For You

The rain, like the steady

Heartbeat in my chest

As it pitter-patters onto

The cold, hard land

I walk on sunrises after

Nights after, gazing up

At a dying silver sky

You promised me

That day you swore

And told me you'd always

Always be here

And to be so foolish

The naive kitten I was, to

Believe those hollow, vacant words

This moment I looked back

Back further, to my past

This road I once walked on, once

Filled with joy and sunshine

And the golden dappled leaves

Turn color and fall

Tonight; this world

Was a decoy I've savored

Yet it's now no more

Because I've waited

For you; I've stayed

For you; I've strayed

For you, and I've died inside

Every heartbeat passing

So just tell me now

Where are you?