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In this world there are countless number of colours, each colour representing a part of nature and a part of creatures .However ,because there are that many different colour ,it sparked a conflict between the different, because they are different ,they couldn't understand one another ,and in turn feel threatened by their insecurity ,which resulted in today's world where vampires of each of their respective colour community battle it out with one another, to prove their superiority against each other .By defeating others, you gain their powers turning them yours as well as their loyalty .Yet there are those who belong to colours that couldn't be devoured ,because they create the colours and due to them being different than the other ,they are killed ,only those strong enough can survive in a world where everyone is a hunter and a prey .

In this story, everyone is a vampire, each vampire has an elemental power or a power over a natural phenomenon .the vampires are also divided into several coloured communities.

Also the generations of miracles are older than Kuroko and Kagami by a year.

Chapter 1

~The strongest ~

In the year 2030.

A person stood outside the door of an apartment, the corridor walls coloured a plain white and so are the cemented floors. Everywhere you turn in that place,the only colour that meets your eyes is white .The only exception was the lone man. Dressed in a white dress shirt with a red tie, a flaming red blazer over it and white pants he is currently relentlessly abusing the door bell and the white door while tapping his foot impatiently as he waited for the other to respond. ''ring …ring …ring ""Knock knock ""RING RIKNG..KNOCK KNOCK.."

"KUROKO! YOUR GOING TO BE LATE!"The figure shouted at the top of his lungs, banging he door with his fits as he repeated the words over and over again until…

"Kagami-kun, the door is going to break if you continue .''A pale man's voiced out quietly from behind, scaring the man infront who jumped slightly at the unexpected statement .The said boy was wearing a white dress shirt ,white pants ,blazer and a grey tie .

"Kuroko, how did you get here ?"The redhead questioned his eyes filled with curiosity and surprise .

"What do you mean, I was here all along." the said person replied, his azure eyes showing no emotions although the upturn of the corner of his lips says otherwise as he watch the red-head pull the red strands of his hair in all direction .

"Kuroko you.."Kagami grumbled under his breath before sighing, stalking past the boy heading towards the direction of the school. The azure eye teenager following shortly after.

Front gates of Teikou Academy of Specialized Magic.

"KYAAAAAAAA "Screams and shouts of adoration and excitement can be heard from miles away as the girls crowd around the entrance as a number of limousine arrived .The first limo had a shade of bright yellow stripes along the sides of the car, the side door slide open, revealing a young teenage boy with shining blond hair and golden eyes, who stepped out .His uniform consisting of a white dress shirt, yellow tie, blazer and white pants, with a logo on his right breast stating academy 5th 'Kise Ryota, light manipulator .'The said boy walks pass the crowd sending smiles and kisses to the girls on the sidelines who had immediately parted a route for the man.

The next limo had green stripes along the sides with several flora patters as the boy in the car step green hair riding the wind, spectacles shimmering slightly in gaze of the sun, dressed in a similar fashion as the previous, only difference being the green tie and blazer .He walked past the crowd, ignoring the numerous admiring stares, only focusing in the book in his hand .The Logo on his right breast showing Academy 3rd 'Midorima Shintaro wind controller .'

The following limo, had blue streaks like waves running along its side, the dark navy haired man, step out of his limo, midnight blue eyes scanning the surrounding fans of his, giving them a perverted smile and wink .His uniform though not as neat as the previous two with the top buttons of the dress shirt unbuttoned revealing his tanned skin, is similar to the others with the exception of his navy blue tie and blazer .The blue breast logo stating –Academy 2nd 'Aomine Daiki 'Water sage.'

The last limo had no particular colour distinction like the previous ones. Both of the side door slit open, the first boy to step out had purple shoulder length hair, his eyes showing only disinterest as he made his way to the gates .The second had flaming red hair eyes glaring at the crowd, one blood red and the other a shining gold, he exited the limo ,taking powerful and confident strides towards the gates ,eyes never leaving the front .The two figures wore similar uniforms like the rest of the students only differing in the blazer and tile color of purple and red respectively as they made their way into the school. Their beast logo showing academy 4th 'Murasakibara Atushi, Mind Psychic ' and academy 1st 'Akashi Seijirou –'colour magician, flame creator.'

