids. He smile. She clearly likes kids and Tony remembers his kid. His adorable son Nathan. Green eyes, and Jeanne's skin complexion and hair color. But the little boy definitely had Tony's mischievous smile.

Tony shook his head out of his memory of his son and looked down at the number. He sighed and finally picked up the phone.

One ring. Two rings. She finally picked up the third ring "Hello, Miss David speaking, how may I help you?" She said into the phone.

"Hey Miss David, it's Tony DiNozzo, from the coffee shop."

"Oh hello Tony. How are you? You caught me at the perfect time. It is lunch time for me."

Tony chuckled. "I'm OK. Listen, Ziva. I have to tell you something." He paused.

Ziva tilted her head and looked at her phone. "Ok, what is wrong? Are you ok?"

Tony took a deep breath. "I think I shouldn't have asked you to dinner so quickly." He blurted out and he heard a sharp intake in her breath.

"Is that why you called Anthony? Because you didn't have to call me for that." She sounded so hurt at his comment.

Tony rubbed his hand across his face.

"No Ziva, its not that. I just lost my wife and kid a month ago. I don't think I am ready to move on." He explained and Ziva sighed.

"I am so sorry for your loss Tony. I would never ask you to do something you are not ready to do. I just lost my sister a year ago. I understand how it is to lose somebody. I have never lost my spouse but if you ever need somebody to talk to, I am here." Ziva lost way more than a sister, but her own son too.

"Thanks Ziva. Maybe we can still hang out as friends sometime soon? I can never have too many friends." Tony then went back to his playful self.

Ziva seemed to see what he did as well and chuckled. "Sure Tony. I will like that. Whenever you like."

They spend a half hour on the phone. He told her some details about his life, his family who he misses dearly, and his job. She was getting into details of her life when a student needed her help. "It was great talking to you Tony, but I have to get back to one of my students. She is having a horse!"

"Ziva I think you mean a 'cow'.

Ziva sighed in frustration "English is a strange language. Farewell Tony."

"Bye Ziva" and with that, they hung up simultaneously. He smiled at the conversation he just had with her. He is glad she understands. It is going to be a while, yes. But Ziva is just a friend. He decides to call Abby, who he had missed dearly.

"Hey Abs. Wanna go out to lunch and catch up?" And he heard his co-worker squeal.

"You bet! Lets go to that deli near work! I really want a sandwich."

"Miss David, can I talk to you?" A shy 7 year old boy Zachary asked timidly walking into Ziva's classroom

"Yes, sure. Come on in Zachary. How are you?" She asked the blue eyed brunette little boy.

"What is wrong with me?"

Ziva tilted her head and leaned forward "What do you mean?"

"How come I am at this school and not a regular school like my cousins and my sister?"

Ziva was trained to answer this. Every child ends up asking this. "Well Zachary, everybody is unique and has different needs. Everybody needs help in something. This school specializes in helping kids with a certain type of need and regular schools do not."

Zachary's eyes lit up. "So, this school is just for people like me and nobody else?!" He realized excitedly. "I hate sharing."

Ziva laughed. "If you think of it that way, whatever floats your boat." Zachary got up to leave and suddenly stopped.

"Miss David?"

Ziva looked up from her lunch. "Yes Zachary?"

"Can I have my high five? I didn't get one today." He looked down at his shoes. Getting a high five or a sticker is important to the elementary school kids. The middle schoolers and high schoolers, not so much.

Ziva raised an eyebrow. "Is it because you pushed Ashley?"

Zachary immediately became defensive. "It's because the took my crayons and threw them across the room. So

I pushed her to the floor." He said the last part quietly.

Ziva shook her head. "If you misbehave in my class, no high five or sticker for that day." She told him sternly and he nodded his head.

"Yes Miss David. May I be dismissed now?" He asked politely.

Ziva smiled, proud that he was using manners. "Yes, I will see you tomorrow." With that, Zachary walked out the room.

