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Chapter 15: I Get A Rude Awakening

About a day past Gibraltar we noticed a military style ship off the port side of the bow. A small panic came among the crew, particularly the mortal members, when a small American flag was noticed off the ship's bow. Captain Roberts motioned for us all not to worry, and made like we were a fishing yacht. The U.S. Navy ship told us to get lost. We didn't wait for them to realize their mistake or to wake the demigod crewmember that they no doubt had on every ship. The Mist was only so strong.

"Hey Great and Terrible Sulk," Airiana said, walking up to me about a day after the U.S. ship. I was sitting in my usual breakfast chair with a regular knife taken from one of the crew and was whittling a piece of broken wood from the explosion on the way in.

"What do you mean by that?" I asked, continuing my whittling. She sat down next to me.

"I'm a bit worried about you," she said. "You've been sulking on your own ever since the Leviathan attacked us."

"I lost my weapon," I said. "I was given that weapon by Hera herself and I lost it because I didn't think it through."

"Is that what this is about?" she asked.

"What good am I without a weapon?" I asked.

"What good are you?" she asked. "You're a demigod. You are never powerless or useless."

"You didn't answer my question. What good am I, personally?" I finally put down my whittling.

"You stopped an entire arsenal of mines," she said. "You can charmspeak your way out of almost any situation. You can do things that neither of us girls can."

"You girls?" I asked, turning to her and smiling.

"Yeah, Kim and I."

"You're not girls after all of this," I said.

"Us women then," she said. She leaned over and kissed me on the cheek. "Better?" she asked.

"A little," I said, smirking. She laughed and kissed me on the lips. "Now it's better," I said. "Be even better with a weapon."

"Ugh," she said. She pulled a small golden ring out of her pocket. "Have this one back then," she said. I picked the ring up and say the word Goliath written on the inside.

"I didn't know you even had this with you," I said.

"I was given this by a person I admire," she said. "You to be specific. I'd never let it go for any other reason."

"Thanks," I said. "Now I'm way better."

Kim had found some camo sweat pants to go with her black spandex shirt for her latest watch. It had been almost a week since we had left Jerusalem. Roberts was going slower than he could in order to be able to maneuver a little better, and he had gone way out to sea for protection, but he was expecting to see land around us at any moment. Of course that also meant we were closing in on the English Channel and mainland Britain…and all the monsters that accompanied it. I know Roberts knew what he was doing in trying to navigate around everything, but this trip had still been way too easy. It was almost like something or someone was clearing our path, keeping the monsters away. Of course that was a very probable scenario. I just wasn't sure if it was friend or foe leading us forward.

"It's quiet," she said as I walked up behind her.

"I wasn't aware you knew I was even here," I said.

"I'm on watch," she said. "It's my job to know everything that is around me."

"You take it seriously," I said.

"You don't?" she asked.

"I do," I said. "But we haven't seen an enemy in days."

"That's what has me worried," Kim said. "We're supposed to be arriving in Scotland within hours according to Roberts. He's heading just off the lake in a small bay in the Irish Sea near Fort William. We'll have to walk from there."

"That's all Greek to me," I said.

"You understand Greek," she said.

"You know what I mean," I said, moving to stand next to her on the bow.

"Land Ho!" a ghost sailor I didn't recognize yelled from the Crow's Nest. It took a few minutes of scanning but snowcapped trees eventually creped over the horizon to the North East. An hour later, with Airiana now joining us on the bow, a large shoreline could be seen. The forest encroached very near a rocky shoreline that apparently attracted exactly zero tourists. The Constitution got as close as it could before lowering the dingy and letting the three of us go ashore.

We had waited until just before morning the next day to depart into the woods to give us the most time we possibly could have to hike. Kim was perfectly dressed in her camo. Airiana had put on some blue jeans and a navy blue t-shirt. I had on denim shorts and a neon orange t-shirt. I was clearly the only one who hadn't thought this through. In fact I didn't have a single dry pair of long pants in my bag. Airiana assured me that if we were attacked because of my shirt she'd personally make sure I was killed by the monster.

