Foolish fools. You thought you'd seen the last of this shameless compilation of sin?

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WARNING: G!P Elsa doing the frick-frack with Anna. Proceed of your own free will.

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The blue lace was new.

She could see the seamstresses' styles clashing on the half-inch thick piece of cloth wrapped into the seams of Anna's dress.

The silver buttons must have been repurposed heirlooms. They were shined to a mirror finish, but the embossed Arendelle Crocus' were smoothed over after so many years of being passed around. Elsa shifted in her seat as she imagined how smoothly they could be undone.

Blue lace. Silver buttons. Sheer white fringe.

Even the dark brown cherry oak vanity.

It all contrasted beautifully with Anna's skin.

To her credit, Elsa did try to stay still. She really did. Not that she wasn't intending to help alleviate Anna of her fabric tethers once she completed her quest in putting it on. She didn't want to spook the princess out of the beautiful display she was presenting.

And her voice…

Elsa could sit there until the end of time with only Anna's voice as company. And that was never in short supply.

Even now as her mate passionately rambled in front of the vanity—her enthrallment with whatever topic that had stirred her very soul making her attempt to put on her intricate gown all the more amusing to behold—Elsa was spellbound, caught by the lift and tone of Anna's words as solidly and definitely as a fox in a hunter's trap.

Anna glanced at her every so often, pausing her melody only to give Elsa chills when her eyes, so full of life, connected with hers. Elsa just had to nod when she stopped for breath to keep her talking.

Although, she couldn't help but be a little disappointed when Anna's bare skin disappeared underneath her gown. The dappled evidence of their morning's activity vanished into blue lace.

Somewhere at the fringes of her mind, The Voice crawled towards her, forcing thoughts of others being able to see her mate in this gown to the forefront of her consciousness. Jealousy mounted in her chest, forcing her muscles to tense and her insides to scream at her to hide Anna away in their room as a treasure the outside world was unworthy to behold. It was a hard feeling to shake. It swirled like a brisk winter wind stirring fresh powder into a flurry, and she bit her tongue to repress a growl.

The Voice snarled. (Move.)



Shut up.

Elsa forced The Voice back with a shake of her head, the content haze of her and Anna's wonderful, though brief, encounter in bed that morning weighing down its influence like snow bowing down a tree limb. It whimpered back into the mist, but the memory of that morning replayed in its wake, and Elsa was powerless to stop her heartrate from increasing and her breathing from becoming labored.

It didn't exactly help that Anna's frustrated grunts thrummed in her ears, but Elsa welcomed them. And she allowed herself to imagine how best to take off her mate's gown while she enjoyed watching her contort in a rare display of flexibility to put it on. Every sound and flex Anna made stoked the embers simmering in Elsa's lower belly, the licks of anticipation steaming from the coals still hot from that morning causing a purr to crawl up her throat.

"—ridiculous! I mean, really, did they have to change the time to so early today when I specifically told them I can't—Oh godsdammit!" Anna squatted and twisted and wrang her arm half-way in its sleeve like a child twirling a ribbon in a festival, eventually spinning to a stop that had her facing Elsa. She blew her copper bangs from her eyes. "Elsa, do you think you could—"

Anna froze like a rabbit that had wandered into a fox's den and found itself drunk on the adrenaline of fight or flight. Elsa's appreciating eyes rolled over her less-than-dignified pose. Elsa sat cross-legged on their bed with her head in her hand, but she may as well have been a cat lounging on the mattress and kneading the duvet while her tail curled in hungry amusement. Her chest-wrapping and pants did little to deter Anna's own gaze and the ensuing heat in her cheeks. She didn't want to admit it, but she still got those damn butterflies when Elsa looked at her like that.

Elsa's smirk slid into a fanged grin that dripped with something that made Anna's insides throw themselves against her ribs, but the mocking purr rolling over her ears ground against her pride just enough for her to calm the parts of her that had been silent since that morning.

"S-Shut up." Anna picked up the shreds of her dignity and gracefully flailed her arm completely into its sleeve after a handful of more failed attempts.

Elsa laughed, the smooth sound and subtle shake of her shoulders not helping Anna's embarrassment. "I didn't say anything."

"Don't care. Shut up." Anna turned away, but she couldn't help glancing at the smug blonde through the vanity mirror. Her face burned brighter. "And stop staring."

"I'm not staring. I'm admiring."

Anna fumbled with the button on her sleeve cuff. "Oh, of course. My mistake. If that's the case, were you even listening to me? At all? Or were you too busy admiring?"



Elsa shrugged. "It takes patience to listen and skill to pretend you're listening. I'm rather skilled."

"You're a jerk."

"And you, my love, are very attractive. Therefore, I will stare at you."

A small cushion hurled across the room, but Elsa dodged it with practiced ease.

"Aw, did I make you mad, wifey? I'm sorry." Elsa patted the bed. "Come here and we can kiss and make up."

"I hate you."

"You love me."

"Yes, I do. But that doesn't mean I like you."

Elsa pretended to flinch, but her smile reached her eyes and her laughter howled from arctic irises. "Oh, what a tragedy! Imagine not liking me…Me!…A beautiful, benevolent, intelligent, caring, irresistible woman." She swooned. "Make sure you have the lawmakers record this tragedy lest our descendants repeat the errs of their ancestors—"

Hands grabbed her face and swiveled her into the embrace of a familiar kiss, and Elsa welcomed the defeated though defiant pout in their movements with a triumphant laugh.

