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Merlin protected the baby from the cold by hiding him in his robe. After a long flight he felled his feet connect with the floor of a castle. The magical air of Myth surrounded him, he was home.

"Merlin, is that you? Where have you been?" a woman with raven black long hair and dressed in a blue dress walked down the stairs. "I thought we were supposed to meet with Sal in his lab an hour ago."

"I was pulled back to the earth my child." Merlin said tiredly to the Lady Rowena Ravenclaw. The raw magic that pulled him back and forth between worlds wasn´t enough to take the baby in his arms with him. Leaving even the powerful wizard with a magical exhaustion.

Rowena guided him to a chair. "Why would you travel to the earth, there is nothing there for us anymore." She said confused.

"I had some business." Merlin opened his robe, revealing the peacefully sleeping baby boy.

The smarted witch of history was shocked. "You took a living baby from that planet?" she said. "Why would you do that? A child has no place in our world!"

"He ended the evil haunting the earth for a while, sacrificed by his own kind. I believe it was his father who handed him to the darkness." Merlin handed the child to Rowena. "But his magic was stronger than the killing curse. See that scar on his head, it's from surviving a powerful curse. Can you feel the magic around him?"

Rowena nodded. "But why did you bring him here?"

"He needs to be trained for the evil isn´t gone, just temporarily wounded. And when people find out his raw magic. He´ll be like a pet in the zoo, the boy needs a normal childhood but still needs to be prepared to what will come."

"Will you train him yourself Merlin?" Rowena asked.

"No, we all will." Merlin said. "Can you inform the others?"

Lady Ravenclaw eyes still hadn´t left the baby´s small face. She smiled when he grabbed her finger in his sleep. "I will, how will we call him?"

"His name is Yrrah." Merlin said softly. "It´s the name written on the blanket I found with him." he pulled the blue blanket from his pocket, presenting it to the witch. "I need to rest, I thrust you to take care of him?"

There was no doubt in her voice as the Lady looked down again at the slumbering baby. "I will."

Rowena took Yrrah to her sister Helga. Helga was the best healer of Myth, her gift was the gift of healing so there was no doubt of that. After explaining what happened and what their mentor had told her, Helga too fell under the same spell the baby had on Rowena.

"I can't do anything about the scar but any dark magic it may have contained was pushed out when they traveled through the dimensions." Helga said looking at the lightning bolt scar on the baby's head.

"Are you sure?" Rowena asked. Helga gave her a pointed look. "Just checking." The blue dressed lady whispered under her breath.

"His magic levels are higher than Merlin's, and should be growing until he turns seventeen." Helga concluded in shock. "If anyone but Merlin had taken this child, he or she would have turned him into a weapon instead of a boy."

"But can we train him if he's already stronger than us?" Rowena said with concern.

Helga laid her hand on the small chest, closing his eyes. "Yes, he has a loving heart and a light mind. He'll listen to what we'll teach."

Both women stayed for a while, looking into the conjured crib. "Look how peaceful he looks. Like he doesn't have a care in the world."

That suddenly stopped when the door was kicked open and Godric and Salazar barged in waving with their swords at each other. "You'll pay Rick, this was the last time you…" the man dressed in a green tunic stopped when baby cries filled his ears. "What in the name of Merlin's smelly left big toe is THAT?"

"You know, one day Merlin will find out about your curse words." Godric said smirking. "But you're right. What the name of, what Sal said, is that?"

"And I thought they had brains." Rowans said, she had the wiggling baby in her arms trying to calm him down. "Were you sure Helga, when was the last time you checked?"

"Come on Row, not my fault they have no ideas how a baby looks like. You should have taught them about the birds and bees."

"We know it's a baby." Salazar Slytherin sighed rolling his eyes. "But why is there a baby in Myth? Does Mer know it's here?"

"Merlin brought him from the earth to protect him, the old man thinks he's the child the prophecy spoke off." Rowena looked into the green wide eyes, a small hand grabbed her hair to play with it.

