Chapter 2

This is so awkward. Naegi could hear Sayaka's infectious laugh as she discussed her summer with Leon. Naegi just sat there quietly, praying for a short ride. He turned his head to look at the girl sitting next to him. She had an impeccable posture and she gave off an aura of coldness. It intimidated him. He opened his mouth to talk to her, but closed it at the last second.

He then focused his attention on the couple, or whatever they were, on the opposite side. The blond boy looked beyond annoyed at the girl sitting next to him. She would occasionally let out a sigh or a small giggle, and he would offer her back an icy stare.

"Fukawa!" he suddenly snapped. "Can you stop staring at me? It's incredibly off putting and your bad looks are somewhat blinding. I would appreciate it if you wouldn't ever make eye contact again." Naegi could see why he was in Slytherin.

After what seemed like an eternity of bickering, catching up, and being purposely ignored the carriage pulled to a stop. Leon and Sayaka linked arms and stepped off of the carriage. Disgusting. Next, the blond boy sauntered off with Fukawa close at his heels. Only the girl and Naegi remained. They sat in an uncomfortable silence for a couple of seconds. Naegi couldn't stand it, so he decided to talk to her.

"So, uh," he started. She turned her head slowly. "W-what's your name?"

She just stared at him with purple unblinking eyes. Then she spoke, "It doesn't truly matter, but my name is Kyouko."

"Well, it's nice to meet you, Kyouko. I'm Makoto Naegi." She just looked at him again, but it felt as if she was looking through him, judging his genetic makeup and picking apart his innards. He thought she was going to say something, but she just got out of the carriage, leaving him with an empty feeling.

Naegi decided to follow the others. Once he got off he glanced at the school and he was yet again shocked at the beauty of it. A castle with skyscraping towers and winding corridors was something he was never able to see back home. He began his trek towards the castle, towards the welcoming warm glow spilling out of it, towards a new home.

It took him a while, but he finally found the front entry. He could see the spiky red of Leon's hair and the brilliant blue of Sayaka's. Anger began to cloud his thoughts. How could she just leave me like that? He soon felt guilt though, she wasn't his guardian and she didn't owe him anything. As he stood, somewhat confused at what to do next, a man approached him.

"Are you Makoto Naegi?" a deep voice said. Naegi nodded. "Follow me please." And then the man started off. Naegi stood, a bit shocked, for second before he joined the man. They walked silently past the front entrance.

"Uh, aren't we supposed to…?" Naegi started.

"Headmaster's orders." The man simply offered. Again quietness engulfed them. Again, Naegi needed to dispel the awkward quietness.

"What's your name, sir?"

"We're here," the man called out, completely ignoring Naegi's last statement. They approached a large oak door hidden towards the back of the castle. The man knocked twice and whispered a spell. It opened with a small click. "Please enter."

Naegi didn't want to. He didn't trust this man. His legs felt both stiff and jelly-like as he took a step into the dark cavern before him.

"Lumos," a voice said. Lights suddenly popped on, blinding Naegi in the process. He stumbled backwards a few steps. "Ah, sorry about that! I didn't mean to blind you. Hello, Makoto! My name is Jin Kirigiri, and I'm the headmaster of Hogwarts."

Naegi stared at him. He couldn't believe that this was the headmaster, he expected an ancient man with a pointy wizard hat. Jin was almost the exact opposite of that. He chuckled slightly. "A bit surprised, huh? Don't worry. Most people are." Naegi nodded. They both looked at each other. Then Jin said, somewhat embarrassed, "Welcome to Hogwarts! That should have been the first thing I said. Shall we get you sorted?"

Naegi was then pushed into a small stool. Jin stood in front of him him, reaching for something from a shelf directly above his head. "Now, we usually do this to the first years only, but you're our exception. I figured it was better to sort you in private rather than make a big show of it." As Jin stopped talking, he pulled a dusty, worn-out hat from the shelf and placed it on Makoto's head.

"Hmmmmm, very interesting," the hat said into Naegi's head. Naegi almost had a stroke. He knew all about magic and some stuff about sorting, but he had no idea that a talking hat would choose his fate. "Hmmmm, through your timid nature, I can see a heart of gold. Plus, you're brave and you have a great grasp on what is right and wrong. Let's have it be…..GRYFFINDOR!"

Jin started clapping and placed his hand on Naegi's shoulder. "Congratulations, Makoto! Now, come with me and we'll head down to the main hall for the rest of the sorting ceremony."

They both headed out of the office down a couple of corridors. Jin Krirgiri was incredibly talkative, which put Naegi at ease. He talked about everything from the school, to his past, to his daughter. "It's a shame you couldn't have been in her house," he cooed. "She's your age. I love her to death, but she makes a point to avoid me. She is lovely though. Her name is Kyouko and she's a Ravenclaw."

"Really? I just met her today on the carriages," he said. He could not believe that the venomous girl he met earlier was related to this sunny man. "She seemed…." He paused. "Nice?"

Jin was about to respond, when they entered the main hall. "Oh, I would love to chat, but you need to join your house and I need to speak. It was so nice meeting you!" Then he scampered off.

Naegi walked tentatively towards his table. He scanned it for Sayaka, and he eventually saw her, but she was holding hands with Leon and he wanted nothing to with that. He settled for a seat at the end of the table next to an incredibly muscular girl or maybe a boy, he didn't know.

With all of the cheering and friendliness around him, he kind of felt at home. The girl sitting next to him even had a conversation with him. Despite her looks, she was actually surprisingly kind. Her name was Sakura. As all the first years were sorted, Naegi could help but glance over at the Ravenclaw table. He noticed that while everyone else was enjoying each other's company, Kyouko was partaking in none of it. I'll have to talk to her later. For now, Naegi was actually feeling content. But, he had no idea what was in for him tomorrow.