Though before Elsa could hold her hips and pull her closer, Anna pulled away. A barely audible whine keened up Elsa's throat, but she couldn't tell if the sound was real or just in her head since The Voice howled like a wounded beast and echoed its loss into her conscience.

Anna, however, did hear, and she grinned. "Elsa dear, I say this with love, but you need to keep your mouth shut in case someone hears. They've heard you talk more this week than you have in the past two months combined. They'll start asking questions, and then there'll be trouble."

Elsa grumbled and forced herself to look away, unable to concentrate on little other than the warmth of Anna's hands melting into her cheeks from where she held her face. The dense concentration of Anna's scent billowed into her lungs and almost overwhelmed her sensitive senses.

"My mouth always gets me in trouble." Elsa chanced a glance at her mate, and lively teal made her blush.

Anna laughed. "And if it's not your mouth, it's your facial expressions."

Anna took a lock of blonde hair and tucked it behind Elsa's ear, and it was all Elsa could do to not lean into the movement. "I'm not responsible for what my face does when you talk. That's your doing, princess."

Anna stuck her tongue out. "Yeah, yeah, whatever, you dork." She pressed a short kiss to Elsa's forehead before walking back to the vanity. "Well, you'll have plenty of time to work on your mouth for the next five or six hours, that's for sure."

Elsa perked to immediate attention. The warmth she was struggling to contain flooded into her blood and amassed into a thick pool in her lower belly. "Really?" she asked, too excited to care about the break in her voice.

Anna raised an eyebrow. "Well, yeah. I have a meeting, remember? You'll have to find something to do with all that time."

"W—Wait, what?" Elsa's heart fell to her twisting stomach, and The Voice's thrashing grew louder and closer. "A meeting? Again? Why? Why now? Why five or six hours? For a meeting?"

"This one's kindof important, namely for us—and by us I mean you. But you would know that if you were paying even the smallest bit of attention to what I was saying."


Anna sighed. Elsa's separation anxiety would not be something she missed after this 'mating season' had passed. "Elsa, you know I still have my duties to attend to. I can't push them off any longer, and even if I could, I wouldn't. People would wonder too much about why I'm neglecting my responsibilities."

"…Do you have to go?"

Anna paused mid-way though putting her hair in a regal bun. She looked at Elsa through the mirror, the sight of her slumped shoulders and wide eyes making her heart ache in the same way it ached when she looked at a kicked puppy.

"I'll…I'll try to get out of there as soon as I can, okay? It's only a few hours. I'll be done before sundown." Anna finished her bun and tried to soothe Elsa with a smile. "Besides, I thought you weren't feeling as wound-up as before. I mean, after this morning, I'd be surprised if you 'needed' me for at least a week. I know my libido is drained, that's for sure." Anna laughed, but the sound slowed and died as she watched Elsa fiddle a wrinkle in the duvet. "You aren't feeling wound-up, right, Elsa?...Elsa?"

"Hm? Yes, I'm fine." Elsa stretched and fluffed the pillow nest at the head of the bed before leaning back on her hands and failing to look or sound candid. "I'm perfectly fine."

Anna cocked her jaw, arms crossed and foot tapping. Elsa sweated in the silence, and her eyes darted around the room when Anna took an experimental step towards her.

Anna's frown deepened. She closed the gap between them, watching how Elsa's shoulders rose to her ears and how she not-so-sneakily hugged her knees to her chest to huddle into the circle of her own arms.

Elsa glanced around the room, trying to think, but she couldn't focus. Her thoughts were splinters. Just the sight of Anna striding towards her shook her to the core, and the effects of her scent—so close again—were already starting.

Anna stood in front of her. "Elsa." When Elsa didn't acknowledge her, Anna huffed and bent to her eye-level, noting how Elsa leaned towards her before catching herself and leaning away. "Elsa…"

A little gasp slipped from between Elsa lips as Anna's familiar, tempting scent filled her senses, this time unable to fight the urges reacting to it. She tried not to breathe in, but she didn't have much choice. It seeped into her very pores.


Shut…Shut up.


Elsa swallowed. "Mhm?"

"How are you feeling?"

"I'm fine." Elsa cleared her throat when Anna leaned closer. "Well, I am feeling a bit…off-ish."

"Ish? Don't give me an ish, Elsa."

"I'm just feeling very…um…ishy."

Anna pinched the bridge of her nose. "Gods, why didn't you tell me earlier? I have to go to my meeting soon."

Elsa's scowling pout looked at her accusingly. "You didn't tell me you had a meeting..."

"I did. You weren't listening, remember?"

Elsa blushed and looked away, shuffling and lacing her hands together.

Anna rubbed her temples and paced about the room. Great. Juuust great. Gods please give me the patience to—

A squeal tore from Anna's throat when she stepped on the trim of her dress. She flailed as she fell, but two familiar arms caught her before she met the ground.

"Hahaha…wooh, that was close," Anna awkwardly laughed. She patted Elsa's chest. "I'm glad you caught me."

Elsa scowled and straightened them up. "Be careful, Anna. You could have hurt yourself," she said as she patted Anna down with gentle touches and nervous murmuring. When she finished—though Anna could tell by the tension in her shoulders and the way she kept her from moving more than a few inches away that she wasn't going to let her go anytime soon—, she held Anna's face, arctic blue darting around. "You are okay, right? You didn't get hurt?"

