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Since about you were seven years old, you always wondered, what is force? It was really a mystery even after all the times your dad tried to explain. He was an astronaut. Yes, he was that cool! He always tried to put force in a simple definition, to teach you, to make you understand. Yet, you never a lot of tries he made it simple and said: "Force, my sweet honey, is just what makes people and things, plants and plastic, animals- do things..."

This was actually the best definition of force he has ever said, with any other there would be millions of new questions, the ones that your mind would find. Just a curious child, that is what you were, a curious child with an innocent mind. Maybe it was the force that made the inside of your body, mostly head, to be innocent. Yet, it could be what makes you get up this morning.

Ah yes, this beautiful, beautiful morning. The first morning of many in Raimon Junior High. When you walked into the school, left behind the gray gate, the one that makes students feel as if they come every day to prison, you knew that this time it will be is a fresh new start in your life that will hopefully last longer than all of those a swift wind such as the one today, you are leaving the past past life that had to be left behind...maybe it was the force's doing...

Taking one short step, on the cold school ground, filled with blossoms, bright pink as the school tie, you made your way is the message of life: No matter what happens, you have to keep moving forward.So here you were moving forward, with light brown shoes, making a click sound, with black leggings and a skirt, that really was not made to be worn at school, covering 1/4-th of your weak legs. Skin soft and shiny in the morning sunlight. Skin that showed up to your elbows, with a cute white sweater covering the rest.

The mind that you had, thought of the school skirt as cute not inapropriate, of the school princibal as a short old man not a pervert, of all the people in this world as polite, nice and sweet fairies not as dark devils that roam around looking out to find someone innocent minded, such as yourself, to make fun of.

To take that shiny sword, shining with darkness, to plunge it inside your heart. What will they do after that, is mostly their choice. Will they take away the light from it and drown it in darkness, will they take everything from it and make an emotionless rock from you...or will they use it to fulfilt their selfish needs, to really take away your heart, and make it their shelter from the outside world, world that isn't good enough...

Your name is (F/n) (L/n), and today...Taking a deep breath, air passing through the rosy pink lips...

"My brand new life is starting."

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