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The day that Merlin brought a baby back to Myth wasn´t a normal day. For one, it was Halloween, 1981 and the day that the dark Tom Riddle was defeated for the first time.

The explosion of magic from the rebounding killing curse was so strong that Merlin was able to travel to the earth for the first time in almost three thousand years.

O he had watched from a distance how the ministry slowly corrupted and the main wizard royal house disappeared. He watched how Tom Riddle, a powerful wizard used his powers for his own gain instead of helping those in need. He saw how the pure blood community threaten by the growing muggleword followed Tom to 'protect' the old ways.

Disoriented by his sudden pull to his former home planet, Merlin needed a minute to collect himself and getting back on his feet. Magic was pulsing through the air, almost as strong as his home and Merlin knew he was brought here by magic to find the source of the power.

All around the ancient wizard was destruction. Moaning barely alive people, lifeless body's, and in the middle of a crater a baby, he was crying and blood came from a wound on his forehead. His small arms and legs fighting the blue blanket he was wrapped in.

Merlin hurried to the child. Green eyes looked up curious to him, arms were raised and Merlin listens to the silent request, picking the small child from the ground, cradling its small form against his chest.

The magic pulsing around came from the child self and the old wizard just knew that this child was the child from the prophecy he had heard many, many years ago.

With his mind reading was Merlin able to see from the surviving death eaters that the baby boy was brought by a man. The man was crying and apologizing to the child before handing him over to one of the most evil wizard since the start of human kind.

The man could be the boy's father for he told the baby that this was the only way to protect the child's mother. It disgusted the wizard, Merlin never fathered any children but he adopted four. He would die before he would let those four get hurt. Let alone sacrifice them.

Collecting the memories from the barley living death eaters in his robe and when he had the special child, carefully wrapped in the blue blanket, gathered in his arms he felt the magic pull him back to the place he belonged. Myth, the land of the Elves and the founders of magic itself.

A few seconds later a group dressed in battle robes arrived on the scene. A woman with red hair and green eyes run towards the crater, looking around with a panicked look in her eyes.

The group spread, checking the fallen dark wizards. Searching for survivors.

A cry turned their attention to the woman who fell on her knees. Her fingers found a golden bracelet, before she cried out in the worse pain she had ever felled. Another woman hugged her close as they both sobbed their heart out. "No not Harry. Please not my Harry."

A man, with raven black hair was struggled to the ground by a man with black hair and a beard. "Let me go Padfoot! I need to find him!" the man yelled, desperately fighting Padfoot. "He's out here, hurt. My son needs me!"

The man with the beard called Padfoot shook his head, trying to fight his own tears. "I'm so so sorry Prongs, but Harry is…"

"No No you can't know! He could still be…" tears fell down Prongs cheeks. "Wormtail escaped, Severus said so. Maybe he… he could be…" his kneels failed to support him any longer as he fell over.

"Prongs. James please, Lilly needs you now." Begged Padfoot.

James, otherwise known as Prongs, crawled to his wife, not able to support his own weight on his feet. "I'm going to kill Peter Lil. I promise you, I'm going to avenge our son." He softly said. "We'll find them."

"Harry will be remembered as a hero to the wizard world." A wizard with a long white walked to the couple. "He destroyed Voldemort."

"He was just a baby. How did he do it Albus?" an Auror, named Moody, asked.

James stood up pulling Lily next to him. "I don't care, you said we could trust Peter, Albus. My son shouldn't have… he… come Lils. We're going home."

Padfoot placed his hand on James shoulder. "I'll…"

"Don't, just don't…" James shrugged him of. "I lost my soul today, I need to protect my heart. I can't be betrayed again Siri. Sorry." And James and Lily disappeared. James unofficial brother watched them leave, knowing he had lost the three most imported people in his life.

"I found a memory of the attack." Moody said. "Young Potter was hit with the killing curse but somehow it rebound. He may be still alive. You should see this Albus, he was kidnapped by a unknown wizard with white robes."

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