A small smile graced Anna's lips. "Yes, Elsa, I'm fine." She guided Elsa's hands off her face, but Elsa didn't look convinced. Anna gave her a chaste kiss and wrapped her arms around her neck in a loose hug. "Thank you."

"Are you sure you're fine?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Anna considered Elsa's dilated eyes and restless hands, the way she subconsciously shifted closer being all too familiar. "The real question is: Are you okay?"

"Of course I'm okay. I'm perfectly fine. It's just…" Elsa gently held Anna's hips, one of her hands finding the edge of her gown's corset and touching it like it was a page she wanted to turn. "Kiss me if I'm wrong, but you don't have to be right on time to your meeting…right?" She tried to meet Anna's eyes. "You're the princess, so you can move it to an hour later if you want. And we could, I don't know, stay here and do someone—something—for a little bit. If you want."

"Are you really trying to flirt me out of my two o' clock?"

"Well…is it working?"

"Yes, I am thoroughly seduced. Your charm is too strong to resist, so I didn't even bother fighting it. I might've hurt myself trying."

Elsa smiled toothily, her face practically beaming. She pulled their bodies flush together, and a playful growl brewed in her chest as she nuzzled Anna's jaw.

"W-W-Wait! Wait!" Anna managed between giggles. She gently pushed Elsa away, squirming out of her grip when her hands wandered too close to the clasps of her dress.

Elsa pouted. "Wait?"

"We can't right now, hon. I'm sorry."

"But—But you said—"

"I know exactly what I said, Elsa dear, and I didn't mean what you think."

"…Oh." Elsa scratched the back of her neck, staring at her feet while her face heated crimson. "I'm so sorry, Anna. I didn't mean—I thought that—"

"What? No, no, no, gods no, Elsa. I didn't mean you were being forceful or anything. I just—Oh for the gods' sakes just come here."

Anna grabbed Elsa's hands and dragged her across the room, ushering her against the wall.

"Anna, what—?"



Anna silenced her with a finger to her lips, a hand on her chest pressing her against the wall. "Elsa dear, please shush. I love you very much, and you did nothing wrong, understand?" She waited for Elsa to nod before glancing at the clock in the corner of the room. She cursed under her breath and chewed her lip—an action Elsa was all too attentive to—while she considered her options.

"Okay, we only have a little time, so we have to be fast. And I definitely don't have time to change and re-make myself look…decent." Anna licked her lips, and arctic blue glanced at the movement before locking with teal. "Will the alternative be okay for you for now? At least until later?"

Elsa's insides sang at the thought, and she nodded vigorously. "Bu' wha' 'bout you?" she muffled against Anna's finger.

"Elsa, I'll be fine. You're the focus here, okay?"

"Tha' doesn' exacnly seem fair—"

Anna silenced her with a kiss. She cupped her face to hold her close and wrapped her body against hers in all the ways Elsa loved.

The kiss ended sooner than Elsa would have liked. She must have looked as disappointed as she felt because Anna laughed and pecked quick kisses on her cheeks.

"You are very kind, Elsa dear, but I assure you that I'll be fine if I don't get off."

Elsa's mouth opened to voice a question, but it snapped shut with a small gasp when Anna's nimble hands played with the knot on her pants, her palms teasing the prominent bulge just a few inches lower. Molten heat burned up her neck and into her face, and she whimpered when her hips bucked into Anna's hands.

Anna got on her knees. "Just try not to mess up my hair too much, okay, tiger? I don't want to have to re-do it completely."

Elsa's slack jaw refused to make words. "Ugh…Ugh-hugh…"

Anna appreciated Elsa's dumbfound face while her fingers undid the knot on her pants with hypnotic, well-practiced dexterity. Even more of Elsa's pale flesh unveiled itself as her pants sagged into a loose hug around her ankles.

Elsa swallowed and shuffled her feet. Her skin grew tight, her senses sharpening to attention from her growing nudity and instinctively making her hyper-aware of her surroundings—even more so than just Anna's scent made her.

Teal orbs darkened and dilated as they rolled down the toned muscles of Elsa's abdomen and over the thick shaft silhouetted under thin fabric. A pleased hum followed Anna's appreciative look at the prominent bulge straining against Elsa's undershorts.

Anna unconsciously licked her lips and took her time unwrapping her fiancé's sex. Her nails glided down Elsa's hips as she peeled back the last of her undergarments, making her own chest heave and inner muscles shiver awake. Anna tried to hide her excitement, but the strained, whimpering groan that tore from Elsa's throat when she finally pulled down her undershorts and freed her throbbing cock lit a match deep in her lower belly, sparking and nursing the kindling that promised an inferno if she didn't keep her desire in check.

The slit running through the middle of her broad, fat head drooled tears of thick liquid, and Elsa's heart lurched and slammed in the cage of her chest when Anna's hot breath fanned over it. The hold her canines had on her lip saved a needy whine from escaping her mouth.

A low laugh backed Anna's smirk. She curled one hand around Elsa's shaft while the other found purchase on her strained thigh. The desire to remember what Elsa tasted like urged her to run her tongue through the tempting pool of wetness at her tip. Her cock twitched in her hand, and the sweet breeze of Elsa's hitched breath as she dug her fingers into Anna's hair with a strength that wouldn't let her leave anytime soon made Anna rub her thighs together.