"It's rather small to free the world from evil isn't it?" Rick took a careful step closer to look at the small thing, as afraid that when he would come close he would be bitten.

"And which line did it come from?" Sal asked following his brother-in-all-but-blood's example. "The prophecy spoke of a child born from one of us. Who's going to take care of it?"

"He's not an it. His name is Yrrah and Merlin saw how he defeated this century's dark lord." Rowena said with a huff.

"He has an amazing high raw magic in his blood, that's how he did it." Helga explained. "And a small test can tell us whose child he is."

"Just so you know, I'm not going to take care of him, even if he's my heir." Sal said crossing his arms in a Humph.

"You won't have to," Rowena said with a smirk. "I won't let anything happen to this child so neither of you to boys are going to watch him until I'm sure you don't hand him anything dangerous. You two are sometimes more childlike than the junior Elf from the Village."

"Hey I object to that." Godric protested. "I would be highly capable to take care of an infant."

Rowena looked at him with a glare. "You would drop him and the moment he could walk hand him his own sword."

"I won't drop him!" The knight protested.

"You just let my potion drop when I told you to be careful not to drop it." Pointed Salazar out.

While the others were arguing had Helga prepared the ritual. "I just need a small drip of blood Row, if you can."

The blue witch was holding the squirming child in one arm while making a small cut in the palm. When Yrrah started to cry, the two men wrapped their hands over their ears.

"Make it stop Row!" Sal yelled.

Helga and Rowena shot them angry looks, both working on their tasks. After a few minutes Rowena had calmed her charge down to the occasional hiccup and looked at Godric. "He's your heir Ric." She said.

"So give him to me." The man in red tried to take the baby out of Rowena's arms.

She turned away. "If you let him drop, hurt him in any way or give him anything too dangerous for his age. I'll end you. No warning."

"Yeah yeah, you can go all momma over him. I just want to look at my boy." Yrrah was placed in his new father's arms. "He's not that bad Sal, see he's smiling at me."

"Probably because you look funny." Sal said, taking another step closer to his brother. "Even I have to admit, when he's quiet like this, he's not that bad." Small hands reached for him. "I think he likes me too. Maybe he'll be a decent potions maker one day."

"Merlin wants us to teach him to prepare him for his destiny." Rowena said, while sitting down next to her sister.

"What was the prophecy again Row?" asked Helga, resting her head on Rowena's shoulder, smiling at the sight of the two men warming up to a new member of their family. "I know it tells that it will be one of ours and he'll end the dark but I want to know the complete version if we want to help him."

"I believe he fits two prophecies, one made a year ago in the earth." Rowena said placing her magical crystal on the table.

The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches ... born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies ... and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have the powers the Dark Lord knows not ... and either must die at the hand of the other for neither can live while the other survives ... the one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies...

"You said that Yrrah defeated a dark lord, didn't you?" Sal said. "Not my heir, did he?"

"Yes, but Riddle isn't dead." Helga said. "I found residue of black magic on Yrrah, Riddle is wounded but he can return to the living world."

"Only your heir would do horcrux making." Godric said sticking his tongue out. "My baby heir just kicked your grown up heir's ass."

"I disowned him the moment he ordered Snacky to kill the muggleborns in Hogwarts." Sal said with a huff. "You know that Rick, and should I remained you your heirs creation the deathly hallows?"

"Nah, those stupid idiots. Only the invisibility cloak has some logical meaning for this world." Rick said holding Yrrah up at eye high. "You won't do stupid thing would you? Would you? No you're going to make me proud and be a daddy's boy. Won't you? Won't you?"

Yrrah's small fingers grabbed Godric's nose and baby giggle filled the room.

"My god," groaned Sal. "He just lost the last bit brains he had."

The group laughed while Godric continued to baby babble to the child. "What is the other prophecy?" Helga asked. "The one made by Morgana."

"My aunty Morg made that prophecy?" Godric asked surprised, sitting down on the bed next to Sal facing his sisters.

"Aunty Morg?" three voices said at the same time.

