Hi, my pen name is oldmoviewatcher and I am new to the X-Files fanfic writing community.

Seriously though, I hope you enjoy this. It's set around season 1 after Fire, but can be set anywhere before that. It's a one-shot unless people are dying for more.

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Agents Mulder and Scully sit bored in the man's office on a Friday morning. The passed year Scully has worked with the agent nicknamed Spooky Mulder and she finds the name fits him well sometimes. However, the nick name he should have, she surmises, is Astounding. First, she found out that he has a sister who he is still searching for after the child's alien abduction. If that is not enough, she has recently found that her partner has a past love interest whom they worked on a case with and the pair coincidentally share a nine year old daughter from said previous relationship. However, her partner's one shocking secret nags at her to find more. Finally, unable to keep her questions to herself, the red head has to have answers.

"Mulder, if your daughter lives with you, who takes care of her when you're gone?" Scully questions as they sit in their basement office. He grins as he asks, "Playing a game of Twenty Questions to pass the time, Agent Scully?" The look on his partner's face causes the man to finally become serious.

"She and her classmate Anna are really close. She also lives in our building, so Anna's parents have helped out a lot," Mulder says softly.

"So, you haven't taken her on any of your crusades through who knows where."

"Despite what you may think Agent Scully, I don't believe in endangering my child. Chloe is my world and I'd like to keep it that way."

"Mulder, I wasn't trying-"

The ringing of the office phone causes the conversation to cease.

"Skinner wants me in his office in half an hour. No excuses. I already flaked on him last week." Mulder says in reply to his partner's eyebrow raise. As the man is about to spout an off-handed comment, Mulder's work phone rings again. This time, a terrified look crosses his face an Scully can only deduce the conversation is about his daughter.

"I can't get Chloe and come back here in half an hour." Mulder exclaims once he tells his partner that Chloe is sick.

"I can get her Mulder. I only have paperwork left anyway and we both know I could simply do the work at home."

The look her partner gives makes her wonder if he will hug her. To her astonishment, Mulder indeed hugs her before giving her the directions to his daughter's school.

"I'll send the school a call to tell them you're picking her up."

Twenty minutes later, a confused nine year old stares at the woman in front of her.

"Where's my dad?" She asks.

"He got caught in a meeting. He told me you were sick so I offered to pick you up," Scully answers wondering if her actions were liked by the child, not that the nine year old has a choice. Scully and Chloe have only met a couple times and only in the confines of Mulder's office. The child merely nods asking if they could simply head back to the child's home instead. Scully consents as she takes the nine year old's backpack from her. Scully puts a hand reassuringly against her partner's daughter's back and leads the child out of the office once she signs the girl out.

"Where do you feel sick?" Scully asks once she and Chloe get inside her car. The female agent looks at the girl to get a full diagnosis.

"My throat hurts and I threw up in the bathroom. That's why they really sent me home."

"Anywhere else?" Scully queries.

"My head hurts too. Can I sleep?" She questions. Dana Scully nods, but makes the girl promise to tell her when she feels sick. After a silent drive to Mulder's apartment, Dana wakes the child up and they head upstairs. Mulder's daughter heads to her room, but Scully stops her.

"I need to take your temperature and check your throat first. Could you come in the kitchen for me?"

The child nods and walks into her kitchen. As Scully shines a light down the child's throat, checks the glands directly under the hinge of the jawbone closest to the top of the throat, and then takes the girl's temperature, Chloe's mind flits to a desire to have a mom. Her mom lives in England and barely sees her. She knows her dad does the best he can, but she still misses the maternal figure most of her friends have.

"You don't have a fever, but your throat's fairly red and your glands are a little swollen. I'm gonna call your dad and see if I can't get you into the doctor."

After a quick phone call a few minutes later, Scully was given the go ahead to take Mulder's daughter to see her pediatrician.

"Why do we have to go?" The now cranky nine year old asks from the back seat.

"Because you may be sicker than you think." Scully answers looking at the girl briefly with the rear view mirror.

"I'm tired," The child whimpers.

"You can sleep until we get there," Scully prompts.

"Sweetie, I need you to stay awake while I fill your paperwork out." Scully says. Chloe nods as she drowsily responds to the questions she is given. Finally, the child can sleep again. As the girl sleeps, the office door opens to reveal a woman in scrubs.

"Chloe Mulder." The nurse calls causing the child to wake up.

"Come on, sweetheart, let's go," Dana gently prompts guiding the child toward the nurse. Twenty minutes later, a doctor comes in and swabs the child's throat. As Scully and Chloe await the test results, the woman's phone rings.

"How is she?" Scully hears Mulder ask.

"We're still waiting, but it's probably strep," The agent answers as she strokes the sleeping child's brown hair.

"Can I talk to her?"

"She just fell asleep. I can wake her," The woman states softly making sure the nine year old does not wake up.

"No, I'll see her once you get back. Thanks, Scully."

"I don't mind Mulder. I'll let you go. They have her test results," Scully states once she hears a knock on the examination room door.

"Mrs. Mulder?" The physician questions.

"Oh, no. I'm a family friend. Dana Scully," The agent states holding out her hand for the physician to shake.

"Well, Ms. Scully, Chloe does have strep. I'll just write you a prescription to get filled and you can be on your way."

