Warning: lime in this chapter (though not much.)

Flying With a Wish

Chapter Six: Nappa's Back

By Delphine

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother to get up in the morning, thought Bulma as she rubbed her temples. She had the beginnings of a headache and no aspirin in sight. The yelling was not helping her much either.

Her so called family and friends had taken the news of her accidental mating with Vegeta with varied reactions of outrage, disbelief, and joy. Goku had been happy for her, not even once understanding why she was so upset. Chichi had been a bit more sympathetic, but was very adamant that settling down was a good thing. Raditz had reacted like an older brother whose sister's honor had been stained. Bulma was convinced that if it had been anyone else other than Vegeta that had taken her as a mate, they would be very, very dead right now. Bardock had just sighed, shaken his head, and said, "You are a magnet for trouble."

At least Bulma had some satisfaction in knowing that Vegeta had it worse. In fact, he was currently engaged in a shouting match with Chancellor Spara. Amazingly, the old Saiyan-jin was holding his own. Any sane, younger Saiyan-jin would have backed down long ago from fear of being blasted into the next dimension.

"That's it," Bulma snapped, fed up with the yelling. She jumped in between Spara and Vegeta and rounded on the ancient Saiyan-jin. "What's done is done. We both know mating is for life, so there is really no ping in arguing about it."

Spara opened his mouth as if to say something and closed it as if though better of it. Bulma supposed he had finally remembered his place, for he walked out of the conference room without a word.

The Saiyan-jin king glared at his mate. "I didn't need any help."

She snorted. "Of course you didn't, I only have this headache from listening to you both arguing for three hours straight."

She pivoted on the ball of her foot so that she was facing away from Vegeta and headed out the same door that the Saiyan-jin Chancellor had just taken. "Where are you going?" Vegeta demanded.

"To find an ax to cut off my head so it won't hurt so damn much!" she shouted over her shoulder, wincing at her own high decibel.

Shaking his head at his mate's strange action, he only said, "Whatever."

"I can't stand him!" stated Bulma.

Chichi looked up from correcting her son's school work. She was sitting at run down desk that had been dragged out of storage. It had originally belonged to a foreign dignitary who had met his fate one full moon. "It is not that you cannot tolerate his presence," she told her friend, "it is just that your personality is so similar to his that you don't like seeing just how alike the two of you are."

Bulma folded her arms and glared. Chichi was barely able to keep from laughing out loud. The blue-haired woman had just taken a classic Vegeta pose. Her outfit was even an exact duplicate of Vegeta's, one of Bulma's many problems with her new mate. He had forced her to were the tight thing because it let others know just who she belonged to.

Bulma opened her mouth to let Chichi know just what was on her mind but was cut off as the front door burst open to the Son's quarters. Raditz came striding through like he had every right to be there. "Haven't you heard of knocking before entering a room?" growled the Queen of the Saiyan-jins.

"Why would I do that?" the Saiyan-jin warrior wondered.

"Because it is polite!" Bulma snapped.

Chichi rolled her coal black eyes. "Politeness is not in the Saiyan-jin vocabulary."

"Oh, yeah…Well it should be."

The black-haired Saiyan-jin woman rolled her eyes again at her friend's blond moment*. Bulma had all of her father's intelligence and apparently her mother's cluelessness as well.

"Anyway, where's the fire?"

"Fire?" Raditz appeared puzzled.

"It's expression, it means shat has go you in such a hurry?" Chichi explained. Honestly, every Saiyan-jin had a formidable vocabulary of insults but were naïve to the most simple of expressions. They had such a fascination evolution.

"Oh…Nappa's back."

Chichi snapped her pen. "What?"

"Nappa is back," Raditz said, very slowly, as if saying it to a mentally deficient child.

"Don't be a smart ass," Bulma growled.

The black-haired woman glanced at her friend worriedly. "Should I get Goku?" she asked.

Bulma waved off the suggestion. "Do not even bother. He is off sparing with Vegeta and we wouldn't want to ruin his highnesses fun, would we?"

King Vegeta had found Goku's natural abilities as a Saiyan-jin to adapt and grow more powerful much stronger than those of the average Saiyan-jin, which made him the perfect sparing partner. The only thing Bulma feared was how Vegeta would react when Goku finally surpassed his power.

"Then what should we do?"


"Nothing?" Chichi gaped at the Saiyan-jin Queen's calm manner when finding out the one she had worried about for months was on the planet.

"Yes, nothing. Let him make the first move."

"Which he may not make," pointed out Raditz. "Bulma is queen now. An attack on her is the same thing as attacking the king. Nappa may be a pig-headed traditionalist but he is loyal to the crown."