"Yeah, she was the sister of Arthur. Before she became dark, she lived at the palace. I grew up around her. You guys know that I was sort of Arthur's unofficial child so Morg allowed me to call her aunt. I never told you that?"

"NO!" voiced the group.

Godric was bouncing Yrrah on his lap. "Well I guess I should have told you. But tell me the prophecy. I knew there was one but never heard it."

"You're so lucky you're holding Yrrah." Growled Rowena touching the crystal with her wand.

The one who'll have the power to end the dark will be born when the world needs him the most… Born in times of war… his power could end the dark… Heir of one of the original magic... raw magic will flow through his veins... but one pure of heart and mind will never abuse it… born to wear the crown of magic… he'll lead the magical world to a new empire… he'll possess magic so pure never seen before… dark and light will fight to control the ten magical powers in one child… But only if he follows his heart he'll be able to end the dark … with three chosen ones on his side he'll be creating a new world where light will rule or destroy magic forever… The one who'll have the power to end the dark will be born when the world needs him the most…

"Do you hear that Yrrah." Godric faced the child again. "No pressure at all! Everyone wants to control you and if you don't do it right, the magical world will be ended!" he glared at Rowena. "Please tell me this some kind of sick joke."

"No, but he's with us now so the dark and light won't be able to fight for him until we think he's ready."

"Pa' foo?" green eyes looked to his father. "Me pa 'foo?"

"Pa' foo, what in the name of Merlin's long nose hairs is a Pa' foo?" Sal said. Three angry glares were send his way. Godric covered Yrrah's ears. "What?"

"Restrain yourself in front of my son." Godric said. "No cursing."

"Seriously?" Sal asked, his mouth dropped open when he received another round of glares. "I liked you better when you would give a child a sword." He muttered under his breath.

Godric ignored his brother. "Come baby. Let's see if we can make a room ready for you."

few years later

"Where is Yrrah?" Godric run down the stairs into the great hall where Rowena and Helga were eating breakfast.

"What do you mean?" Rowena said in a dangerous tone.

"He wasn't in his room and he's too small to climb over the bars of his bed. Who took him!" the knight said worried. Godric had grown up the last few months. Something no-one in the castle had ever expected. He took care of his son who turned two a few weeks ago.

"Look Y, there is daddy." Merlin had the toddler by his hand. Black hair sticking every way and green eyes as the curse that had hit him a year ago, a lighting bold scar from that same curse.

Godric kneeled down. "Come to dada, Y."

Pitter-patter of small feet sounded through the hall before the knight caught his son lifting the small child in his arms.

"Dada, Y hungy." Yrrah beamed up to his father. "Y Milk."

"Do you want milk sweetie?" Rowena said holding a cup.

Yrrah was bouncing in Godric's arms clapping his hands. "Mommy! Y wants Milk."

What uncertain handed Godric his son over to his sister so she could help him, before turning to his mentor/father. "Why did you take him from his room? I thought I lost him."

"I found him in Sal's lab with Sal. They were making a potion. Apparently someone forget to place the locking charm on the bed again and Sal found him flying through the corridors." Merlin gave him a pointed look. "You know you should always check if you have the charm in place. Remember the first time Yrrah thought it was a good time to fly during storm."

"I still get shivers when I hear lightning. But I thought I… O yeah." The knight scratched the back of his neck.

"You picked him up before going to bed again didn't you?" Helga said with a grin. "Couldn't do with a hug goodnight?"

Godric blushed. "I was just…"

"Daddy look!" Yrrah sat on Rowena's lap, his hands were red as he was heating the milk. "Milk warm." He turned his hands to a blue glow. "Milk cold."

"Just like his parents. Rick the red one with a temper and Row the Blue one with the cold attitude." Salazar walked in, two stinging hexes were send his way which he stepped aside to let them pass. "See that Y, saw what your mommy and daddy did?" Another hex hit him in the stomach. "Helga! I thought I could count on you!"

"It wasn't me." The lady in yellow said, looking at Merlin who was looking at the laughing toddler on Rowena's lap. Out of his small fingertips another red hex made his way to Sal.

