Chapter 1

The beast stared him down. They were inches away from each other. It stood before him; 400 feet tall, crystalized dorsal spines, and a hatred burning in it's eyes...Godzilla. Steven Universe was inches away from the face of the King of the Monsters face, who was on all fours right in front of him. Steven cried out for help, but was met with no answer. The gems were nowhere to be found, nor was anyone else. Suddenly, the dorsal spines began to glow with a strange blue energy. Steven screamed, but the monster didn't do anything. The power in its spines died down, as it let out a long, 10 second roar. Before long, Steven blacked out from shock and trauma. He woke up later on a strange island with a native tribe.

Steven: Wh-where am I?

Tribe Chief: You are on infant island.

Steven: How did I get here?

Female voices: Godzilla brought you here.

Steven looked around and saw two, foot tall women dressed in priestess clothes. Then he looked up and saw Godzilla standing over the island.

Steven: Who are you?

Women: We are the Shobijin. We know who you are. You're Steven Universe. We knew your mother, Rose Quartz. She created Mothra as the keeper of peace on the planet. Where are your friends, the Crystal Gems?

Steven: You might want to take a seat, because this story is a long one...