"Thank- you," Scully says to the woman before waking her charge.

"Hey, Chloe. We're going to go, but we have to fill your prescription first okay?"

The child nods but holds tight to Scully's hand and leans her head against Scully's arm.

Half an hour later, Scully and Chloe are back at Mulder's, much to the male's happiness.

"She's got strep. We picked up her medicine and I had her take some before we came back here. She should need more tonight," Scully states once Mulder comes back from putting his daughter in her bed. His look of uneasiness causes Scully to comfort him.

"She'll be fine, Mulder," the female insists.

"I still worry. Thanks again for looking after her," The man responds. Scully gives her partner a small smile.

"You're welcome Mulder. I'm glad to help," She answers as she grabs her purse.

"I know you have paperwork, so-" The man trails off as he sees his partner to his door. Scully nods before exiting leaving the male to cook some semblance of a dinner. Half an hour later, the male agent is about to drain the noodles for his pasta when he hears a knock on his door. Grabbing his gun, Mulder goes toward the entrance and is releaved when he hears Scully announce her presence from the other side. Sheepishly, the man opens the door.

"I realized I had kept Sam's medicine in my purse," Scully says handing the item to her partner.

"Thanks. That'll come in handy," Mulder quips as he takes the bottle from the woman. He pauses for a moment before asking if she wants to eat with him.

"Sam's asleep and I know she'll probably only eat toast anyway. I also know that eating alone in silence is no fun," The man adds to his first quandry. Scully accepts and re-enters the apartment.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" She asks as she sets her purse back down on the table. Mulder shakes his head.

"I just need to mix everything together and we should be set."

"Mulder, at least let me do something," Scully remarks.

"Could you grab a couple plates?" He questions begrudgingly as he nods his head toward the top cabinet. Scully opens the cabinet to find paper plates and solo cups.

"Really, Mulder? You don't have real plates or cups?" Scully counters wondering what kind of example he is setting for his daughter.

"I live a busy life, Mom. The real plates are in the cabinet to your left and mugs are nearer me," He answers to releive his partner's mind. Scully raises an eyebrow as if not believing the man, but both let their banter slide.

"How did your meeting go?" Scully asks after the agents sit in silence for the first five minutes of their meal.

"It was a meeting. Skinner questioned me, then you, who I defended. Same story as usual." Mulder states though Scully can tell he is leaving something out of his nonchalant answer. She is about to pry, when Mulder asks what all his partner was told when she took his daughter to the doctor.

"Just that she had strep. She slept the whole time we were there almost."

"Thanks for taking her. If I hadn't had that meeting-"

"I know," Scully states as she puts her hand over his, "Besides you'd do the same for me if the roles were reversed."

"Are you telling me you have a kid I'm not aware of Agent Scully?" He teases. His partner roles her eyes.

"Don't put words in my mouth Mulder. You know what I mean," She retorts before eating another bite of her food. Finally, she asks the question she has been dieing to ask for a while.

"What made you decide to name your daughter Chloe?"

"Chloe was Phoebe's idea. She really liked the name. Her middle name was in honor of Samantha."

At Mulder's words, spoken softly at the end, silence becomes the dominating force in the apartment amongst the pair. They are interrupted by the sound of feet against the wood floor of Mulder's apartment.

"Daddy," the voice prompts.

"Hey Sammie, what are you doing up?" Mulder questions as he gets up from his seat and heads toward his child.

"I needed water," is the weary reply.

"Go back to bed; I'll get you some. You need your medicine too," the father says as he ushers his daughter back to her room. A few minutes later, Scully watches with a smile on her face as her partner takes the medicine and a glass of water back to his daughter's room. As Mulder walks away, Scully cannot help the smile that crosses her face as her friend walks toward his daughter's room as a compassionate father instead of a head- strong FBI agent.

Ten minutes later, Mulder finds his paper plates thrown away and Scully putting the remaining pasta in his fridge. If this were any other night, the male agent would make a joke of the scene before them, instead he simply replies as he stands in the door way, "Thanks."

"I felt like I should help somewhat. Besides, I'm not one to leave a mess at another person's place," Scully responds. The friends pause a moment as they simply stare at each other in gratitude, Mulder, for having a friend who will willingly drop anything to help his tiny family, and Scully for simply having a friend to look out for.

"How does she feel?" Scully questions easing her way out of the kitchen. Mulder shakes his head as if to clear an invisible haze.

"She's asleep. She hasn't felt sick yet, but I left a trash can in there just in case," He responds only to follow up his remark with a small chuckle. Inquiring eyes stare back at him as his partner tries to figure out his new found mirth. Instead of opting for a long winded speech on how his partner will make a good mother some day, Mulder says, "Chloe was asking why you couldn't give her her medicine."

"Oh," The woman replies as she decides Mulder's walls are suddenly masterpieces.

"It's just, she's never done that before. It's interesting seeing her branch out toward other people. You know I'm not very close to my parents. My mom sees Chloe at least once a year, so there is no firm attachment to her. My dad she sees less so. I'm just grateful she has someone she can trust," Mulder says staring at his partner's porcelain face. He watches as a small smile graces his partner's lips. Then, she quickly looks at him with finality saying, "I should leave. If she needs anything-"

"I will. Thanks," Mulder states as he watches his partner walk out the door.