"Oh, daddy's champ. You just can't not love this child." Godric praised.

"Bad Yrrah, don't hurt your uncle Sal." Sal scowled. "Mer say something. Rick and Row are giving him a bad example."

"I think it's time to work on the first power." Merlin said thoughtfully. "He's showing more and more potential every day."

"But on which of three he shows potential for are we going to work?" Rowena said with a sigh. "He just showed Wandless and Wish. And we know he has shown his elemental."

"I have to wait a few years. We can't have a toddler creating storms every time he has a temper tantrum." Salazar said.

Helga grinned. "You just want to enjoy your free time while you can."

Salazar answered really mature by sticking out his tong.

"Wish magic will be the first." Merlin said before an argument was started. "For Wandless he needs to know spells."

"Yrrah do you want to learn magic with Grandpa?" Rowena asked. The two year old nodded and hopped in one jump from his mother's lap into his grandfather's arms, flying over the dinner table.

The moment the door closed and the grandfather and grandson were out of hearing range, the four siblings started bickering again.

By the time summer started, Yrrah was almost two and a half in earth age. In myth time went faster, one day on earth was two in myth but because Yrrah was born on earth he grew following earth time. So while a year passed in myth since Yrrah's training started, Yrrah aged a half year.

Merlin assumed that his mental age grew along with his body, but his intelligence grew harder than myth time.

The first time Yrrah read a book was that summer he was sitting on the grass near the lake playing watched by Rowena who was writing her journal. Dropping his wooden sword he crawled to her climbing on her lap, resting his head on her chest.

"Mom, what are you doing?" he asked.

"I'm writing down my memories so that one day when you're older you can read what you did when you were small." Rowena said, tickling his nose with the feather of her quill.

"Why would you do that? You have memory crystals." Yrrah asked pushing the feather away laughing.

The whole group could play the 'why-game' with Yrrah for hours without getting bored, so Rowena smiled down when she answered. "Yeah, but I read through this book and remember what I want to remember. Do you understand what I'm saying?"

"You write, to read, to remember and then to see." Yrrah said. "I get it." He looked at the parchment, "I wasn't fighting a bee mom, it was a big dragon and I was trying to be brave like dad."

Rowena looked shocked. "You can read that?"

"Off course," a butterfly got his attention. Pushing himself up he grabbed his sword. "I'll save you mom, run to the castle. I'll hold him off."

Godric appeared next to his son, sword drown. "Where is he? Where is the monster?"

"There! Go get him dad!" Yrrah grabbed his mother's hand and pulled her away. "Stay behind me mom. I'll protect you!"

"Oh thank you my strong brave knight." Rowena stayed behind Yrrah,

The two year old squinted his eyes raising his hand. "Fight fire dragon with water." He said, a wave a wave from the lake flew over Godric drenching him. "Did you see that mom? I defeated the dragon!" Yrrah beamed.

Rowena was rolling on the ground laughing at a soaked Godric who held his sword at the ground. "Oh Rick, you should see your face!"

"YRRAH!" Godric yelled. "Never do that again."

Wide green eyes looked up to his father, tears welt up in them breaking Godric's heart. "But daddy, uncle Sal said I fight fire with water…"

"I'm going to kill that snake." The wet man growled before taking a deep breath. "I'm not angry at you Y. but don't do that again. Only to uncle Sal and maybe Grandpa Merlin."

Rowena was trying to catch her breath. "Dry your dad Yrrah, before we need to clean the castle. With magic, not fire."

"Oké mom." Yrrah pointed his sword at his father, wishing to dry him. "Are you still mad at me daddy?" he asked carefully.

"Not at you son." Godric said placing his sword in his belt before lifting his boy up. "But uncle Sal has been bad, so no potions lessons for a week."

"Why?" Yrrah asked falling back into the routine.

"Because he's a slimy snake, that's why." Godric said, diving away from Rowena who tried to swat the back of his head. "But I believe I heard you're ready for lessons with your mom. And maybe we could get lessons with Aunt Helga and me too."