Once the boys disappeared into the school building, the students that have gathered begin to disperse as the daily attraction has passed ,heading to their respective classes.

With Kagami and Kuroko

"What's with their major entrances every morning it's a pain!"Kagami groaned in annoyance as he stomp past the gates.

"Don't take bad about them Kagami-kun, they are still your senpai(1)you know ."Kuroko retorted as he followed the still fuming redhead to their freshman classroom for the first period.

In class 1A

"Alright, since this is the end of the midterm, today we will be conducting a test for the rankings, please head to the testing ground immediately. "The teacher commanded, voice having absolute authority over the students who immediately started heading out of class.

As the students entered the steel dome, commonly known as the training fortress, they automatically split themselves to their respective colour groups, having already experience it twice.

Kuroko stood at the sidelines as he watch the students gather among themselves. Kuroko, not having a distinct colour, could not participate in the ranking test as only those who had join or belong to a colour group could duke it out in the field . Although his ability to move through space had no distinct colour ,it is still considered rare and sought after hence placing him in the top 50th of the academy at 30th place but has no way of increasing his rank, until he joins a colour ,while his pal Kagami is the academy's 10th despite being a first year having mastered as flames, having born into this world with high-raking parents of the red community .

Kuroko watch with amusement and interest in his eyes as the first battle kick off between Kagami and Sayaka a water sage. Kagami breeze through his opponent by burning the entire field for a quick finish the moment he felt bored with playing with his opponent effectively winning the match in mere seconds as he stalked off to the benches .

The subsequent battles dragged on for hours as their opponents were usually as experienced as they are .It was only until the final pair, did a sudden announcement that broke through the hall, grabbing everyone's immediate attention.

The principal's voice cut through the minute of silence that previously occupied the hall ."Excuse me, this is the principal speaking, the technical staff have just detected an anomaly in the vicinity, the student council are already investigating the situation ,there is a high possibility that it is a scout from a coloured community ,please alert an authority if you happen to see a suspicious character .that is all'' the announcement caused quite a ruckus among the students ,losing their initial focus on the match as panic rose among them .The academy is said to be in a neutral protected territory ,not belonging to any colour ,hence the presence of even a single intruder strikes fear into any student present .

The teacher in charge at that time does not seem very convince of the possible threat having just transferred into the school urge the students to resume the match. Which after some reluctance, the final pair proceeded to do just that but minutes after the match begin, a eerie atmosphere started to descend on the as the students began to notice the strange presence of ominous tension in the room, the air pressure suddenly shifted ,causing the students to double over in pain ,writhing on the ground .Those who were left more of less still standing stronger like Kagami and Kuroko withheld the high pressure but were too forced to their knees soon after . A cheeky yet dark voice spoke from the shadows of the room ,bouncing of the walls of the room .

"Yahoo, Nice to meet you first years ~ do you know where is the strongest in the academy? We need to borrow that person for a moment ." The singsong voice spoke out, before sliding into the slim lights of the dome, enlightening his features .The person,had a childish expression on his face , midnight black hair and eyes a shade of dark blood red as he scan the room for answers to which the teacher replied though in short breaths.

''The strongest students in the school in the generation of miracles…hah…1st is Akashi Seijirou …hah..He should be arriving here soo.."But before the teacher could finish his statement ,he was cut off by a sick and disgusting sound originating from right beneath him .The teacher upon realising his predicament ,was stunned shock for a moment before instinct took over and he started screaming .

The odd man replied to the statement ,his voice dripping with menace ."That Emperor?,He is not the strongest of this school, true he's strong but not the ultimate one .Brush up on your facts dear sir .Enjoy yourself in the abyss of death ."At that, the jovial expression disappeared from his face as the aura in the room became dense with darkness, as a black hole begin to appear from underneath the teacher, swallowing him into the depths of the abyss. The students could only watch helplessly as their instructor pleads for help as he began to disappear. Before long ,silence consumes the area again.

"So now, who is going to tell me where is the strongest?"The figure bellowed sending a cold hard glare at the remaining people in the room.

