On a nice day, Lan Hikari: NetOp of the NetNavi Megaman, savior of earth and Net City. Is walking around, ever since the defeat of the cybeasts there was peace on the earth, But then Megaman sensed some danger

Lan: Megaman? What's wrong?

Megaman: i feel something... something's not right

Lan: it means something terrible has happened!

Lan rushed to his house then into his room, he went to his computer and aimed his PET to the computer

Lan: JACK IN! Megaman!

Megaman was logged into the network, upon arriving to a attacked area, he saw that the attacker was a giant virus that knocked out the security navis, the virus was not just any giant virus, it ressembles a bull-like beast with red eyes

Megaman: its a virus, but is not like any virus we ever seen!

the bull beast attacked Megaman, Megaman managed to dodge its attacks

Lan: here it goes! Blaster! Cybersword! battlechips in! Download!

Lan inserted 2 battlechips on his PET, Megaman's right arm transformed into the cybersword while his left arm transformed into the blaster, he shot the bull beast various times with the blaster, the smoke cleared but the bull appears no damaged, Megaman uses the cybersword on the bull beast but upon hitting the beast the cybersword broke into pieces

Megaman: Lan! The virus seems it is blocking our attacks!

the virus beast glowed and grown into the size larger than a net navi but smaller than a cybeast

Lan: what!? How did it bulk up!?

the bull virus revealed a blaster on its back and aims at Megaman

Lan: Megaman!

The bull beast sent a large blast that went straight towards Megaman, suddenly 4 flashes of light shielded Megaman and sent a larger blast that destroyed the bull virus completely, leaving nothing but traces of data, the 4 lights then faded, the places where the lights stood were 4 strange looking robots unconscious, one was red and orange and his weapon was a sword, the second one was blue and cyan, his weapon was a energy bow, the third one was yellow and orange with a spiked chain for a weapon, the last one was green and grey with a spear for a weapon

Lan: are those robots?

Megaman: what they are doing in the cyberworld?

Megaman approached them but the robots started to glow and in a flash of light they vanished, the flash of light appeared near Lan and the robots appeared in front of him

Lan: they are in the real world! How they do that!?

Megaman: maybe we should call dad about this, he'll know what to do

Lan: Maybe you're right! Jack out!

Megaman logged out of the network then he got back into the PET, Lan packed what he needed then picked up the robots but he got trouble holding them

Lan: man! They're so heavy! It almost felt they are alive!

Megaman: we need help for holding them


Guren opened his eyes and looked around

Guren: where am i?

he rubbed his eye but it felt weird, he stood out of bed but he didn't hear the normal thump of his normal feet, it sounded strange

Guren: wait... I feel weird...

he tried to walk but he fell back to bed and he felt some hard object on his body

Guren: Huh!?

He touched his legs to see if they're broken but he felt no pain and it felt strange, he looked at his hand but he saw a red Quartonian hand instead of his own human hand.

Guren: "oh..."

he stared at himself for a few minutes then he screamed

Guren: Aaaaaaaaaagghhhhhhhhh!