Around the winter when Yrrah was four years and a few months earth time, the boy was able to almost completely control five of the ten so called magical powers. Only the strongest wizards have one of the powers. Salazar had taught him the power of elemental and the normal lessons potions, at least when Godric had forgiven him. Rowena and Godric teamed up, Rowena taught him how to protect his mind from outsiders and the power to remember every word ever read, think of spells and potion steps. Godric taught him the power to use those spells wandlessly. Because Yrrah never had a wand it was easier for him to master it than when he was used to using it. Helga taught him the power of healing with lessons herbology.

It was Merlin's lessons Yrrah enjoyed the most. Wishing magic, Merlin was the only one who was able to do it and it cost him a lot of power. It was the only lesson that was a bit tiring to the hyperactive boy. Combined with his wandless magic Yrrah just pointed at something and make it happen.

But because the high magic level Yrrah had, he could combine the powers and the group new that by the time spring would come around there was nothing they could teach him more. So Merlin took Helga to the Elven village to see if they could help their child learn the other powers.

A man walked towards them, his light blue tunic flowing in the wind and through his long blond hair stood his pointy ears. His bow and arrows were on his back but one shoulder movement and he would be ready to shoot. "Merlin, Lady Hufflepuff, it has been a while."

"It has Elandorr. How have you been?" Merlin greeted his old friend.

The head of the village smiled. "The village is doing great. I've been blessed with a grandchild since the last time you visit. The first birth in two thousand years. But I don't think this is a social call. We could feel a new life arrive here a few winters ago."

"Like you, I've been blessed with a grandchild. The child of the prophecy was attacked and left defenseless, I took him here so he could be raised with the care and training he needed to fulfill his destiny. While he lives on Myth his body ages on Earth time with his intelligence growing in Myth time. He looks four but acts beyond his years. We've taught him five of the magical powers, I came to ask you for help. Teach him the last five from the all mighty from the village."

"The prophecy spook of a child from one of your children." Elandorr said eying Helga. "Which of your children did he belong to?"

"My youngest son, Godric."

"May mother nature save us all." Groaned the Elf.

"Don't get me wrong my friend, Godric has grown up for the sake of his son. Yrrah adores his father, listens to him and trains every day, but looks for wisdom to his mother, Rowena."

Elandorr nodded at this. "He has mastered five powers at the age of four?"

"He was one when he arrived in Myth and has lived here for a little more than six years. Don't let his looks foul you." Helga said. "Yrrah is a fast learner."

"I'll have to speak to the masters, I'll come back to you when the snow has melted." Promised Elandorr.

"Thank you my friend. Greetings to your village and remember that the castle will always be open for friends." Merlin said, after they said their goodbyes, he walked back with Helga.

The snow had melted two weeks ago when Yrrah found himself at a village filled with other people, or Elves, or something. They looked like him but all had white-blond hair and pointy ears. The men wore the same close as his father but from another lighter material. The women wore dressed like his mom, but also that same lighter material.

A bit scared he held his father's hand, silently praying his father would pick him up. This was the first time in his life that he was out of the castle safety wards.

His grandfather, uncle Sal and his mother were talking with a few grown elves. Aunt Helga was visiting the small hospital. "Daddy, do I have too?"

With a reassuring smile Godric looked at his son, kneeling so he was on eyesight with the small boy. "You know you need to learn the other five powers. We can't teach you those, they can."

"But I want to stay with you." Yrrah whispered.

"Hey what's with the water works?" Godric brushed the tears away. "I'm not going to leave you Y. One of us will always be in the village while you're here. And you still sleep every night in the castle."

Yrrah threw himself in his surprised father's arms. "You promise you won't leave me. Promise promise?"

"I'm always with you when you need me." The knight reassured. Standing up with Yrrah in his arms. The boy could go from acting like a grown up to a four year old within seconds. Times like this he looked more like his physical age than normal.

