Author's note: So I decided I wanted to write a story covering the time from when Maria returns through the honeymoon. Some of you may know that in the real story that the sound of music is based on Maria did not wed Georg out of love initially because she didn't understand love, but yes she did grow to love him. This will be based on the movie but the Maria in my story will be more cautious/nervous about love/relationships and that sort of stuff.

A Different Ending

*Maria and the children just went inside for dinner*

"Children I'm happy to see you all and I want to hear about everything that's happened while I was away but now is time for eating." Maria cut in to the children's endless chatter that continued when Maria sat down for dinner. The children all quieted and ate their dinner. After dinner Maria excused the children, " Now if you all run along up stairs and get ready for bed you can tell me about what you have done while I was away." The children didn't need to be told again. They raced up stairs; got into their night clothes and joined Maria in the nursery. Keeping an eye on the time, knowing bed time was still to be strictly enforced; Maria listened to the misery that ensued after she left. She knew the Baroness would make a terrible mother to these amazing children. Finally Maria held up her hand signaling it was time to start heading off to bed. She was about to tell them to head to bed when Marta asked, "Fraulein Maria, what did you do at the Abbey while you were away?" Maria thought for a moment, "Well I stayed alone by myself and prayed. I only left my room for meals." "Wasn't it lonely to be all alone?" Louisa asked. "You see Louisa; sometimes being alone helps you to think better. I was able to search inside myself and find answers to questions that had been plaguing my mind for a while." "Fraulein Maria, what answers did you find?" Brigitta asked curiously. Maria smiled and simply replied; "Now those answers are just for me dear." After a pause she concluded, "That's enough for tonight. Come along off to bed."

While Maria was putting the children to bed Georg and Elsa met on the terrace.

"Georg Darling, whatever is on your mind tonight? You have been very quiet all evening and seemed to be lost in thought? Have you even heard anything I've been saying?" Elsa questioned. She had been talking about honeymoon possibilities for five minutes and noticed Georg wasn't paying the slightest bit of attention to what she was saying. "hmmm, Oh Elsa I'm sorry I've just had a lot on my mind. What were you saying?" Georg looked at her for what felt like the first time all night. Elsa decided to address Georg's behavior which had changed immensely since Fraulein Maria had returned. "Well it seems that I haven't gotten a word out of you all evening. It's extremely difficult to plan a wedding and honeymoon when one of the parties isn't interested." Georg knew this was his chance ever since Maria returned he knew what he had to do. "Elsa please you know it's no use. We have to cut off –" Elsa was not about to let Georg be the one to end this. It would make her look bad; she had to do it. "No No Georg no need, you are not the man for me. This has been wonderful. But I must return to Vienna. Good Bye Darling."

As Georg turned back to look out at the lake he saw Maria idly walking around outside

After Maria was done putting the children to bed she decided she needed to go outside and clear her mind. She felt so confused. She knew Georg was not a stupid man. In fact he has rather good instincts she thought. Maria didn't really pay attention to where she was walking she was more focused on the monologue taking place in her head. Georg has seen how the Baroness has interacted with the children. How could he think that type of person would be a good mother to the children? Surely Elsa hadn't discussed boarding school with him; I'm sure the Georg I know would never send his children away like that. Maybe the Georg I know left when I left. No that can't be I saw it in his face when he interacted the children this evening.

"Maria?" It was the third time Georg had called her name but she was still oblivious to his presence. Georg thought about walking up to her and placing a hand on her shoulder but he didn't want frighten her. Georg cleared his throat. Maria's head snapped up and she noticed Georg leaning against a nearby tree. "Oh Captain I'm so sorry I didn't notice you were there. Is there something you needed?" Maria rushed still surprised to see Georg. "Actually there are a few things I wanted to discuss with you Fraulein." He started gesturing that they continue walking. "First, there is not going to be a baroness. Elsa and I have ended our engagement." "I'm sorry to hear that Captain." Maria said as they made their way around the Gazebo. "It would have unfair to both of us if I was in that relationship if I was in love with someone else." Georg continued. Maria doesn't understand much about relationships so she just nodded and agreed with him. Georg took a deep breath and gathered all his courage, "Maria you have changed my life and the lives of my children. You have showed me what I have been missing in regards to my children growing up. You have brought my children back into my life." Georg paused and stopped walking. Maria turned to face him. "Maria, I know you don't know much about love or relationships. If you accept I would very much like to marry you." Maria was speechless she didn't know what to say. She was very fond of Georg she didn't think it was love because she knew nothing about what the love between a man and woman felt like. What Maria did know is that she loved the children and if she married Georg she would be with them for the rest of her life. "Yes Georg I will marry you." Georg smiled, "We will of course tell the children tomorrow. Now I think it's time to head back to the house." "I'm sure the children will be every happy." Maria said as she let Georg lead her back towards the house where the patio light provided a soft glow lighting their way.