We hiked slowly (though still quicker than most mortals thanks to our Camp training) into the woods careful to cover our tracks, use Kim's magic to stay warm, and listen intently for both monsters and water. We knew we were slightly to the east of the Loch, and a ways south, but we weren't sure how far east and if we needed to go inland at all. We came across a few hunting cabins as we moved. We were careful to avoid the first couple of cabins but as night fell we decided to approach the cabin and see if the owner would let us stay for the night. There was no answer at the door so we decided to just enter after the third try. It was dark and cold and we needed to get out of the snow.

The cabin was a tiny one room wooden structure with the door in the middle of one of the longer sides. There was a lit fireplace in the wall to our left with three rocking chairs lined up in a semicircle around it. A kettle Directly in front of us was a writing desk with a map of the local forest posted on the wall above it. On the desk were information books on the local wildlife and tracking techniques for fox hunting as well as a local newspaper and an elementary school informational book on Loch Ness. The map was topographical and had the location of the cabin marked. According to the map we were ten miles directly south of the southern portion of the Loch. Along the right side of the cabin was a bunk bed, both matrasses freshly made. All along the walls were some stuffed heads of foxes, squirrels, and wolves.

"It's perfect," Kim said, the first to break the silence.

"Too perfect," I said. "I get the feeling we're being led along by an invisible hand."

"So?" Airiana asked.

"Usually there's a hook after you consume the bait," I said.

"So what should we do?" Kim asked.

"Eat the bait," I said. "Triton wants to fight in the Loch. Might as well be rested before we get there."

"I'll take first watch," Airiana said. Neither Kim nor I needed convincing.

"Merry Christmas," Airiana said when I woke up for my watch. She was seated at the desk with the chair facing our beds. I had given Kim the upper bed and so I was able to slip out pretty easily. I looked at Airiana with as puzzled a look as I could manage and she pushed the newspaper across the desk. "December 24th," she said. "It's Christmas by now."

"If the paper is from yesterday," I said.

"I think it is," she said. "It's been eight days now since our adventure in Jerusalem. There's an article on that in the paper there, page A7."

I turned to A7 and was met with a large picture of the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

A Week Later; Still No Answer

By Jeffery Christov

It's been a week since the heinous

vandalism at the Temple in Jerusalem

and authorities still have no answers

on who disturbed every grave on the

Mount of Olives. "We are asking for

any leads that anyone has to offer us,"

said Chief of Police Eli Greenburg.

"At this point we have nothing conclusive."

While police are officially denying

the event, The Daily News has confirmed

that a witness saw three young children,

one male and two females, emerging from

the area in a hurry. If you have pictures

of these teens please contact us at our


"We didn't leave there in a hurry, we were transported out by the angel dude," I said once I was finished.

"I know," Airiana said, getting up from the chair. She handed me a cup of hot chocolate that she had been drinking from. "The witness had to have been Nash." I nodded, taking the cup.

"There was hot chocolate here too?" I asked. She smiled and pointed toward a small cabinet sitting next to the fire. "Strange that the owner of this cabin hasn't come back yet," I said.

"I don't think there was ever an owner to this cabin," she said. "And I don't think we'll be left alone all night."

"Me either," I said. "Sleep shallow."

I awoke with a start in a rocking chair facing the fire. Reflexively I reached for Sabertooth, but my pocket was empty. Sabertooth was at the bottom of the ocean with a ferocious dragon. Sighing I got up and walked to the door-side window. Despite my intensive training at Camp I had difficulty telling the time. How long had I been asleep? And why didn't Kim take over the watch?

A twig snapped in the woods just out of my field of vision. I strained to see what had caused the sound, but I couldn't see anything moving. My fingers glided over Goliath, the Celestial Bronze ring that turns into a longsword when flipped, but I didn't take it out yet. The noise was probably nothing I told myself, turning away from the window.

Another twig snapped, this time closer. I returned to the window, but still couldn't see anything. I waited to believe it was just an animal, but I couldn't see anything moving; almost as if whatever was breaking twigs was remaining completely still. I slipped Goliath into my hand, still in ring form, and opened the door.