The group came walking towards them. "The teacher giving Jumping wants to wait until Yrrah is a bit older, the sword wants to start as soon as possible training him not only in the power of creation but also learn him how to use it." Merlin said.

"And you guys were scared I would give him a sword." Grinned Godric to his brother and sister. "So does he have to stay in the village or can he come home?"

"Until he's older someone has to stay in the village with him…" Salazar started.

"You promised." Yrrah said scared. Tightening his arms around Godric's neck.

The rest frowned, Godric rolled his eyes. "And uncle Sal just confirmed it. We're not going to leave you here alone."

"The leader of this village Elandorr just told us you can come home with us every night sweetie." Rowena said.

"Promise?" a small voice asked.

"Yes. Come, let go. The teacher will be waiting for us." Godric placed Yrrah on his feet again, taking the small hand in his.

The teacher was sitting on the grass. It was a man, looking like the other elves. His piercing blue eyes looked up when Godric coughed. "Godric, it's been a long time. I've heard that being a father suites you well."

"It does." Godric smiled. "How have you been Dominic?"

"Life has been kind to me. So this is the child of the prophecy and your son?" he asked looking to Yrrah who was hugging his father's leg. "A shy one."

"First time out of the castle. And yes, this is my son Yrrah." Godric smiled. The Gryffindor sat down on the grass, pulling his son to his side. "Say hello to Dominic Yrrah." The boy looked from his father to Dominic and back. "Don't get shy. Say hello to your teacher."

Yrrah wrapped his arms around Godric muscular arm. "Hello sir." Never before had Godric seen Yrrah act this way.

"It is an honor to meet you, young one." Dominic answered. "Have you been told what I will teach you?"

Yrrah looked up to his father. "Sword fighting?"

"That is a part of it. I'll be teaching you to make magical and non-magical objects." explained Dominic. "You'll be learning how to make your own swords and wands, conjure object from air. I thrust you learned some transfiguration?"

"My mom has been teaching me, I know all the spell books until the OWL standards wandless." Yrrah said with bit proudness in his voice.

"And it was your dad who taught you to do them without a wand?" the Elf guessed.

"Yes sir." Yrrah nodded. "I never had a wand. I don't need one, just like my dad."

Glad that his son was letting out of his shell, Godric ruffled the raven black hairs. "But you'll need one for Hogwarts my boy. You know that."

"I'll be teaching you how to transfigure and build." Dominic said. "You won't be using a wand during my lessons if you don't want one. I have to, I don't have the power you have. Now let us begin."

As the weeks passed by Yrrah learned to love the presence of others than his parents, grandfather, aunt and uncle. Dominic was a great teacher, and Yrrah loved the training where he got to use his sword. Every morning he rose at six to practice an hour before going to the village and practice some more.

An Elf called Maeghen started to teach him in the power to transform into any animal he wanted or create a whole new look. Some days Yrrah looked like a mini copy of his dad, or created blond hair and pointy ears like the Elves.

Maeghen was the daughter of Elandorr and mother to the only elf child in the village. A girl, who was growing faster than Yrrah.

One night, when Godric tucked him in he asked about it. The answer that Yrrah was human and the Elves were not didn't sound logic to the smart boy. His parents didn't age, neither did his uncle, aunt or grandpa. Not even the elves with exception of the little one. So he looked in books, trying to find it himself.

In the end was it Salazar who took pity in the boy.

During their elemental lessons Salazar sat down on the grass. "Come sit next to me Y."

"What's wrong uncle Sal?" Yrrah asked weary, letting the wind guide him back to the ground. Flying was still his favorite lessons when working with the element air. "Did I do something wrong? I promise I do better next time."

"You did nothing wrong my boy." Salazar reassured. "I know what you're looking for and I don't agree with the others who want to wait telling you."

Yrrah changed the grass into a pillow before sitting down. "Telling me what?"

"What we should have told you years ago." Salazar waved in the air, "In this world is everything around you magic. Even the way a flower goes into blossoms, or a caterpillar turns into a butterfly. But magic isn't the only thing in the world. You're a smart kid. I know you read about the earth. Tell me what you know about the people living there."