Teal eyes fixed onto the cock bobbing an inch from her lips, slick and swollen and twitching with need. The sharp smell of sex weighed heavy in the air. Anna brushed a hesitant kiss over the head, and Elsa's gasp rang in her ears. Elsa's other hand found the back of Anna's head and unconsciously urged her toward her quivering hips.

Anna blew against Elsa's cock, making her buck and whimper. "A-Anna…," Elsa whined.

Anna laughed lowly before surrendering to the pressure on her head. Her lips slid over the tip of Elsa's cock, her tongue greeting it with another long, slow swipe through the open slit that made Elsa squirm. Thick pre-cum pulsed into her mouth, hot and slick like warm honey, and she sucked the steady stream, the length between her lips growing impossibly harder.

Elsa's head rolled against the wall. Her eyes closed in bliss, her body strung taut like a loaded bow. She tried not to press Anna forward. Anna took her time taking the next few inches of her shaft into her mouth. She lazily slid her lips back and forth, each time sheathing her just a bit more into hot nirvana. She growled when her cock nudged the spongy back of Anna's mouth, nearly plunging herself forward into the even tighter heat lying just beyond it.

But then Anna pulled back again, and pushed forward again, and then back again, quickly picking up speed…

"G-Gods, Anna…"

Searing-hot excitement flipped and curled in Anna's stomach when Elsa's shaky moan stroked her ears. She felt every quivering jolt that whipped Elsa's nerves and made her muscles spasm and contract, and Anna's heart jumped when the shape-shifter growled and knotted her fingers ever further into her hair, urging her cock deeper until it teased the back of her throat after every plunge.

Just the sight of her blonde fiancé arching against their bedroom wall and melting into a panting, shuttering mess made liquid heat slip through Anna's blood. She whined around Elsa's shaft, the restless squirming of her kneeling legs sparking friction to her growing need. No, not now. I CAN'T right now, Anna gritted to herself, cursing the council for the thousandth time for scheduling the meeting she had to run to soon. She tried ignoring her arousal—she didn't have time to think about it, dammit—, but the thick slick dribbling down her chin and threatening to seep into her meeting's gown made it very, very hard to forget.

Anna closed her eyes and took a deep breath through her nose, though her resolve was almost as shaky as Elsa's moans. Okay. Come on, me. You can ignore being a little turned on…okay, A LOT turned on. Just focus on Elsa, she thought as she hallowed her cheeks and sucked hard, rhythmic waves around Elsa's cock. Her jaw ached, and, despite her efforts, she couldn't stop her mewl when Elsa's pulsing member twitched in its suctioned confines and spilled thick precum over her tongue.

A low growl made Anna look up. Mild alarm chilled the inferno in her blood when her eyes met the predatory scowl that bared the tips of Elsa's canines, arctic blue eyes flirting with amethyst and darker hues of red. Anna got so lost in the dark, frozen pools that her squirming knees slipped on the ancient hardwood floor, but Elsa's firm grip on her head kept her from shifting too far away.

Through it all, the red haze around the edges of Elsa's mind threatened to overwhelm her.

Elsa gritted her teeth, fisting Anna's hair and nearly shaking with the effort it took to restrain herself from shoving her to the ground and mounting her like an animal. The Voice screamed and writhed with fury as Elsa neared her climax. It slipped through her defenses and into her conscience, snarling even as her mate eagerly took her deeper, Anna's nails gouging Elsa's lower back to anchor herself as she moved faster.

(NO! You must mate your mate!)

Shut up. Anna can't, right now. I won't force her to.

The Voice roared, its presence exploding and flooding Elsa's mind with a crimson mist. A thousand invisible hands grabbed Elsa's consciousness and tried to drag her towards the empty blackness in the farthest corner of her mind. However, while The Voice was strong, it wasn't strong enough to overcome her…at least, not this time. Its influence took a while to regain its strength, and Elsa had just mated Anna a few hours ago.

STOP. I said no! Elsa wrestled for control, being especially conscious of what her twitching hands were trying to do, but a thick wave of need wafted from Anna's sex and nearly deafened her with the scream in her heady scent that begged to be claimed.

(See?! She needs you! Why do you resist?! Take—!)

Shut up!

(Show she is yours! If someone—!)

Not now! Not like that!


Elsa snarled and bit her lip, warm copper flooding her mouth. The Voice frothed and thrashed as it drowned in the shot of pain.

Nails dug into Anna's scalp like claws latching onto nimble prey, and Anna winced. She looked up without stopping. Clouded strain polluted her fiancé's eyes.

Dammit. I knew this wouldn't be enough. Maybe…

Anna slowed her bobbing and massaged the corded muscles on the back of Elsa's thighs. A long, keening whine protested the lack of movement, fidgeting hands in her hair and quivering hips before her desperate to elicit more friction. She silenced them by sucking slow and hard, her tongue curling and pressing against the thick head between her lips like the undulating muscles of a serpent maneuvering through the forest.

Anna closed her eyes and steadied her breathing, Elsa's rapid pants and muted growls consuming the silence in the room. She gulped multiple times to relax her throat and flattened her tongue against the thick vein on the underside of Elsa's cock. The shape-shifter's racing heart thrummed and pulsed over her tastebuds, a fresh wave of precum providing thick slick that it easily glided over.

