A/N: Well, it's been years since I last published a fic. Last time I was here, I was in high school. I've been super busy with school and work. I finally got a boyfriend! (ha ha) It is summer now, so I decided to relieve the writing bug that bit me a few weeks ago. I hope you enjoy these little drabbles of our favorite bunny and perfect soldier!


Heero found solace in a new friend with long pigtails and a big appetite. The very moment they met, he knew it was the start of a normal, better life.


The way she danced senselessly, laughed whole-heartedly and smiled without reason made him believe, even though it was for a brief moment, that he was happy too.


When Heero was in a bad mood, Serena would purposely bump into him and simply wave her hand cheekily in his direction before heading off on her way to class. Students standing by would note that Heero would be in a slightly better mood after Serena does so.


Her azure eyes were like a sunny day at the beach crowded with laughing children accompanied by their parents smiling alongside them and couples, young and old, holding each other as they wade in the water.


His eyes were the kind of misleading blue that was cold like lonely winter nights—not sunny like Serena's—and dangerous like that of an animal's. The one thing he liked about his eyes over Serena's, was that they mirrored her beautiful smile.