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"Meow" — talking

'Meow' — thoughts

Okay that's it hahahaha. Enjoy my attempt at humor, I mostly just wanted to get this idea out of my head.


Deep under the sea, in a house belonging to a certain witch, a certain pink-demon is craving for seafood.

"But I-owwwww!~" Rawberry pouted as she rubbed the fresh and sore bump on her head.

Wadanohara put away her staff and folded her arms. "No! I didn't invite you to my house just so you can eat my friends. Dolphi was already scared enough." Rawberry pursed her lips and shed a few tears. "But I haven't had seafood before! Wadanohara-chan is being too mean~"

The two had become unlikely friends when they met on one of Wadanohara's trips on the surface. Their first meeting, though, had been anything but amicable.



"HELPPP!" A tearful Dolphi fled from the pink-haired glutton.

"Tasty seafood~" Rawberry chased the dolphin round and round.

The dolphin was almost hysterical. "NOOOOOOOO! I don't want to be eatennn!"



The poor dolphin had to be saved by Wadanohara stepping in and giving the pink demon girl a good whacking. Sadly, that didn't ease Rawberry's craving for seafood, though...

"I'm not going to let you eat my friends." She was definitely not changing her stance on this one. Those puppy dog eyes would not convince her otherwise.

Rawberry frowned. "But you're friends with everyone..."

"Friends with everyone..? Hmm...oh!" The little witch looked thoughtful for a moment. Then a mischievious glint appeared in her eyes. "Wait, I think there is someone..."




Sal slowly regained conciousness. He found himself in an unfamiliar room. He moved to get up, only to find that his movement had been heavily limited. Damn, he'd been tied up.

What happened? Last thing he remembered was that he had been taking a nice stroll...then suddenly he'd been jumped by an unfamiliar pink creature. Then what...? Hmm, he couldn't remember.

"Seafood~ " The sound of someone singing interrupted his thoughts.

He looked in the direction of the voice and saw the one that had captured him. The pink creature, which was actually a pink-haired girl, that had somehow managed to knock him out, was staring at hungrily and drooling. "Wadanohara-chan said I can eat this one~" Her pink eyes sparkled with glee.

A friend of Wadanohara, he supposed. Wait, did she say 'eat'? Crap. He didn't feel safe. He had a feeling she didn't mean it the way he liked it to be. And she was moving closer and closer...






Wadanohara leaned back into her chair and sighed satisfactorily. "Revenge has never been sweeter~" She murmured.

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