"Non-magical and magical people live there together, it's a place of war and destruction every few years. They don't learn from their mistakes, doing the same stupid things over and over again. They destroy magical creatures they don't understand. They are scared and lost believe in the light side of magic."

"You're correct my boy." Salazar said. "When Merlin was younger, there was a prophecy made. It said that during times of war, a baby boy would be born on earth. He, and he alone, will have the power to bring back the peace on earth. Ending the dark. This child will have raw magic, and he'll be able to control the ten magic powers. He'll be crowned king of magic."

"What are the ten magic powers, uncle Sal? And why are you telling me this?" Yrrah asked, his green eyes curious. Remembering word for word what his uncle told him.

"There are ten magical powers. Every year two children, born on earth, receive one extra power to use it for good. Just listen me out for the next part, okay son? This prophecy child was born a few years ago on earth, Merlin didn't know it at the time since this child was kept hidden under a charm. A dark lord called Tom Riddle who is, sadly to say, my descendant tried to kill this child when the chosen one was just one year old. The child's father brought him to be sacrificed, we know this because Merlin saw the memories. Riddle send the killing curse at the boy, the magic in the child protected the child creating a magic explosion, causing Merlin to travel back to earth. To protect the child from evil and the controlling forces of the light, Merlin decided to bring the child here to Myth so he could grow and learn how he could concur in the fight against the dark. We found out that the child was the heir of one of us and we raised him as our own. Knowing that one day the chosen one had to go back to the earth to fight the dark forces. He learned the ten powers here, wandless, shape shifting, healing , jumping which is traveling through light, perfect memory, able to speaking every language, elemental powers, telepathic powers, wish magic and the power to create magical objects." Sal looked at the boy's pale face. "You figured it out didn't you?"

"Am I the chosen one?" Yrrah asked. The Slytherin nodded. "I'm an earthling?"

"Well we all were one time. Your mom and dad, I, Aunt Helga and your grandfather were all born on earth. When we finished our destiny there we came here." Salazar said softly.

"Why tell me now? Why didn't you tell me sooner?"

"The others didn't want to tell you until you're older. They are afraid you'll be scared knowing you've to face the evil of the earth one day. I disagree, you deserve to know where you come from and why you're different from everyone else in Myth."

"I age at earth time, don't I?" Yrrah asked. "I read that earth time is different than Myth time. One to two or something like that."

"A day on earth is two here. We planned to raise you as an earthling but you were so clever. That's why you're so smart not because you had more time to learn."

Yrrah looked at the castle that he called home. "So this isn't my home and… and you're not my family? My real parents didn't want me, and now you are burdened with me?"

"No it's nothing like that." Salazar said quickly. "We are your family, and Myth will always be your home. We love you, and if it was up to us, we would have blood adopted you the moment you said 'dada' to Rick. Believe me, if we didn't want you, we would have left you on earth. You, my boy, just are more special than most children and we wanted you to stay normal as long as you could. Let you enjoy being a kid."

"But I never was normal, was I? The lessons, you've been teaching me the ten powers. You've been training me since I can talk. You've been preparing me for earth." Yrrah said accusing. "I've been wondering why, I thought it was because you didn't want me to get bored but you're planning on sending me away."

"We don't want to. Oh so many times I offered the others to lock you in a basement to keep you safe. But the earth will be destroyed by the darkness." the potions master tried to hug the boy but Yrrah pushed him off. "We only want you to stay safe, because we love you so much."

Yrrah stood there for a few moments, his fist clenching and unclenching. His memory power giving him the chance to remember every time his family told him they loved him. Never was there a lie. They did love him, Yrrah knew this. So he took a deep breath and looked at his uncle. "I understand your reasons, and I love you too. But I need time to wrap my head around this." Yrrah placed his sword in his belt and transformed into a baby deer. A form he was most comfortable in. Rowena said he looked like Bambi, a muggle story.

He ran into the woods leaving a stunned Salazar behind.

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