Chapter 9

Steven and Connie were piloting the giant Gypsy Danger, a mark 3 Jaeger built to kill monsters like SpaceGodzilla. They were linked inside via the drift, which melded their minds together with their memories, emotions and thoughts. They were one with the Jaeger. One side calibrated to Steven's left hemisphere, while the other side calibrated to Connie's right hemisphere. Steven raised his right hand and Connie raised her left hand. On the Jaeger, the machine slammed one fist into it's other open palm.

Steven: Let's take him down!

The Jaeger charged forth, arms and legs unlocking for increased flexibility. SpaceGodzilla levitated forward at high speeds charging into the machine. Gypsy flew into the air and slammed it's fist into SpaceGodzilla's head. It delivered a right hook, then a left hook, then a double fisted overhead slam. SpaceGodzilla launched Gypsy back and used his Corona Beam on he Jaeger, blasting a small hole in its side.

Connie: We've got a beam too! Plasma Cannon!

Left plasma cannon activating...

The left hand of Gypsy Danger shifted into an energy gun as it charged a round of plasma. It fired right into SpaceGodzilla's chest, making it roar in pain. The energy from the crystals allowed him to recover quickly. He pulled out the Gems weapons and attacked. He grabbed one arm with Amethyst's whip, pulled it closer with the strength of Garnet's gauntlets, and tried to stab it with Pearl's spear. The Jaeger sidestepped the attacked and kneed the monster in the stomach, making it release it's grip. Gypsy grabbed SpaceGodzilla's head and punched it multiple times.

Steven: Elbow Rocket!

Right elbow rocket engaged...

The elbow on Gypsy's right arm opened up revealing a rocket. It propelled the fist forth, slamming into SpaceGodzilla's face. The energy continued to glow on his crystals as he quickly recovered.

Steven: Sword!

Right chain sword deployed...

The right arm slid open and revealed a chained obsidian steel blade which linked together to form a sword. He slashed away at SpaceGodzilla's body, leaving a number of scars on his stomach. They quickly regenerated thanks to the crystals on his shoulders.

Steven: This isn't working. We need to blow the crystals on his shloulders.

Connie: Right! Plasma cannons!

The hands on Gypsy shifted into Plasma Cannons. They both aimed and fired rounds into SpaceGodzilla's crystals, making him shrink back to normal size and lose the burn marks on his body. Realizing he was outnumbered and overpowered, he swam into the ocean and retreated to the depths.

Steven: Where did he go?

Connie: Forget it. He lost his power and has no allies left. We won. But he'll be back. When he comes back, I have a few other Jaegers to kick his butt with.

Garnet: That thing still has our power. We can't do anything until we get it back.

Steven: And we will get it back. I promise.

Amethyst: Good thing this is finally over.

The monsters were returned to monster island, which was free of crystals and was habitable for all of them. The remaining GDF machines were brought back to the hangars and everyone celebrated SpaceGodzilla's defeat.

Deep in the ocean, using the last bit of his strength, SpaceGodzilla opened a portal to another world, where strange aliens with glowing features were getting created.

SG: Steven Universe, your time will soon be done! For I have the Crystal beings' power, and with it, I shall conquer the world again! And with this alien army I shall have the planet! These Kaiju will be an unstoppable force!