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Flying with a Wish

Prologue: The Secret Training

By Delphine

Dark clouds laced with lightning covered the sky, blocking out the sun. A giant, snake-like dragon with green scales hovered in the black heavens. Any normal person would have been quivering in their boots to be faced with the Eternal Dragon Shenlong, but not Bulma Briefs.

Her blue eyes held not fear but a heartfelt determination. Her hair, which was aqua blue in color and reached the small of her back, was pulled back into a braid. She wore a white shirt with her name printed on the front in blue letters, a blue jacket with the logo for Capsule Corporation sown on the left sleeve, and dark blue jeans.

Beside her was Chichi Son, a strict looking, but beautiful woman whose jet-black hair had been pulled back into a bun. She wore white baggy pants and a dark purple Chinese shirt that reached down to her knees and had slits on each side starting from the hip and down.

"Hurry up and make you wish, mortals," Shenlong rumbled.

Bulma sighed. For being an immortal, the dragon was awfully impatient. After all, what could he do when he wasn't granting wishes, watch t.v.? "You're sure this is the wish we should make?" she asked Chichi.

"This is the only way we'll be considered on equal ground with the rest of the group."

"Okay, then." The young genius turned to Shenlong. "We wish to become as strong as the one called Goku Son."

The dragon's eyes glowed. "Your wish is granted."

A strange sensation came over Bulma. It felt like her entire body was on fire. Then as fast as it came, the pain was gone. By the time her head cleared and she could see clearly again, the dragon Shenlong had disappeared. The dragonballs scattered to the four corners of the Earth to become inactive until one year had passed.

A cry alerted Bulma to the fact that Chichi had fallen down. She attempted to walk over to her friend, only to end up falling on her face. Pushing herself up, she noticed something out of the corner of her eye. Bulma looked over her shoulder for a better view. A tail, the same color as her hair, waved back at her teasingly.

Bulma glanced at Chichi, only to see the dark-haired woman clutching a brown furred tail. "I should have expected this," Bulma said, sighing. "Chichi, I have to warn you about your tail…"

Chichi took the fact that she would change into a giant monkey if she looked at the full moon very well. Both women became diligent in keeping track of the lunar cycle. Eventually, to keep Goku from noticing, Chichi had her tail cut off. But she still kept track of the full moon, no sense in her risking other people because her tail might happen to grow back.

The two women trained their bodies to fight like the martial artists they had become friends with. They even were able to bully Bulma's ex-boyfriend into teaching them how to use ki attacks and fly. Nearly a year after their wish, their training together came to a halt.

The two women laid on the grassy hillside, recovering their strength. "Goku is back from his training trip," Chichi commented.

"About time. How long has he been gone?" wondered Bulma.

"Since before our wish was made," Chichi answered. Her face showed her irritation at her husband's neglect. "I don't think I'll be able to keep up training like we have. Not without Goku becoming suspicious." She didn't want Goku to know about her taking up the martial arts again. She worried he might see her as other than the good wife she was supposed to be.

"Not like you couldn't just scare him into leaving you alone," Bulma pointed out.

"True," Chichi admitted, chuckling at the thought of her husband cowering from her frying pan from hell. "But I want to have children and training would just be a distraction."

Bulma restrained herself from pointing out the Chichi's father had been a fighter and had managed to raise a daughter just fine. If Chichi wanted to put her wish to waste, then so be it. "I understand." The blue-haired woman eyed Chichi. "I just hope you don't have to explain where babies come from, again."

Chichi sighed. She hated being reminded of just how clueless Goku could be. "Knowing him, I probably will."

A few years later…

Knocking on the door, Bulma shifted her feet slightly at her contained excitement. The door opened to reveal a short man. He was wearing an orange training outfit with a patch sowed on to indicate that the Turtle Hermit, Master Roshi, had trained him. He had no hair and no visible nose. There were six dots on his forehead. His black eyes shined as he caught site of her and a smile broke out on his face. "Bulma!" he shouted pulling her into a hug.

"Hey, Krillan, how are you?"

"Fine, fine." He pulled her into the house. "Master Roshi, look who's here!"

In walked an old man, who was wearing a Hawaiian shirt and swim trunks with a giant turtle shell on his back. "Ah, Bulma, so nice to see you," Roshi said as he adjusted the sunglasses on his face. The bald old man attempted to hug her, but Bulma sidestepped it. She knew the old man would take the opportunity to feel her up.

"No hug?" he pouted. He sounded like someone had just trashed his collection of Playboy magazine.

"I know you too well."

"Well can't blame an old man for trying."

She gave him a piercing glare, the kind that promised a painful death. The Turtle Hermit gulped and hid behind Krillan. The young monk could only sweat drop. The legendary martial artist master was a bit of a disappointment for those who didn't know him and some that did.

"So what can we do for you?" asked Krillan. "I mean you don't usually visit without notice."

"Actually I came to talk to the old man about some training techniques…"

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