"Then what worried you so much that you practically broke down my door to get in here?" asked Chichi, clearly irritated with her brother-in-law.

"Because Nappa has important information on King Cold, which includes his strategies, number of troops, and a completely deadly fascination with you."

Bulma was quiet; her face had gone white as a sheet. "Me?" she squeaked out. What had she done to gain the attention of the Saiyan-jin's greatest enemy?

"That makes some sense," Chichi admitted. "If he takes out Bulma, that would make

Vegeta look weak."

"And no Saiyan-jin can afford to be weak, especially the king," finished Raditz.

The blue-haired woman buried her face in her hands and groaned in frustration.

Vegeta was already in deep discussion with Nappa by the time Bulma joined him in the conference/war room. The entire room was painted a stark white and contained little in the way of decoration. Centered in the room was a circular table made from some kind of meddle that would stand up in the way of frustrated Saiyan-jins banging their fists on it. A small projector was placed in the middle of the table. Bulma knew that if she had turned it on the entire room would had been flooded with a holographic representation of the known galaxy.

Goku leaned against on of the bare walls, looking a bit disappointed. Bulma supposed he was upset with his training being cut short, for his mouth had curled up in pout like a child who had been denied his favorite sweet.

She crossed the threshold of the door and stopped beside Goku, waiting patiently for Vegeta to finish his meeting with the Saiyan-jin commander and studied the one who would have killed her if not for some ironic luck. Nappa was a huge man. Though most Saiyan-jins had a tendency to be big, Nappa was the biggest both vertically and muscle wise that she had seen yet. Bulma was grateful she wouldn't have to fight him, there was no way in hell she would have won.

She glanced at Goku as he yawned loudly. Gently touching his arm, she gave him a brilliant smile. "You should go back to your quarters," she told him. "Chichi is expecting you."

Scratching the back of his head he glanced at Nappa, hesitating. He was apparently worried about leaving her alone with the burly Saiyan-jin and Vegeta. She waved off his concern. "I'll be fine," Bulma told him casually. She seriously doubted Vegeta would let anything happen to her.

Still looking uncertain, he left the room. She turned back around to find her mate staring at her. What he was thinking she couldn't read from those cool black eyes. Vegeta whispered something to Nappa that she was not able to hear. Nappa nodded and gave a quick salute before taking his leave, not once looking at her. Not that Bulma minded, she'd rather receive the cold shoulder that have a confrontation with that giant.

Bulma looked at Vegeta as he crossed the room, walking much like a tiger she had seen in a documentary before it attacked its prey. His blue spandex outfit clung to his body like a second skin and it was then she noticed that he wasn't wearing his armor. Though judging form the tares in the blue cloth it was likely his armor had been destroyed in his spare with Goku.

"Vegeta?" she asked, confused at his behavior.

He grabbed her hands. "You shouldn't touch any other Saiyan-jin. You are mine," he told her furiously.

Vegeta quickly captured her lips in a bruising kiss, meshing his body against hers. She could feel his arousal pressing against her stomach. Breaking off the kiss, Vegeta forced her down to the floor and slowly undressed her, giving her bare skin caresses that left her tingling from each

touch. "W-what if someone walks in?" she asked breathlessly as the now undressed Vegeta crawled toward her.

"Nappa's guarding the door," he said, casually.

"Oh-ah!" (You know the rest.)

Bulma came out of the war room hour later looking disheveled, but dressed, and cursing Vegeta's stamina and her own screwed up Saiyan-jin instincts. Nappa raised his eyebrows at the small woman and her formidable vocabulary. He made a quick note to remember some of her insults to use the next time he had to train new recruits.

She froze as she caught sight of him and then relaxed as she remembered he wouldn't harm her. At least I hope he won't hurt me. He had better not! came Vegeta's voice in her head.

What the hell are you doing in my head?

It's a telepathic link, all mates have them.

Well, we didn't before today.

That's because I was keeping my mind shield came the explanation.

Then why now?

Well, I can't very well let the mother of my brat wonder around without someway to make sure she's safe.

Mother… "I'm pregnant!" she shouted out loud.

She got some very strange looks from the alien palace servants. The quickly fled the area, not wanting to be around a crazy Saiyan-jin woman. Nappa just chuckled to himself and left the hall as he was no longer needed as a guard.

Turning around and marching back into the war room, Bulma growled, "Vegeta…"

* not making fun of blonds because I am one as well!

Note: Sorry about taking so long for this chapter. Please note that while my chapters will be longer than they have been before, I will update with less frequency. Probably a chapter a month or so. I do promise that I will continue this story and try to write as often as I can but between work and college I'm a busy girl.