Anna took one more deep breath before she slowly, slowly—barely centimeters at a time—moved her head forward. The girth of Elsa's shaft strained against her lips and pinched her sore jaw. Anna's tongue was forced to flatten as more and more filled her, and as the thick base of her length found its home between her lips, her tongue became pinned to the bottom of her mouth like a piece of paper trapped under a boulder. The few tight movement she was able to make with it made her fiancé's breath hitch.

It wasn't long before the fat head of Elsa's length nudged the back of her throat again. It eagerly twitched, leaking over her tongue like a drooling dog, and Elsa panted and whined like a hound. Anna gagged on reflex. She paused, letting it's hot weight rest over her tongue. The steady flow leaking from its slit threatened to overfill what little room was left in her mouth.

She flexed her throat, trying to relax even though the painful throbbing between her legs consumed her every thought with wet, aching need and tensed all of her muscles until they shook against her bones.

Focus, dammit! Okay, just think not-hot thoughts…not-hot thoughts…

Anna tried crossing her legs in her kneeled position, but her plan backfired spectacularly when the movement clenched her swollen clit. Her surprised gasp came out as a muffled gag against the cock plugging her mouth. F-Fuck…! She clawed Elsa's hips. Wetness oozed down her inner thighs, her shaking legs threatening to go numb and slide her to the ground.

The heady scent of Anna's mistake rolled hot and thick over Elsa's tongue. Low growls hid in the undercurrent of her pants, the muted thunder growing like an oncoming avalanche. It thrummed under Anna's skin and yanked her back to the reality of their situation so quickly that it took the princess a handful of seconds to find enough focus to process the unyielding grip on her head growing more and more insistent.

Elsa eased herself forward, and Anna finally became aware of the stretch in her throat that wrapped around the beginnings of her tip.

Anna swallowed, closed her eyes, and plunged forward without another thought, inches easing into a bulge down her neck.

Trembles rocked Elsa's frame in quivering waves that melted her insides to slush. Her jaw slacked, and a chorus of shaky sighs billowed from her open mouth. She finally slipped into Anna's throat, muscles like a vice pulling and pushing her deeper. The wet cavern hugged her into a molten glove that undulated up and down her cock.

"O-O-Ohhhhh…" Pleasure clouded her mind like thick morning fog over the fjord, and she barely noticed The Voice loosening its grip and retreating with mild confusion. The hot wetness Elsa sank into felt too much like a proper mating for it to be needed anymore. It purred, lounging back into blackness and inviting Elsa's nearing climax with primal, lusty content.

Steady pressure on Anna's head sheathed Elsa without pause, her mate giving little struggle besides her throat's reflexive resistance. A surge of instinct made her thrust the last two inches of herself into Anna's throat, and her hands pulled her mate into her groin, her shaking hips threatening to grind against her face. Elsa didn't realize what she had done until she felt Anna gag. "S…Sorry," she said, cursing herself a thousand times over.

Anna rubbed Elsa's thigh in silent forgiveness. She expected a slip of control like this. Feeding Elsa's urges with something that wasn't the 'real deal' was a precarious fake-out with her instincts.

Anna hummed and allowed Elsa to press against her face. She savored the fullness in her throat, Elsa's groans lighting a fire under the arousal she tried so hard to banish from her mind.

Anna drew her head back. Her throat felt oddly empty and hollow as Elsa's cock withdrew until its tip was again at the back of her throat, freeing her airway. She took a deep breath and slowly drove forward again. She watched in lewd fascination as Elsa slid into her, her toned abdomen coming closer to her face while inch after inch of her shaft disappeared between her lips. Her muscles naturally clenched around it and struggled to force it out again, but she swallowed and relaxed as more of Elsa slid down, her girth stretching her jaw wide. Eventually, Anna's lips sealed around the thick base of her cock again, and the soft curls of her sex brushed her nose

Elsa's hips jerked, pressing impossibly deeper. She was completely sheathed, and when her mate's tongue rippled against the bottom of her length in rhythmic strokes, she nearly howled.

Anna tapped Elsa's thigh once to tell her it was okay to move, and Elsa's voice reduced to a thankful growl. Anna squirmed as Elsa firmly held her head and slowly pulled back. She caught a quick breath through her nose before Elsa pushed back in, somehow sinking even deeper than before.

Elsa hissed, her cock twitching and her balls tightening as the knotted heat in her lower belly brewed to a boil. Anna's throat was so tight that it didn't give any room for her length's twitching, but Anna swallowed around it anyway. A thick stream of pre-cum leaked down Anna's throat, and Anna shivered and happily swallowed it, Elsa's resulting groan and shaking legs making more heat dribble down Anna's thigh.

Anna started a fast pace again. Elsa's groans grew into slurred growls, and she thrusted into Anna's movements. Anna moved fast, but Elsa's thrusts picked up speed and easily outpaced her.

Anna gave up and cradled Elsa's length on her tongue, allowing Elsa to pound against the tight seal of her lips. She could feel that Elsa was close. Her shaft pried her mouth open and throbbed with strained need, thrusting into her with short, deep thrusts that got shorter and shorter as it swelled. Elsa's pants became riddled with hard grunts.

