Well, here's the end of the first installment! Look out for the next installment: Samantha. Coming to you on VHS and DVD in the winter of 2016. Okay, obviously not, but Samantha is coming in winter 2016. Just like the 10th Season of the show! Are people calling it the 10th season at this point, or is it still simply The X-Files Revival? Are said people going to wait to see how the show fares? 'Cause no offense to the people who liked the seasons and movie, but it has to be better than seasons 8 and 9 (definitely 9) and IWTB. But, guys, the show's coming back! (I am literally two years older than GA's daughter, so why am I so excited over a show that I didn't even watch from the beginning until a couple years ago?) ANYWAY...

Disclamier: I do not own Jeremiah Smith or some of the dialogue which I have given appropriate citation for (save for a bibliography page because this is FF, not a research paper). Also, spoilers for 3x24's Talitha Cumi.


As they drive up to Rhode Island one afternoon, Scully keeps a steady eye on Mulder's driving as she calls Rachel asking if she will take care of Chloe for the night.

"Mulder's mom is in the hospital," Scully explains as she watches her partner. Part of her wonders why she is not driving when she notices the man's white knuckles. Remembering she is supposed to help Chloe with her report, the red head says, "Could you put Chloe on?"

As the hands change on the other line, Scully quickly asks her partner if his daughter should know about her grandmother.

"Yeah, but don't tell her too much. Not until we know more," He states almost roboticly. Scully nods just as she hears Chloe answer the phone.

"Hey, Sweetie," Scully begins, "Your Dad and I won't be back home tonight. Um... Your grandmother's in the hospital."

"Why didn't you pick me up?" The eleven year old questions hoping her grandmother is okay.

"We didn't think it was a good idea. We aren't sure exactly what happened and it's a school night. Will you be okay staying with Anna tonight?"

"Yeah," Chloe answers still wishing to be with her father asks to speak to him. Scully nods waiting for her partner to say something. When he is unresponsive to the woman and child's conversation, Scully ends the call before asking, "Are you okay, Mulder?"

"My mom is in the hospital, Scully. What do you think?" He answers caustically. The red head merely nods realizing the trip to Rhode Island will be a long one. She suggests they simply find a motel for the night, but Mulder insists on heading home. With a weary sigh, the woman complies.

Driving back to D.C. hours later, Scully mainly sits in silence. She knows her partner is merely processing everything that happens that day. She is on the verge of falling asleep when her partner states, "Chloe was asking about going to a friend's slumber party. I think I'll let her go. I don't know how this case is gonna be."

Scully merely nods knowing the man is simply talking out loud. She is honestly relieved that her partner can focus on his daughter at the moment considering Tina Mulder's condition and the younger Mulder's insistence that their case is connected to his mother.

Heading into the office instead of home by half past eight in the morning, Scully watches as her partner reviews footage of Jeremiah Smith. Playing some footage over again, the man asks, "'You see that?'"

"'Yeah..."' Scully replies. Re-watching the footage, Mulder theorizes, "'Looks like he's gone but there's..somebody else in his place, wearing the same clothes.'"

"'Could that be another detective?" Scully questions. Expecting an answer, the red head is confused when her partner hands her the remote answering, "'Why don't you find out?'"

"'Where are you going?'"

Shaking his head, the other agent replies, "'If I told you, you'd never let me go.'"

At risk of showing her partner is correct, but worried for his well being, the red head objects, "'Mulder you haven't slept in almost 24 hours.'"

"Chloe has a slumber party. Could you take her home to get ready? 'Call me if you find anything'," Mulder answers before leaving the room. Already angry by nine in the morning, Scully sets her jaw before continuing her day.

Picking up the eleven year old from school, Scully puts on a brave face when the girl asks, "How's Grandma?"

"She's not doing too well, but she should recover. Do you still want to go to your friend's slumber party?" Scully asks to lighten the mood.

"Her invitation said to RSVP by Monday. Besides, the party's tomorrow."

Nodding, the red head says, "Your Dad will be gone tonight, how about we grab your things and you stay with me?"

"Sure. Is Dad with Grandma?" Chloe asks.

"To be honest? I'm not sure."

The pair lapse into silence until they are at Mulder's apartment. Entering her room, the eleven year old packs some clothes for the next day before asking, "How long is he going to be gone?"

"Who?" Scully asks coming into the room with the girl's toothbrush and handing it to her.

"Dad," Chloe answers as if the question is obvious. Chagrined at not realizing the girl's statement, the woman blames her unobservant behavior on lack of sleep and worry. Shaking her head, the red head answers, "I'm not sure. He didn't say."

"Oh," Is all the girl replies before announcing she is ready to leave.

Entering her apartment later in the afternoon, Scully prompts, get out your homework while I start dinner. Do you have your project with you?"

Nodding, Chloe takes out a binder and some construction paper.

"The poster board is at home, but I have a diagram so I know where to put all of the construction paper on it," The eleven year old explains. Impressed at how organized the girl is, Scully says so before starting dinner. The pair chats easily as the red head waits for the water to boil and begins to help with homework. As the night progresses, Scully is thankful that at least one of the Mulder father- daughter duo is responsible. She simply wishes to say so of the older rather than the younger.

The next day, Scully unhappily deals with Mulder's crusade again before finally going home. Still having Chloe in her care, the agent happily insists on a girl's night much to the eleven year old's delight. Once the girl falls asleep, Scully slips out of the apartment and heads to the bureau. Feeling guilty for leaving her surrogate daughter and wondering how Mulder can do so as frequently as he does, the red head goes home for much needed sleep.

However, as soon as she begins to dial a phone number not even a half hour that she gets back, she hears a knock on her door. Grabbing her gun, she opens the door. With the lights still out when the person enters, Scully demands, "'Keep your hands up please.'"

"'I have important information for you, something your partner has been seeking. It concerns an elaborate plan, a project, and his sister'," Jeremiah Smith explains.

"'Why didn't you tell me before?'" The woman questions alluding to their conversation at the Bureau. She can hear the confusion in his voice as he answers, "'I've never spoken to you before, the man you spoke to was an impostor, he was sent here to kill me.'"

"'Who are you?'" Scully asks now ill at ease. The uneasiness grows as the man states,"'I'll explain everything.'"

She is less than inclined to believe him and quickly answers the phone when it rings.

"'Yeah'," Scully answers.

"'Scully it's me'," Mulder states.

"'Mulder where are you?'" The woman asks. Happy to hear the man is with his mother, the woman insists, "'Mulder listen to me, there's somebody here, somebody you need to talk to.'"

"'Who?'" Mulder asks. Without hesitation, the woman answers, "'Jeremiah Smith.'"

"'Alright Scully, you gotta get out of your apartment, they're gonna be looking for him, I want you to meet me.'"

Wanting to ask him where, the woman pauses before stating, "Chloe's with me."

"What?" He practically yells. Still remaining calm, Scully answers dryly, "You never RSVPd."

She hears him sigh before telling her where to meet him and to take Chloe with her. Worried and angry, the red head wakes up the eleven year old who follows her surrogate mother to the car along with a man she knows nothing about. Sitting in the back seat, she is all too aware of Scully holding a gun on the man the entire way to the highway. Eventually she falls back asleep but soon wakes up when the car stops and the adults get out of the car. She unbuckles her seat belt only to be told to stay as low as possible in the seat. Terrified the girl does as she is told.