'What are we going to do, at this rate we will be annihilated, where are the council members?!"Kagami mentally complained, pacing around in his mindscape until a loud thud was heard, jerking him out of his thoughts he turn towards the sound only to see Kuroko holding a mtal pipe and the figure knock out cold on the ground.

''Fear not Kise is here! "Just then a happy-go-lucky shout came from the windows and the said blond burst in through the celling, doing a somersault before landing beautifully on the ground in a half bow as he manipulated the sun's rays into solid hold threads holding the currently unconscious intruder down on the ground.

Following his arrival are the rest of the miracles appear through the huge hole Kise made, before scanning the area to access the having varying expressions on their faces .One of a disgust ,the second of disinterest ,the third of boredom and the last a calculated one .The students who were still conscious at this point could only watch the miracles in awe and respect as they inspect the place.

However the silence was soon broken by a cheerful voice "I won this round, 2 bucks now please?"The blond asked proudly, sticking his hand to the others who handed him the said money each rather reluctantly that is ,until Akashi spoke up .

"Ryota, you only restrict him after he was unconscious so it's not your win. "At this the other members took their said money back from the outstretch hand eagerly .Leaving the blond to wallow in the loss while whining 'Akashi is mean to me again'

The other students looks a the 4 bishounen(3) in awe, completely forgetting their earlier predicament until yet again, a shout of worry broke their musing

"Kuroko what do you think you were doing?!"Kagami shouted full volume at the phantom standing beside the still body.

"Escaping?" Kuroko replied face blank, answering like it was the most obvious answer in the world.

"HUH? That is your thought of a way out ?!"Kagami questioned completely lost at his friends train of thoughts and understanding.

"Hai ,is there something wrong with it ?"Kuroko asked innocently.

"Forget it …"Kagami sweat dropped at the phantom's careless answer.

Then a deep and commanding voice spoke up. "How did you take the guy out ?,what's your name and rank ?"Akashi asked eyes glinting with curiosity .

"Kuroko Tesuya, academy's rank 30th, space traveller, color group none. I just use my powers to teleport myself behind him and knock him out."Kuroko replied simply, totally not intimidated by the incredulous stares miracles are giving him, looking straight into Akashi's eyes when he answered.

''Mine's Kagami Taiga, rank 10th flame …'before he could finish his introduction, Akashi cut him.

"I didn't ask for yours so just keep your mouth shut."Akashi commanded, leaving no arguments as Kagami seethed to an incredible level, with smoke fuming out of his nostrils and ears.

"Akashi senpai ,I appreciate it if you don't talk to my friend in that tone ,just because you're a senpai and the academy's first doesn't mean I would let you talk this way to him ."Kuroko voiced out in a deadpanned manner though his eyes were lit with a red outline, giving a cold glare towards the redhead, who only looked smug as he registered the defiance in his kouhai(2) .

The rest of the Miracles could only look on in shock, Murasakibara and Midorima 's eyes widen inn surprise while Aomine and Kise had their jaws dropped on the floor.

Akashi only smirked as he replied "Your amusing Tesuya ,I can't wait for you to submit to me ."The redhead finished before signaling the others to follow him out. However, before the redhead could reach the exit ,a student nervously questioned a thought that had been plaguing his mind since the incident.

"Senpai ,is it true that your not the strongest ?"The boy asked trying his hardest not to shutter at the shear amount of commanding aura around the redhead he addressed.

"hmmm…who knows, I never got the chance to meet her yet ,Academy's strongest vampire Coracinus clandestinus or a more befitting title would be the world's strongest vampire ."Akashi replied with no hesitation before walking way with the miracles faithfully following behind him .

Their exit was done with a certain flair around it ,their blazers and coloured hair fluttering behind them .The students were once again admiring their idols until someone spoke up ."Have we heard the name before?"Kagami asked out loud to no one in particular, though the name sounds exceptionally familiar to his ears.

"I don't know."Kuroko replied face banks though his eyes showed a slight hint of worry, as he looked at the exit the Miracles have left through.

"Let's return to class Kagami–kun." Kuroko said, eyes never leaving the exit.

~Chapter End ~



(3)bishounen –beautiful or handsome boys

Extra info

Colour groups so far



Purple-psychic (mind,brainwaves etc)

Green –wind


White-no group ,vampires without magic or unable to categorize