"F-Fuck, I—"

Elsa's words cutting to a stuttered moan was the only warning Anna got before thick waves of cum washed down her throat. A shuddering twitch run up Elsa's length, and Anna couldn't stop her small, muffled sound of surprise when her hot seed poured into her. Elsa pressed as deeply as she could, forcing Anna's lips against her abdomen. Anna swallowed around her repeatedly, drawing out waves of cum and pleasure that made Elsa stutter and growl, her bucking hips pumping more thick liquid into Anna's gullet.

Elsa's head rolled against their bedroom wall, and her broken moans shook Anna to her core, every growl of her name stirring the tangled heat in her lower belly. She held Elsa's shaking hips close and slowly bobbed her head, gulping around her shaft and enjoying the shutters she caused in her fiancé. Elsa leisurely rocked into her until Anna felt the last stream of slick heat slide into her stomach.

The need to breathe finally became too great to ignore, so Anna tapped Elsa's thigh twice before easing her length out of her throat, sucking it clean as it slid out. She curled her tongue around the softening flesh, making it twitch. It left her lips with a slick pop.

Anna wiped her face and reveled in the taste Elsa left in her mouth. She smiled as she watched Elsa's chest heave, and she hugged the blonde's hips and kissed the contours of her lower belly while Elsa absentmindedly petted her hair.

"So, did you enjoy that, hon?" Anna asked. "Feeling a bit better, now?"

Elsa looked at her with glazed eyes. "I love you…so much…You know that?" she said between pants.

Anna stood, pulling Elsa's undershorts and pants up on the way. She tucked her softening member away for her and tied her pants. Elsa blushed. "I was that good, huh? I'm flattered, Elsa dear." She punctuated her last word by giving the shape-shifter a quick kiss.

Elsa's lip curved into a small smile, and she gently held Anna's chin. "You're never less than amazing, Anna." She drew Anna in for a slow kiss. Anna grinned against her lips, the contrast of Elsa's taste and Elsa's taste making Anna feel warm and jumpy all over.

But, when they separated, Elsa scowled. "I'm sorry if I hurt you. I tried to control it, but it really, really wanted to—well, you know—be in there, instead."

"You mean in my vagina? We've been having sex for longer than I care to remember, and you still can't say it?"

Elsa blushed a deep red. "Shut up. It's just weird to say it, okay?"

Anna kissed her cheek. "Oh, don't be so grumpy. I was only kidding."

"Hm…" Elsa inhaled deeply. Arctic blue softened and scanned Anna from head to toe. "Anna, do you think you have time for me to…return the favor? I can tell you need it."

Anna smiled and tried to ignore—AGAIN—the insistent throbbing between her legs. "I'm fine, Elsa. Besides, seeing you all hot and bothered is pleasure enough."

"That doesn't exactly feel fair. It's like I'm taking advantage of you." Elsa looked at her feet. "I'm sorry…"

"Hey, it isn't your fault we don't have enough time to do more. If anything, we should blame the council. They're the ones who insisted on moving my meeting up. Apparently, the fate of Arendelle rests on whether we decide to store the capital's firewood bark-side down or bark-side up." Elsa laughed, and Anna picked a stray piece of hair from Elsa's cheek and tucked it behind her ear, her hand brushing the curve of her jaw. "Although, it would have been a lot better for both of us if you had told me about your urge before I got all done up for my meeting."

"I'm sorry." Elsa absentmindedly fiddled with the embroidery on the hip of Anna's gown. "I try to control it, but it's nearly impossible sometimes." She pouted and tugged the dress. "Besides, this dress is stupid. Why do you have to wear obnoxiously fancy clothes for something that's on the other side of the castle?"

"Not all of us have the luxury of running around half-naked and have it be socially acceptable." Anna looked at Elsa's outfit of chest-wrapping and pants.

"Since when did you start caring about what's not 'socially acceptable'?"

"Well, I care about you, don't I? You're as far from socially acceptable as anyone can get."

Arctic blue slid into unamused half-lids. "Wow. Can you send Dr. Geri in when you leave? Or maybe a priest? I'm going to need a medical miracle to recover from that blow."

Anna's face burned crimson. Elsa, of course, didn't catch the inuendo behind her own words, and Anna didn't have the heart to tell her even though the smug blonde smirked at her blush. Anna crossed her arms with a huff, sticking her tongue out before pointedly looking away from her fiancé.

"Oh don't be mad, wifey. Come here." Elsa wound her arms around Anna's middle and eased Anna into lying against her, kissing her temple. Elsa's grip was deceptively gentle, her arms loosely holding her but still strong enough to easily keep her standing when Anna limply sunk into her embrace.

Anna bit her lip and tried not to tense up, her legs fighting to rub against her sex or—better yet—against Elsa. She sighed to steady her breathing and looped her arms around Elsa's neck, burying her face in her chest. Elsa's unnatural warmth and gentle touches made her relax—as they always did—, but being this close to her while also being so damn close made her unconsciously whine.

Anna knew Elsa heard her, and she cursed when she shifted around. "Anna, are you absolutely sure you can't make them wait a little bit? It doesn't feel right to let you go without making you feel good, too." Elsa pushed Anna back just enough to look at her face, and she considered the needy blush in her cheeks. "And you do need it."

