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Chapter five- four days later-

Styxx walked into the kitchen and yawned as he opened up the fridge that had been a gift from his brother and his wife Tory, Styxx had used an old fashioned one but his brother and wife though that a new one would be better. He pulled out a jug of orange juice, some eggs, and the bread, Beth wasn't awake and yet and so he thought he'd surprise her with breakfast.
Just as he began to cook Urian walked into the room

"Morning dad"

Morning Urian." He said as his eldest son got out a sippy cup for Ari.

Styxx was still so happy that his son was still alive and in this world, the one son that he thought to be dead was here living and breathing. He had thought when he'd first seen him that he was an allusion a trick of that goddess Apollymi but it hadn't been.

That was one day he couldn't forget.

On that day as well he'd also gotten his wife back too, he'd gotten two of the most important people back into his life and he didn't wish for anything to change.

He put the eggs down on a plate then grabbed the toast from the toaster he buttered the toast, after he got the plate all set up he poured a tall of glass of orange juice and put the bottle away before grabbing the plate with his other hand "I'll be right back." He says as he leaves the kitchen and going to the bedroom to wake up Beth.

He set the plate and the glass down on the nightstand then leaned over to kiss Beth's cheek "It's time to wake up sweetie." He whispers into her ear, she opens her eyes a few moments later and smiles up at him

"Hey." She says her voice still filled with sleep, he smiles at her then kisses her again.

He stood up straight and grabbed the plate "I brought you breakfast he says to her as she sits up and rubs her eyes to rid them of sleep.

He sat on the edge of the bad and handed her the plate of food "How did you sleep?" He asks her

"I slept well." She says as she takes a bit of the eggs

"That's good." He says as he covers his mouth to yawn

"How did you sleep?" she asks him.

Styxx didn't know if he should tell her the truth or not, he didn't know how she would feel finding out he was forcing himself to stay awake all this time, it wasn't exactly healthy but he didn't want to sleep.

Not with Apollo loose.

He looked at Beth who was looking at him with worry and concern "I slept fine dear." He said hoping that she'd believe him, but by the look on her she didn't believe him at all
"Styxx, don't lie. You look really tired and you've been getting up in the middle of the night and walking around the house." She says to him.

He looked at her wondering how she knew that, Beth usually was a sound sleeper so he had assumed she hadn't notice but apparently she had "I haven't been able to sleep well. I worry about you and the children. About old and new enemies taking all that I have gotten to know away from me." He says to her. What he said was part of the truth but he didn't dare tell her about the other half just yet. He'd wait to tell her about that.

She set her plate aside and hugged him "We're not going anywhere Styxx. We will always be here." She says to him as she kisses his cheek.

He smiles at her and hugs her back but doesn't say a word to her as he holds her close to him not wanting to let her go.

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