Ziva gave a sad smile and looked at a picture of her sister and her son. "I hope you too are at peace and happy. I miss you two." She whispered to the picture.

Wow that sandwich was good. I was starving!" Tony exclaimed and Abby chuckled at his comment.

"I agree with ya Tony." She paused. "So, how have you been?"

Tony nodded his head. "I have been ok. The process of this, it is a lot. But I am getting through it. I finally got over the fact that it wasn't my fault."

"Tony, why did you blame yourself? You weren't there." Abby questioned softly.

Tony gave her a sad smile, "As a husband and father, I felt like it was my responsibility to protect my family, no matter what. I knew Jeanne was tired. I was gonna call her back in 15 minutes, Abby. Just 15 minutes. And when I called back, no answer. I just figured she went inside somewhere for coffee, or, I don't know. I just didn't think that she was THAT exhausted. I would made her pull over to sleep or something. I had no idea she was gonna drive off a freaking bridge." He ran his fingers through his hair and Abby sniffled.

"I'm so sorry Tony. She called me and left me a voicemail saying she needed to talk and that you were busy and I didn't hear my phone ringing and when I got to it, she didn't answer back. I just assumed that she got back to you. Oh Tony, I am sorry. I'm the worst friend ever." Abby leapt into his arms and sobbed. Tony dropped his jaw.

"Wait, Abby, she called you?!" He asked and Abby nodded against his chest. "How come you never told me?"

Abby wiped her eyes with her sleeve. "You were grieving Tony, I didn't want to add more stress and depressing news. I am so sorry." She repeated. "Do you hate me?" She asked looking up at him.

"I can never hate my little sister, the happiest goth on earth. I'm just surprised you are just telling me now." He told her and Abby nodded her head.

"I know I am sorry."

"It is ok Abby. I forgive you."


Ever since Jeanne and Nathan died, I have been trying to keep myself occupied in a positive way. I drank at first, but I realized, I should try and help myself and be productive and not destructive. Now, I run. Running clears my head, and its relaxing.

I was minding my own business when I tripped over a branch on the trail I was running. "Gah!"

I heard someone gasp behind me and footsteps towards me. I see a woman's shoe and I heard a slight chuckle. "So we meet again Tony." She stated helping me up. Ziva.

"Oh, um, hi Ziva. Fancy meeting you here. It kind of feels like deja vu." I laughed nervously and tried to move my wrist. I landed on it to break my fall.

"At least you do not have spilled coffee on your shirt" Ziva said with a smirk and her face changed to concern when she saw me tending to my wrist. "Can I see your wrist?" She asked and I gave it to her willingly.

She started feeling my wrist and I watched her face with interest, she twisted her lips and pushed down on my wrist and my wrist popped. "OWWW. Hey, that actually feels better. Thanks."

Ziva gave my wrist back to me. "You are welcome." And then she looked down afterwards. I don't want it to be awkward.

"You know, I have ran this route every day for 2 weeks and I have never seen you." I told her and she laughed.

"I am trying out a new route. I was just curious to where it leads to and what is around this area. I have only been in the area for a few months."

"Out of curiosity, why did you come to the area? I mean, it's great that you are here. I'm just nosey." He said to her nervously. She gave me a reassuring smile that said it was ok.

"When my little sister died, I had to get out of Israel. Things happened that never should have happened. I could not live that life anymore." She then stopped. "You ever feel like, something is, your fault? But you know that it was nothing you could do?"

Oh my Israeli friend, you have no idea. "Yep. And the guilt eats you alive until you can't take it. Then you realize that you have to face reality. No matter how much you despise it."

Ziva nodded her head. "Sometimes, you can get revenge, sometimes you cannot. Turn the bad into good, and turn the good into great."

"That's very inspirational Miss David." I told her and I felt like she was holding something back.

"Tony, I did not just lose my sister. I lost her a year ago yes. But, I also lost my son a few months ago."

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