"That's really sweet, Elsa, but I'll be fine." Hopefully. HOPEFULLY, I'll be fine. No one's died from imploding with sexual frustration, have they? Well, on the bright side, after my meeting is done, we can—

Anna suddenly smirked. "Well, I won't be completely fine, but I'll survive." Elsa cocked her head at the sudden change in taunting tone. Teal eyes darkened as Anna tugged Elsa's neck to bring their faces closer. "You'll just have to make up for it later. Or is that too much to ask? You're already leaving me unsatisfied now, but to do it twice in one day…Tsk, tsk. I can only imagine the shame."

A playful growl tumbled out of Elsa's chest. Anna shivered in multiple places and tried not to look too excited by the predatory intent in Elsa's narrowed eyes. "Don't challenge me, Anna," she warned, though the danger in her voice made Anna's insides summersault. "You'll get more than you can handle."

"Oh, please. Your threats mean nothing to me, hon. I tamed you a long time ago."

Elsa's sharp canines flashed through her smile. "Is that so? And what power do you think you have over me?"

Anna drew their faces closer with a deceivingly coy smile. "Do you want a list or a summary? Because if you think I have only one power over you, then you're going to be rudely surprised. Just face it. You're all bark and no bite."

Anna caught a glimpse of narrowed blue eyes before Elsa spun them around and gently pinned her against the wall. Giggles burst from her mouth when Elsa nipped the ticklish skin behind her ear, but she couldn't escape her grasp or her attacks.

"Hahaha! Stah-ha-p! Els-sa!"

"Never." Elsa failed spectacularly to sound menacing with the bubbles of laughter escaping into her words. "My bite is something to be feared by all."

"Elsa, if you don't stop tickling me, I'm not responsible for your injuries!"

Elsa relented and looked down at her flushed, panting mate. Even in the shadows, Elsa's eyes reflected what little sunlight slipped between the curtains, making arctic blue orbs shine like frozen pools. "Is that a threat?"

Anna caught her breath and puffed out her chest. "I'll take you down, blondie."

"In order to take my down, you have to be able to reach me, shorty." Elsa leered over her, using her height to tower over her and getting so close that Anna could feel the unnatural warmth Elsa radiated. "And I'm afraid I can't let you try to fight me. For your own sake."

"The question isn't if you're going to let me…" Anna stood on her toes to look Elsa in the eye even though she couldn't get past her nose. "…but if you're going to stop me."

Elsa hummed, her smile curling into a smirk. "And exactly how do you plan to win against me, princess?" She slid her hands down Anna's sides to catch her wrists. Anna's confident façade slipped to frustrated surprise, but she could only squirm against the wall in silent protest, useless to stop Elsa from overpowering her resistance and tugging them above her head.

Anna shivered despite herself. She was completely exposed, and the way Elsa's predatory gaze appraised her like a hunter over their catch made some primal part of her slip hot adrenaline into her blood.

Although, her heavy breathing and quickened heartbeat were for a different reason.

"I don't know how I'm going to win. I just know I'm not going to lose." Anna struggled to keep her voice level. "So rest assured, I will win. Maybe not immediately, but definitely."

Elsa laughed. Her voice dropped to a thick husk that made Anna's skin ripple with gooseflesh. "I like that you try to compete with me, Anna—at least you have a goal. Unrealistic and unobtainable, but a goal."

Anna tried to respond, but her voice caught in her throat. Arctic blue stared at her—stared through her—like they were cutting through her soul and stripping it naked to feed on secrets that not even Anna knew about herself.

Anna didn't realize Elsa had moved until she felt the contour of her canines nip the corner of her jaw. She gasped and arched against the wall, the cage of Elsa's body and her firm but gentle grip on her wrists keeping her in place. She tried to control her sensitive faculties from jumping under Elsa's touch lest the blonde break her completely.

She did, after all, have a meeting.

She had to wait until later to let herself fall apart in Elsa's hands.

"Mmmh…Elsa, we shouldn't…be doing this…right now…" Anna's body betrayed her and opened itself to Elsa's advances, hungry for her touch.

"Are you sure about that?" Elsa breathed against the thin veil of skin under Anna's jaw. "Because you look like you really want to do some 'we shouldn't be doing this' things."

"But…meeting. I have to go—"

"Anna," Elsa said, her voice as firm and unyielding as an iron bar. She looked her mate in the eye, and Anna lost herself in the heavily dilated pools that consumed her with a lusty hunger, "from the bottom of my heart, I don't give a damn."

Anna cursed. In that moment, the cords of her restraint had snapped. She hissed and dove her head forward to steal the distance between them, claiming Elsa's lips in a bruising kiss.

Just one kiss. Just one. I have to go. Just…Just one…

Anna's thoughts and any attempt at self-discipline turned to mush. She and Elsa moved against each other in a heated dance. It started as just a kiss, but soon enough Anna's hands were in Elsa's hair, her legs wrapped around her, her mouth hungry for her taste.

Elsa growled against her, and Anna remembered why she never wanted a prince charming like in all the stories of her girlhood. She had wanted the wolf. It can see her better, hear her better, and eat her better than any prince charming could ever hope.

"Anna," Elsa said, her thick voice almost pleading. She ground against her. "I need—"


They both froze.

"Princess Anna?" Kai's muffled voice came through the door.

Anna wanted to scream. Oh, come on! Can't I get ten minutes with Elsa in peace—?!

Crushing pressure forced a yelp up Anna's throat, Elsa's embrace tightening so much that it was nearly painful.

"Ow! Elsa—!"