The forest flooded with light from the fireplace and I walk slowly walked outside the door. I still couldn't see anything so I shut the door and slipped into the forest. My eyesight slowly adjusted to the moonlight as I scanned the area. Goliath could get me a bit more light, but would reveal my position. Without knowing what I was facing I wasn't keen on giving away advantages.

Eventually I had to either walk into the woods or return to the cabin, and I decided figure out what was going on. I got ten feet into the woods before flipping Goliath in the air to reveal the massive three-and-a-half foot long bronze sword with the word Goliath etched into the side. The blade bathed the ground around me in a blond light, revealing a strange print in the snow. The print had five long, thin fingers with the thumb coming straight down from the small palm. I didn't know what created the track, but I was positive it wasn't native to Scotland.

Suddenly the forest was bathed in yellow candlelight. I jerked up to check the cabin, hoping that Kim had simply opened the door, but there was no one there. The door had simply opened on its own. "Airiana," I said, breaking into as fast a run as I could to get back in.

I stopped at the door and slowly slid into the room, keeping my back firmly against the wall. Both Kim and Airiana were still asleep on the bed, Kim on the top bunk and Airiana on the bottom. Leaning over them was a sinister, five foot tall figure in a long, black cape. He wasn't facing me.

"Did Triton send you?" I asked as the man just as he made a move to swoop down. He paused and rose to his full height, turning around.

I almost dropped my sword. The monster was directly out of my nightmares. He was pale, with jet black hair that was greased up pretty good. His slender figure was clothed in a slightly loose black cloak that seemed to flow around him. The cape was stiff and attached to each of his wrists. He looked me over and smiled, revealing two very long k-9 teeth.

"You are very attentive to not have disappeared into the forest," he said. "I thought I could get rid of you peacefully, but I it's a different fate for you."

"Triton would let me live?" I asked, readying my sword.

"I do not know this Triton character," he said, slowly walking toward me. "This forest has been my home for a thousand years. I have two beds prepared for your friends. You will not be joining them." He leapt forward.

I had read about vampires in myths and legends, but everyone assumed they had gone extinct centuries earlier. They weren't monsters per say, but they operated under a similar force. Only they never reformed. Or so we thought. I swung up, well above my head, anticipating he would transform into a bat, which he did. I would have hit him squarely too if I'd had Sabertooth. But I didn't. I lost my balance trying to swing the longsword. I hit nothing but air and fell into the desk across the room. My arm caught fire as something flew past it, cutting it like a hot knife through butter. I dropped my sword and bent over in pain. Blinking away tears I got back to my knees, and then to my feet, clutching my right arm. I was down to my Supermom powers.

The vampire reformed directly in front of me, his back to the bed. I bent down to pick up Goliath, but as soon as I moved, the pain shot through my arm. I would be worthless with the sword. The vampire laughed. "You are finished, boy," he said. "Give in to your fate."

"That's the thing about demigods," I said. "We don't give up easily."

"Foolish," he said, taking deliberate steps toward me, just enough to keep the pressure on, but not large enough to prevent him from relishing this kill. "But if it's a fight you want, so be it."

Something flickered over the vampire's shoulder. "You know something else about demigods?" I asked.

He laughed again. "What now?" he chided.

A black sword appeared from his abdomen.

"We never fight alone," Airiana said from behind him. His shocked face dissolved into a black, powdery dust as his body sank into the ground. For several moments we just stood there, neither of us really knowing what to do. "Guess we weren't alone," Airiana finally said. I laughed a single chuckle before doubling over in pain. "You're hit," she said, running over to my side.

"Vampire claws have a poison," I said.

"You're not turning into a vampire on me," she said.

I laughed again, which only hurt more. "This isn't Twilight," I said, "Just acidic. Need ambrosia." She pulled a tiny bit of the stuff out of her pocket and gave me just enough to stop the pain. I probably was on my way to a scar. "Thanks," I said. "Figures that mothers seem to be able to heal anything but themselves."

"That's what I'm here for," she said, flipping Goliath back into a ring form and handing it to me. "The sun will be rising soon."

"Yup, time to get going," I said, rising from the chair.

"I'll wake Kim," Airaina said.