One Today, One Tomorrow

A lean golden shape crouched in the shadows of the leaves, muscles ripping faintly under a glossy coat of dark tabby stripes which melded with the shaded undergrowth perfectly. The strong tomcat felt his belly press almost to the forest floor, to the leaves and small pebbles beneath but just enough to not make a sound as he crept. He flattened his dark ears, twitched his whiskers as his narrowed amber eyes pierced through the shadows, focusing on the prey that scuffled in front of him.

Lionblaze bared his gleaming fangs hungrily, eyeing the squirrel's every move. The grey-brown creature stood, oblivious to the danger just a few whisker-lengths behind it as it twitched its small ears and hurried here and there, as if trying to find something its lost.

The golden tomcat flexed his claws and slipped closer, just thinking about catching the plump animal and sinking his fangs into it triumphantly. Yet before his thoughts became reality, a tiny, faint crack beneath his paws made him snap his head down. A twig had snapped as one of his paws moved. His breath caught as he felt the squirrel's heartbeat stop for one split second as well. Then, with a whisk of its bushy tail, the creature bolted off in a flash.

But he wouldn't give up yet. He sprang out of his hiding place, kicking up dirt and leaves as he dashed and maneuvered swiftly, easily around the dense trees of ThunderClan territory. The prey was in his sights, and he was getting closer by the moment.

Almost there…

When the squirrel was less than just a whisker-length away, Lionblaze knew he was going to catch it. An extra addition to the fresh-kill pile. Oh, could feel it as he reached out a paw, preparing to slam it down, kill the creature at once and pay for carelessly stepping on that thin twig earlier.

But as the small grey-brown animal made a sharp turn and sprinted off to the right, Lionblaze snapped his head up and widened his eyes as he realized, but realized a little too late…


The golden warrior crashed into a tree, staggering back as he growled irritably and rubbed his muzzle with a paw, shaking the leaves and bits of bark off his fur. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the last fading silhouette of the squirrel escaping.

He sighed. One today, one tomorrow. There will always be more tries, and he'd make up for it the next time the sun rises.

Challenge was to write about a canon character, so there ya go. Yes, I don't like Lionblaze much but he was just the first cat that came to mind, so I was just, why not? XD This isn't really meant to have a plot or anything at all, it's just a short one-shot about Lionblaze and prey and stuff. XD After all, it meets the crite.