Elsa cut her off with a snarl that shook her with its bass. Elsa stiffened, her body tensed like she was ready to brawl while she glared at the door in her periphery. A low growl ground up her throat with the beginnings of a snarl that made the hairs on the back of Anna's neck stand on end.

THIS again? Really? Anna groaned, the back of her head thumping against the wall. Oh for the love of the gods…

"Elsa," Anna softly said. She yielded to Elsa's embrace in a small sign of submission. "Calm down, Elsa. It's just Kai. I'm right here."

Elsa cocked her head at Anna's voice. Her growl chuffed through several octaves before it died. She grumbled something as she sagged against Anna, but she growled a half-aggressive snarl into the cradle of Anna's neck and shoulder when Kai repeated himself, her grip pulling their bodies impossibly closer.

"Down, girl," Anna laughed, her voice and soothing touches quickly calming her fiancé.

"…'M sorry…"

"There's nothing to apologize for, Elsa. You're just a little…overprotective at the moment. At least, more than usual."

"That's a nice way of saying I'm jealous."

"Trust me, you're not jealous, hon."

Elsa groaned and buried her face in Anna's shoulder. Anna didn't miss how Elsa held her closer to cloak her in her scent—to mark her.

She smirked and patted the shape-shifter's back. "Good girl."


"Are you there, Your Highness?" Kai asked.

"Yes, Kai, I'm here. What is it?"

"I apologize for the interruption, Princess. The council is gathered and awaiting your arrival."

"Tell them I'll be there in a few minutes."

"Right away, Your Highness."

Anna sighed and pushed against Elsa's chest. "Elsa, I have to go. I don't want to leave, either, but duty calls. I promise I'll be back before—"

Anna yelped again when Elsa squished her in a tight hug. "No," Elsa muffled into her mate's gown. "Why does everyone want to steal you from me? It's not fair."

Anna laughed and returned the hug. Elsa's resulting purr warmed her chest. "Come on, you grump. Sharing is caring, and I can't give you all of my attention all the time." Anna pushed against her again, and Elsa let her go.

"When will you be back?"

Anna opened her mouth to respond, but she paused when she saw the dark, red-ish haze drifting in and out of Elsa's eyes. The shape-shifter subconsciously rubbed against her to find someplace to feel her skin, and her pupils slightly dilated.


"I…don't know how long I'll be," Anna carefully said. She rubbed Elsa's arms to soothe her, mindful of Elsa's reactions. Elsa purred at the contact and shuffled her feet like an excited kitten. "I'll get out as soon as I can. Why don't you go for a run? It—Elsa?"

Elsa didn't respond, just staring at her mate with enlarged pupils and a sloppy smile.

"Elsa." Anna snapped her fingers. "Oh come on, really? Are you not listening again?"

Elsa's blinked her eyes into focus. "What? Oh. I'm sorry," she said, though her face was anything but.


"Well, if want me to stop not-listening, then you need to stop doing…well, that," she said, gesturing to all of Anna. "You're the one who does this to me."

"That's not my fault!"

"I didn't say it was your fault. I said I was blaming you." Elsa laughed at Anna's cheek-puffed pout and kissed her brow. "I'm listening now. I promise."

"I said you should go for a run. It'll burn off your extra energy and give you something to do."

"But I already have something to do."


Elsa gave her mate an appraising look from head to toe. Anna blushed and covered herself even though she was clothed, and she promptly punched Elsa's arm. "You. Run. Now."

Elsa's shoulders slumped. "Do I have to?"

"Yes. Yes, you do."

"Fine. But I'm grabbing something to eat first."

Anna rolled her eyes. "Oh my gods, Elsa. We just had lunch an hour ago. I swear, you're eating habits would be much more justifiable if you were pregnant."

Elsa smirked. "What can I say? I have a rapacious appetite." She tugged their bodies together and growled.

"A rapacious appetite you say?" Anna swooned against Elsa's chest. "Well, take me now, my love. Your extensive vocabulary is so irresistibly seductive." They shared a laugh, and Anna freed herself from Elsa's arms. "Now, shoo, you sexy beast, before you completely enslave me with your charm."

"Jeez, going princess-mode already? So bossy."

"I'm not bossy," Anna said as she fixed her hair. "I simply make suggestions without options."

"Ugh-huh. Don't work too hard while I'm away, wifey. You shouldn't stress yourself so much in one day."

Anna strode to the door. "Well, the most productive thing I've done today is you, and that's not much, so I'll be more than fine." She looked back just in time to see Elsa disappear over the balcony. "Y'know, you could use the stairs like a normal person! If I have to be normal, then you do, too!"

Elsa dragged herself back up and rested her arms on the marble railing. "Me? Be normal?" She scoffed. "I have never been so insulted in my entire life."

"You mustn't listen very much, then, do you?" Anna stuck her tongue out and closed the door behind her, not giving Elsa a chance to get the last word.

Anna smiled to herself as she walked to the council chambers. Heat rose in her cheeks when every step rubbed the barest amount of friction on her aching sex. The smoldering heat in her lower belly showed no sign of relenting.

I'll be fine. I have no doubt this meeting will kill any libido I have, anyway. Besides, it's Elsa I should be worried about…No, I'm sure she'll be fine. We'll both be fine. It's not like I'll be gone for THAT long…


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This one was very fun to write. Part II coming sometime maybe eventually (?) if y'all really want it.

Hope ya enjoyed!